Shipyard Bijela: Concession to Porto Montenegro and Damen

By , 29 Nov 2018, 21:23 PM Business
Shipyard Bijela: Concession to Porto Montenegro and Damen
November 29, 2018 - The Montenegrin Government decided to give the Shipyard Bijela a concession for 90 years at the consortium of Porto Montenegro and Damen. By the end of the month, the Government should sign a concession contract to launch a mega-yacht service, and at the next stage make mega yachts at the site of the former Adriatic Shipyard Bijela, announced Prime Minister Duško Marković in an interview with TVCG on the occasion of two years of government work.
Last year, Porto and Damen bought a part of the Shipyard Bijela infrastructure, which introduced bankruptcy in mid-2015. As Markovic said earlier, by a concession act, the contractor will manage the Shipyard Bijela for 90 years with an investment of around 20 million euros in the next three years and new employment for people from this area.
At today's session, the Government agreed to sign a contract with the consortium Adriatic Marinas and Damen, who have purchased part of the infrastructure of the Shipyard Bijela for 30 years.
"Instead of a company in bankruptcy, overhauling yachts and mega-yachts - there are development and new jobs. Investments of €20m in three years," says Government's Twitt.
It is a space in the closed circuit of the shipyard with operational shore and gulls, covering 108 thousand squares. The surface under construction works a little over 25 thousand square meters.
Adriatic Marinas and Damen will pay EUR 2.5 million to the bankruptcy debtor within 70 days of the conclusion of the contract, and most of this amount will be charged to the Montenegrin Commercial Bank.
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