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13 Dec 2018, 14:16 PM

December 13, 2018 - Fifty days from the opening of the Adventure Park in Vrbanj, 1,202 people have successfully visited, while around 6,000 of them attended to enjoy nature, said the Municipality of Herceg Novi.

Among park users, 40 percent were children, while 60 percent were adults. Among the organized group visits to the Herceg Novi hinterland were sports teams, schools, scouts, hikers.

"We had visitors from all of Boka Bay, Podgorica, Bar, Nikšić, Trebinje, Dubrovnik, and Bileća. The Mountaineering Society from Dubrovnik brought about eighty people on one occasion. In addition, guests were Russians, Norwegians, Italians, as well as two Cubans who heard of the Adventure Park Vrbanj during their stay in Herceg Novi and were delighted with the contents," explains Miroslav Milanovic, the manager of the Adventure Park, acting as the organizational unit of the Agency for Construction and Development of Herceg Novi.

adventure park vrbanj 2

Although it was already snowing on Vrbanj, the Adventure Park worked during all the sunny days. Only last week there were 76 users, and over 100 visitors, who were not bothered by the lower temperatures and did not bother to test the obstacles placed in the beech forests. The adventure park will work until the end of this month whenever weather conditions allow it - when there is no rain or ice.

In addition to instructors who equip, train and monitor users, two guards are engaged to maintain the built-in equipment on a daily basis. Also, with the help of the Tourism Organization of Herceg Novi, we provided a field vehicle used for the transport of stuff, which is of particular importance for possible emergency interventions of any kind.

adventure park 3

As Milanovic said, the effects of opening the Adventure Park are already visible. Private agencies from Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat announced that would include this content in the 2019 offer. Also, certain businessmen have the ideas for new complement contents, and the locals are pleased and willing to support all initiatives for organizing various events that will "in a short time revive Vrbanj."
According to the director of the Municipality Agency Boro Lučić, the past period has confirmed the predictions that the new facilities will be equal to the development of tourism in the suburban area.

The construction of the Adventure Park in Vrbanj is part of the INTERREG - IPA project "Adriatic Canyoning" implemented by the Agency for Construction and Development in cooperation with partners from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of this project we are expecting an "Orjen Adventure Weekend" in spring, which will further affirm the Adventure Park and beauty of the Herceg Novi hinterland, says the Municipality announcement.

12 Dec 2018, 01:42 AM

11 December 2018 - The historical Mansion of Ivo Andrić, a famous Yugoslav novelist and poet and a Nobel Prize laureate, located in the Topla district of Herceg Novi will be fully reconstructed by June 2019 with special attention to the preservation of its appearance and authentic elements in order to fully meet the aesthetic standards which Andrić himself set up, announced the representatives of the Municipality. The Mansion is a unique object of undeniable cultural value, not only for Herceg Novi and Montenegro but also for the region.

Ivo Andric Mansion 2

"We do not intend to devastate what Andrić has set as his aesthetic standards, so the building will have the appearance which was originally imagined and constructed," said the head of the Office for International Cooperation of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Simonida Kordić.

With the renovation process of the Mansion, Herceg Novi will get a modern, refurbished house of literature and a prominent place for cultural, artistic and tourist experience. Although the project foresees that works on the reconstruction should last until 2020, the process is accelerated because the Herceg Novi Municipality representatives assessed that it is of great importance that this building becomes operational for the next summer season. "There will be plenty of interactive equipment, because of the idea that the building should not represent only a monument to Andrić, but it should also become a part of the life of the citizens of Herceg Novi and its visitors. In addition to the aforementioned equipment, which will introduce the Andrić’s Mansion to the new age, we will also acquire elements that reflect the spirit of the author himself - authentic furniture from that period and other equipment of museological quality, in order to preserve the spirit of the times the author has lived in, "said Kordić. She added that the facility would also be adapted to persons with disabilities and less mobility by building a ramp.

Ivo Andric Mansion 3

Reconstruction of the House of Ivo Andrić is carried out through the cross-border project "Co.Co. Tour" implemented by the Office for International Cooperation of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, and approved in the framework of the cross-border cooperation program Italy-Albania-Montenegro. The total funds provided for this project are 190,000 EUR.

11 Dec 2018, 03:53 AM

10 December 2018 - The Third Montenegrin Salon of Architecture takes place from December 6 to December 20, 2018, at Kolektor, on the 8th of March Street (Montenegrin: Ulica 8. marta) at the Titeks Hall in Podgorica. The slogan of this year’s Architecture Salon is "Paraarhitektura" and by this occasion, among many others, people of Herceg Novi won awards in the field of architecture.

The Architecture Salon represents an exhibition event and competitive meeting of architectural production at the local, national and international level. During the manifestation, multiple awards and recognitions are given in several different categories.

On this occasion, NGO "Sinergija" from Herceg Novi, led by young architect Vuk Čvoro together with the Petrović Njegoš Foundation, founded and lead by Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš, won the special award in the category of research and experiment. This award was given for the Mezzaluna Workshop and School restoration project, which was implemented in October 2017 by Benjamin Mouton, Patrice Regnard and Veronique Casin Da Silva from the restoration studio Archipat in Lyon.  The works were performed by the company ZV Design, Zlatko Vujotić, and the company Comte from France, represented by Jaques Pellegrin.

On the same occasion, another project coming from Herceg Novi was awarded Award for Best Interior. The Award was given to Srđan Marlović, who led the project of cafe interior under the creative conception "1/3:3/4".

The jury emphasized the specificity of the conceptual setting of this project and the authentic connotation of an accentuated color and minimalistic architectural expression, in which the play of hypertrophy and atrophy of color with its double properties is fundamentally dualist, and where individuals with their various energies and moods are mimically camouflaged.

Marlović said that the recognition of colleagues is always essential as a confirmation that what work and quality are on the right path.

"I am glad that a truly rewarding jury recognized this project, and I believe that someone in Herceg Novi will be "brave" enough for such an interior, concluded Marlović.


09 Dec 2018, 23:29 PM
December 9, 2018 - A company that will build and renovate mega yachts in Bijela should start running in 2020, said Danilo Kalezić, Porto Montenegro PR, and added that it would employ about 300 people.
"We are finally working on getting together with the prestigious Dutch company Damen and the Government of Montenegro to develop a serious factory for superyachts of up to 120 meters. This is a serious project we have been working on since 2012," said Kalezić to Infobiro.
Representatives of the Government and the consortium of Adriatic Marinas, the company managing Porto Montenegro, and the Dutch company Damen, signed a concession agreement for the commercial use of the shipyard in Bijela at the end of November for 30 years.
This is a space in the fenced-off area of the ship's port with operational shore and gulls, with a total area of 108 thousand square meters. The surface under construction works is a little over 25 thousand square meters.
The concession contract, among other things, exceeds the EUR 20 million investments in the first three years since the start of the investment program, and in the fifth year of operating the employment should be more than 300 workers.
"We hope that in 2020 the factory will be put into operation. The factory will employ about 300 people," Kalezić said.
The Minister of Traffic and Maritime Affairs, Osman Nurkovic, said earlier that he was satisfied with the signing of the concession contract and that it was a good project for the state and the lessor.
He believes rental benefits will soon be seen through the valorization of the former shipyard in Bijela - construction and servicing of mega yachts and employment of many people.
Bankruptcy at the Adriatic Shipyard in Bijela was introduced in 2015 at the proposal of the Tax Administration, due to a debt of six million euros. Since then, over 70% of claims have been settled by selling assets, mostly large and small.
In September last year, the bankruptcy board approved the sale of the company's property in the concession area, a consortium of Adriatic Marinas and Damen for EUR 2.65 million.
This consortium was the only one to submit a bid for the concession for the commercial use of the port of Bijela.
Source: MINA
07 Dec 2018, 00:46 AM

05 December 2018 - Opening of the exhibition of sculptures entitled "Habitats," by Sonja Malavrazić, was held on December 6th at 6 PM, at the Sue Ryder Gallery at Belavista in Herceg Novi.

In the catalog for the exhibition, Vojislav Bulatović asks the question which, as he wrote, imposes at first glance on the works from the "Habitat" cycle - Are these pictures and/or sculptures or "paintings out of the paintings"?

"By making their own 'soul', the images cease to be a reflection of reality and become reality itself. This step in the "third dimension", when we look at the complete art by Sonja Malavrazić, is the logical and most expected sequence of events. Starting from the abstraction, in the mid 90s, through the introduction of the first associative content to the serious approach to the figure, with one constant - a recognizable palette that produces thunderstorms 'in the stylistic framework of abstract expressionism, the zenith epoch of modernism' leads to the world of sculpture, in order to continue to explore the boundaries between figuration and abstraction, according to one's claim," Bulatović writes.

Sonja0612 1

Sonja Malavrazić, born Petrović in 1951 in Herceg Novi, is a painter and radiophonic creator. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1993, in the painting department, a class of professor Zoran Pavlović. She completed her Master degree guided by the same professor in 1996. She also graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Journalism, in 1975.

As a painter, she had twelve solo exhibitions, among which - in the Gallery Ilija M. Kolarac, the City Gallery "Josip Bepo Benković" in Herceg Novi, the Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, the Gallery "Serbia" in Niš, the Gallery "Sue Ryder" in Herceg Novi.

She began her journalistic career at the First Channel of Radio Belgrade and was the editor of the General Education Program "Time of Curiosity". On the Second Channel, for the full twenty-five years (August 1991 - September 2016), she edited and completely created the "Treasury", devoted to nurturing and reconsidering cultural heritage.

As a prominent name in the world of radio journalism and artistic creativity, she was awarded in both areas. Twice (1996 and 2001) her exhibitions were proclaimed for the creative events of the year by critics of "Večernje Novosti".

The exhibition will be opened during the next period for the visitors.

06 Dec 2018, 23:23 PM

06 December 2018 - In recent years, healthcare has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The wellness and fitness industry is flourishing worldwide and these aspects of life are gaining popularity in Montenegro as well. According to research in this field, physical fitness (being fit), as a state of health and well-being, is achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest. Montenegrin citizens are slowly gaining more insight on the aspect that regular workout routine helps to counter the side-effects of hectic urban lifestyle, reduce stress, anxiety and depression and other diseases that negatively affect health.

Two women, who moved from abroad to Montenegro, recently launched an exciting project in Herceg Novi. Esma Cerinan Otović (28) and Sule Kadan Turkel (45) founded an association that brings together women of different profiles (age, profession, descent) but still linked by the desire to spend their free time healthily and beneficially.

Fit Woman Montenegro1

As these two women entrepreneurs stated in an interview with local News Portal “Radio Jadran”, Fit Woman Montenegro is a community that is free and open to all women of Herceg Novi, Bay of Kotor and beyond, who see themselves in the “world of wellness and wellbeing”. The association has their door open for females who want to participate in various activities that contribute to making a person feel satisfied and healthy.

Esma Cerinan Otović explained that the Fit Woman Montenegro Society plans that every week, members of the association will gather at least two times, and she invited all interested women to join them if they want to. The planned activities include stretching and breathing exercises; recreational walks in different locations, visits to tourist and cultural sites, photo-trekking tours, indoor and outdoor sports activities, visits to ethno-villages and agricultural farms.

Fit Woman Montenegro2

Fit Woman Montenegro represents a Wellness & Well-being Community for Women with the primary goal to encourage members to lead an active, social and healthy life.

"The membership to our community is free for all women. We want to encourage each other to lead an active, healthy, social life. Come and share your time with us, "they said from the Fit Woman Montenegro Association, inviting all interested to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

05 Dec 2018, 15:11 PM

December 5, 2018 - A part of the village of Kruševice, Vucji do, is situated in the vicinity of Vrbanj and at the foot of the peak Subra (1679m) of the mountain Orjen in the Herceg Novi Municipality. Vucji do lies at an altitude of about 1080 m, and one can approach it by the macadam route or old pedestrian paths.

05 Dec 2018, 07:39 AM

04 December 2018 - A protocol on cooperation between Tourist Organization Herceg Novi and Tourist Organization Saint Petersburg was officially signed by the TOs directors Pavle Obradović and Nadezhda Petrovna Vitalevna. This protocol is based on tourist promotion, exchange of cultural and artistic groups and societies.

The conference was opened by the Saint Petersburg Regional Commissioner for Culture Konstantin Zuardovich Suchenko, who appointed Svetlana Lavrecova to be an ambassador of cultural and artistic cooperation between Saint Petersburg and Herceg Novi. She is also an artistic director of the Days of Russian Culture in Herceg Novi.

"They appointed the budget for daily allowances and air tickets for artists who will come to Herceg Novi, and we have provided accommodation, trips, and stages for those. If this pilot project turned out to be successful, it is planned to upgrade it to even higher levels of cooperation. We hope that it is because we plan for Herceg Novi to become capital of culture in a region such as Saint Petersburg is in Russia," said Pavle Obradović, director of Tourist Organization Herceg Novi.

At the conference in Saint Petersburg was also the Vice President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Miloš Konjević, representatives of Herceg Novi's hotels Lazura, Perla, Simo Milošević Institute, Trend Travel Agency, Montenegrin Holiday DMC Agency, as well as the representatives of Tourist Organization Budva and Tourist Organization Kotor, Montenegro Airlines and the Ambassador of Montenegro to Russia, Ramiz Bašić.

"We had an extremely successful conference with 32 tour operators from the Saint Petersburg region and 17 media companies," Obradović pointed out.

He added that the Days of Saint Petersburg and Russia would be held in Herceg Novi in June during the next summer season.

"They are interested in coming here in September, so there is great potential for this cooperation to work, since in that period, when the city is not filled and when there are plenty of free capacities, we can bring many different cultural art societies, theater, and dance groups. We try, by doing this, to attract the Russians and the local population from the region," concluded Pavle Obradović.

04 Dec 2018, 23:40 PM

04 December 2018 - Montenegro can genuinely be proud of its beautiful 293 km long coast with 73 km of sand, pebble, and rocky beaches spread over 117 locations. Each summer season, beaches attract numerous tourists from all over the world to Montenegro. Having clean and beautifully arranged beaches have been recognized as a necessity by the Montenegrin Government, so The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro decided to make an effort to improve beach appearance and positively affect the tourist offer of the country during the summer.

As announced from the Coastal Zone Management Company, as of next summer season, Montenegrin beaches will have a new, unique look when it comes to beach equipment that will be more appealing to tourists from the country and guests from abroad. Achieving a beautiful looking coast should contribute to an increase in satisfaction with tourists who travel to Montenegro for the summer holidays.

The Local News Station RTV Budva recently interviewed Blažo Rađenović, the director of the Limited Liability Company "Mediteran reklame" (English: "Mediterranean Advertising") on the subject, and he explained that the new decision that will soon be made and the three-year plan proposal would introduce new regulations when it comes to beach advertising. He justified the recent agenda with the unsightly multicolor picture of Montenegrin beaches, where umbrellas, sunbeds, and cabins are used for commercial purposes, and they do not reflect the beauty of the country’s coastal area.

Beaches0412 1

According to Rađenović, The Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone of Montenegro will create new coastal area regulations in the following period, so that all beaches have their unique appearance that is focused on attracting tourists, and not creating commercial effects for private companies.

In the past period, before the issue of coastal zone appearance was brought to the surface by the authorities, LLC “Mediteran reklame“ was in charge for controlling the advertising aspect on the Montenegrin beaches, and have charged a fee for advertising in beach zones.

"We tried to act preventively with our taxes and limit the advertising options. In Montenegro, that was the only way to influence and change something for the better. If our company did not exist, everyone would have the right to place hundreds of ads, and that would worsen the image of the country’s coastal area, "Rađenović concluded. He is pleased that the public company has recognized the importance of this issue and that taxing will no longer be the method for creating a more beautiful image for the beaches.

04 Dec 2018, 00:58 AM

03 December 2018 - In cooperation with private accommodation providers and some of the caterers in Herceg Novi, local Tourist Organisations have created “Accommodation and Meal Special Offers” for 3, 5 or 7 days, during the New Year, the Mimosa Festival and the preseason period.

So far, arrangements have been made with the accommodation providers in Topla, Igalo, Đenovići, and Baošići.

“We categorized the accommodations; formed more favourable prices for the pre-season, and now we are working on forming unique offers that we will send to the agencies. It is innovation. Restaurant owners have offered a half-board service while staying in an accommodation arrangement. Practically, a guest who comes to some of the offered apartments and rooms will have a half-board meal in one of five or ten restaurants. They will not be "tied" to only one restaurant during their stay, but they can change their meal place every day,” explains the Director of TO Herceg Novi, Pavle Obradović.


He also stresses that they created cheaper transportation arrangements to the nearest regional destinations, such as Dubrovnik, with local agencies, because they were told that they wanted to offer lower prices to both locals and guests. A consolidated offer will be sent first to agencies from cities that are “connected” to Montenegro via low-cost flights (London, Rome, etc.).

The price for “New Year's Package” of 3 overnight stays is 45 EUR per person, for five overnights the rate is 70 EUR, and seven overnights require 90 EUR per person.

These price arrangements will also apply to the Mimosa Festival.

All categories of private accommodation (rooms and apartments) can be rented out during the pre-season and post-season period, ie from 1 to 30 April, from May 1 to June 14, from June 15 to June 30, from 1 to 14 September, from September 15 to September 30, and from October 1 to November 1, 2019.

Tourist Organization Herceg Novi is inviting all private accommodation providers within the Municipality to contact them via tel. 031 350 820 and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to offer accommodation services to tourist agencies and tour operators in the region and abroad.

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