09 Oct 2018, 14:11 PM

October 9, 2018 - At the University of Montenegro UCG, 704 teachers are employed, with over one-third of them having a status of an associate. Interestingly, the majority of teachers are female. Namely, University data shows that the majority of teachers were employed at the Faculty of Philology 100, while the least were employed at the Institute of History 10.

09 Oct 2018, 14:07 PM

October 9, 2018 - The fact that Albania has not officially informed Montenegro about the plans for the construction of small hydropower plants (SHP) at Cijevna, a river that flows through both countries and whose exploitation of resources is subject to international agreements, is not a surprise, says Deni Porej, head of the Regional office of the World’s Fund for Nature (WWF Adria).

09 Oct 2018, 10:02 AM

October 9, 2018 - Traditionally, October Days in Herceg Novi brings many varied events dedicated to art, culture, heritage, sports, and local gastro-culture. 

09 Oct 2018, 09:28 AM

October 9, 2018 - Due to the increasing interest in the construction of new berths, the public company Sea Property seeks solutions to meet market demands respecting the ecological vulnerability of Boka Bay.

08 Oct 2018, 16:30 PM

October 8, 2018 - Over the past nine months, the school inspectors carried out a total of 11 inspection visits to private pre-school institutions and nine in public, and found irregularities in six private and six state kindergartens.

08 Oct 2018, 16:10 PM

October 8, 2018 - On the occasion of the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary and the 447th anniversary of the famous naval battle at Lepanto (October 7th, 1571), the Holy Tripun cathedral hosted a prayer memorial and holy mass for the souls of all citizens of Kotor, Perast, Boka and all those killed in this battle.

08 Oct 2018, 16:07 PM

October 8, 2018 - Radio-television Pljevlja will start broadcasting regular programs no later than the end of the year, says the Mayor Mirko Đačić.

08 Oct 2018, 15:10 PM

October 8, 2018 - After a long time, the Boka Navy is preparing for its first appearance abroad. In few days the Main Board, the representatives of the Steering Committee and the folklore group of the organization, in the company of City Music Kotor, travel to Trieste, where they will participate at the opening ceremony of the 50th Barcolana, the world's largest regatta.

08 Oct 2018, 09:08 AM

October 8, 2018 - A photo exhibition titled "The United States and Montenegro - Mission of the American Red Cross in Montenegro 1919-1922" will open today at 7 pm in the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" Kotor.

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