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27 Oct 2019, 14:46 PM

27 October 2019 - After a decade of using its emblem, Herceg Novi finally received new city symbols - a coat of arms and a flag, which was put up on the city’s Clock Tower Tora.

As the Mayor of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katić, said at the ceremony, the new symbols have a historical foundation and represent a specific cultural heritage created for centuries. He emphasized that the symbols are in step with the efforts of the local government to present Herceg Novi in ​​a recognizable way, which will correspond to its uniqueness, reports Radio Jadran.

“The new coat of arms and flag are elements of the common past and present of Herceg Novi. I hope that the citizens of Herceg Novi will be able to understand the exact meaning of the symbols and that they will bind them to the city and each other. This flag will be put up on the Tora Clock Tower, after that at the fort and numerous establishments throughout the city. The flag, along with the coat of arms, will tour the world representing our city. By emphasizing them today, Herceg Novi celebrates its wealth, heritage, honesty, wisdom, peace, strength and daring," he said.

During the ceremony, the City Music and Majorettes went on a festive walk from Gradska kafana through Njegoš’ Street. They performed in front of numerous citizens of Herceg Novi and guests, who enjoyed the entertaining program at the Square and Tora Staircase, extending the ceremony to highlight new symbols of the ancient city.

After the ceremony raising the flag, a bazaar was opened in the main city square, serving traditional dishes, prosciutto, and wine to locals and guests.

The street symbol exhibition attracted many visitors, who were also entertained by the street musicians’ performance. Castel Nuovo made a tour through the city, all the while entertaining the audience with authentic tunes.

25 Oct 2019, 11:35 AM

Establishing a ferry service from Zelenika to Rose, and the possibility of developing Zelenika as a leisure port that would be an alternative to Kotor are important issues for Herceg Novi, according to Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurković and representatives of the city’s administration.

On Wednesday, during a working visit to Herceg Novi, Nurković and the city administration discussed road infrastructure, the status of Zelenika port and city port Škver, as well as issues related to the maritime economy.

“Legislation and strategic documentation that the Department of Transport and Maritime Affairs is working on need to provide comprehensive solutions and regulate an area where there is a lot of inconsistency and overlap with functions in other departments,” stated Nurković.

According to the Ministry, Nurković stated that, regardless of political views and choices, the common task for all is to create better conditions to ensure Montenegrin citizens can enjoy higher living standards.

xDSC 1121 resize.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wLyHh X35I

Herceg Novi - Photo Boka News

Mayor of Herceg Novi Stevan Katić recalled that the most significant projects for the improvement of transport infrastructure are the construction of a city bypass, a road network on the Luštica Peninsula, defining the issue of the concession on city port Škver, solving the problem of traffic jams at border crossings with Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and toll collection on the Meljine-Petijevići section, which could be defined as a highway by the state.

He stated that these were investments of interest to both the citizens of Herceg Novi and indeed the entire country, and which need cooperation from the Ministry and the local authority. 

Speaking about the reconstruction of the Adriatic Highway, Katić and others stated that better communication was needed to ensure there would be no traffic collapse or delays in carrying out the work during the second phase of the project.


24 Oct 2019, 13:43 PM

Mayor of Herceg Novi Stevan Katić has been in Malaga to sign the Declaration on the Protection of Mediterranean Biodiversity, aligning the city with others that have made a commitment to protect natural ecosystems in the Mediterranean region, through strengthening management and networks between protected areas.

As announced on the local government website, the signing is part of activities within the project to streamline networking and management efforts in Mediterranean Protected Areas as a mechanism to enhance nature conservation and protection in the region - PANACeA, with Malaga hosting both the signing of the Declaration, and the project lead - the University of Malaga.

The visit was an opportunity to organise a bilateral meeting between the leaders of Herceg Novi and Malaga, which is the first official meeting between representatives of the two cities, and the first step towards further ties. During the meeting, both parties expressed an interest in linking the cities, and the Acting Mayor of Malaga accepted the invitation of Mayor Katić to visit Herceg Novi in the near future and talk about the next steps.

The Herceg Novi delegation also included Deputy Mayor Danijela Đurović and Secretary for Utilities, Ecology, and Energy Efficiency, Aleksandar Kovačević.


Source: Radio Jadran

22 Oct 2019, 14:22 PM

In just over two years of the current local authority in Herceg Novi, dozens of sections of local roads have been repaired and updated, mainly in residential areas surrounding the town.

Improvements to the pedestrian and traffic infrastructure are needed in every area, and the intention of the Herceg Novi Municipality to tackle each problem has been underpinned by a pledge to invest around a million euros in the development of infrastructure in Topla.

Topla will soon become a major construction site, confirms Deputy Mayor of Herceg Novi Miloš Konjević. Some of the projects to be implemented include:

  • The section of road T5 from Voli to Ramarex, for which the project has been completed;
  • For the section of road I4 from Mojdeški Bridge to Stanišića Dubrava, technical specifications, have been issued and work is ongoing on project development.
  • Construction is underway on pavements on the section of Njegoševa Street from Mimoza Restaurant to Kukoljac Villa;
  • Preliminary designs for the renovation of existing pavement on Mića Vavića Street (between the crossroads with Njegoševa Street and the car park for Topla I residential area) have been completed. Work on improvements to this particularly busy 140-meter section of the pedestrian walkway will cost 20k euros.
  • Plans are underway to construct a road from Topla III to Modra Ploča, on the currently tarmacked section, with a projected cost of around 30k euros. This area has already had street lighting installed, on the section near the former Chinese restaurant;
  • At the playground near Dašo Pavičić Primary School, final work remains concerning installing seating, lighting and storage spaces. This work is to cost 60k euros, and there are also plans within the local government to improve the playground at Topla II, which will cost around 5k euros.

Konjević 150x150

M. Konjević

  • Directly by the kindergarten and primary school, work on protective fencing has been completed.  Updating of existing, and construction of new fencing, will be carried out at Milašinović Bridge;
  • Repairs are envisaged to the road around the school, as well as the construction of a retaining wall. The estimated cost of this work stands at 60k euros;
  • Work on updating pedestrian infrastructure will follow on the section from the Novljanka Building to the Pet Danica Walkway;
  • There are also plans to improve the Walkway from the Jazz Cafe Bar to Kantula Restaurant, which will be followed by the replacement of old kiosks with new street installations;

As Konjević points out, all the projects above are in line with local authority plans to improve public infrastructure in each area.

It is indeed a substantial amount of work, and each of the projects represents an important change to the appearance of the town. This is recognised by the local population who are providing their support and assistance in implementing the projects, concludes the Deputy Mayor of Herceg Novi.


11 Oct 2019, 02:05 AM

11 October 2019 - On October 3rd, Jet2.com and Jet2holidays announced new direct services to Tivat in Montenegro, with flights and holidays going on sale from London Stansted and Manchester Airports.

The announcement marks the first time that Jet2.com has operated flights direct to Montenegro, a destination that features everything from golden beaches and cool bars to whitewashed villages and rugged national parks. Currently accessible from Dubrovnik, the launch of this brand new route now gives holidaymakers direct access to Montenegro with Jet2.com and Jet2holidays.

UK based Jet2 to launch flights to Tivat Montenegro in May 2020

The airline will operate up to two weekly services (Thursday and Sunday) to Tivat from each base, with services running from May through to October.

Located on the west coast of the Balkan Peninsula, Tivat opens up an array of dazzling options for holidaymakers, including resorts such as stylish Budva, chilled-out Bečići and the stunning Herceg Novi. The classy coastal town of Tivat itself is nearby, as is the jaw-dropping Kotor Bay.

This is Jet2.com’s third brand new route for Summer 20, in addition to Preveza (Greece) and Zadar (Croatia).

Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2.com and Jet2holidays said: “The introduction of services to Tivat means that we are operating direct flights to Montenegro for the first time. With stunning scenery, a wonderful climate, and fantastic resorts such as Budva and Bečići on offer, we are expecting this destination to be hugely popular with holidaymakers. Yet again, Jet2.com and Jet2holidays are giving holidaymakers and independent travel agents even more choice and flexibility when it comes to booking our award-winning flights and holidays.”

Low-cost carrier Jet2 will enter the Montenegrin market in 2020 with the launch of two new routes to Tivat. The airline will inaugurate two weekly flights from Manchester and London Stansted starting May 21. Both will be operated with a 189-seat Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The announcement marks the first time the leisure airline and package holiday specialist has operated flights to Montenegro.

"The Balkan beauty of Montenegro sits beside neighbours Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Majestic mountains stand proud against brilliant beaches, with terracotta-topped towns in between. You’ll find laid-back rural areas alongside upmarket marinas too. Sound up your street? Let us show you more…," says the open invitation of the Jet2 company to all interested travellers to visit Montenegro and its beauty.

Tickets are already available for purchase on the airline's website.

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01 Oct 2019, 14:17 PM

September has indeed been warm, and the time has been used by many to work on their homes, repair their roofs, garden and also to take a stroll and swim in the sea. The balmy weather is also most likely the reason for an increase in the number of guests staying on the Herceg Novi Riviera, 9690 in total, which is an increase of 30 percent on last year, shared almost equally between hotels and private accommodation.

It’s well known that locals prefer to enjoy the September sunshine and sea, not yet cooled by storms or rain. The unbearable heat and crowds pass, and the locals themselves can then experience a welcome gift of the warm, therapeutic caress of the sea and the sun’s rays.

The air temperature in recent days has reached 29°c, and the sea 23°C. This meant that many locals have been joining tourists, mainly from Russia, on the beaches.

However, one can rarely count on the swimming season to continue through October. From today, many of those running the beach bars are shutting up shop.  They follow what the forecasts say, and it doesn’t pay to hold out much longer. Meteorologists are predicting a cold front from tomorrow, with rain in the evening, and temperatures some 7-8 degrees cooler.

But today? Well, it still looks a lot like summer!


Source: Radio Jadran

24 Sep 2019, 21:37 PM

September 24, 2019 - Herceg Novi has received two new murals. One could be found on the wall beside the crossing of the Stairway of Danica Tomasevic and the Pet Danica Promenade. Another one is drawn on the wall along with the steps in Risanska Street. Both themes are the sea. The murals were painted as part of this year's Street Art Festival.

The artistic solutions chosen at the public competition were painted by the professor of fine arts and 3D artist, Milivoje Kostic at the Promenade, and by Marko Petričević and Maša Laković at the School of Fine Arts, Cetinje.
The mural of Milivoj Kostic, on the wall at the bottom of the Stairway of Danica Tomasevic, with intense color, through the expressive artistry and three-dimensional effect, reflects the magical and fairy-tale world of "fish" and thus artificially fits into a series of murals of marine motifs.
The work of Marko Petricevic and Masa Lakovic is an old map of Herceg Novi and the Gulf, work of Vincenzo Coronelli, the most prominent Italian cartographer in the 17th century. Coronelli was the founder of the oldest geographical association, whose works served as the basis for all later cartographers and explorers of this part of Europe. Drawings of vessels representing the modern era are red-painted over this map.
The painted solutions were chosen in a public competition, and the works submitted were decided by an expert jury consisting of Anita Simic, Vuk Cvoro, and Nikola Curcin.
In addition to painting murals, this year's Street art festival hosted 3D painting workshops for elementary students at the schools "Daso Pavicic" and "Ilija Kisic."  Milivoj Kostic, a professor of fine arts, recognized as the first professional 3D street art artist in Serbia, founder of artistic groups, author of creative and psychosocial workshops for young people, have been working with the children of one of the murals.
Part of the Street Art Festival's program was a concert by the American band Break of Reality at Fort Fort Mare. The attendees were enthralled by the cello-rock sound of one of the first alt-classical camera ensembles in the world to be named the United States Music Ambassadors. This program was implemented in cooperation with the US Embassy in Montenegro.
The organizer of the Street Art Festival is the Secretariat for Culture and Education of the Municipality of Herceg Novi. The festival aims to enhance public spaces with artistic murals and promote the city as a place of comfortable living while affirming contemporary forms of art.
16 Sep 2019, 22:06 PM

16 September 2019 - According to records published by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, there are 453 hotels in Montenegro with 43.639 beds. Nearly 55% account for four-star and five-star hotels. This year, 38 high-end hotels have been opened, and there will be even more.

As representatives of the Ministry said, categorization procedure helps achieve one of Government’s goals – creating conditions for the improvement and raising the quality level of catering capacities.

One of the key measures defined by the Reforms in the Area of Tourism Agenda is the development of new and improvement of the existing accommodation facilities. The most important activity in that context is defining models for the enhancement of the construction of four and five-star hotels, reports CdM.

"There are currently 25 five-star hotels in Montenegro. One hundred seventy-nine four-star hotels, whereas others refer to one to three stars," said the representatives of the Ministry.

Analysis of the current state of affairs of hotel structure takes into consideration the fact that the Strategy adopted at the end of 2008, when the many-year-long economic crisis started, has severely affected the investment projects in Montenegro.

"However, despite such ambiance, we are very satisfied with the structure of our hotels now, as the number of high-end hotels exceeds the projections envisaged by the Strategy," said the representatives of the Ministry.

Raising the offer quality in hotels and other catering facilities achieves the strategic goal of the development of tourism in Montenegro- high quality, all-year-long tourist offer.

"In that context, Government is focused on creating conditions for enhancing the development of catering services, as the most important segment of the tourism product," said the representatives of the Ministry.

With the aim of raising competitiveness level and creating conditions for the extension of the season, Ministry has been implementing the project of the establishment, improvement and control of the quality level of hotel facilities as well as other accommodation facilities.

Commission of the Ministry of Tourism is in charge of the categorization of catering facilities.

"Commission for categorization of catering facilities conducts the categorization procedure and assigns the category depending on the organization, equipment and maintenance of the facility, type and quality of services and other categorization criteria," explained the representatives of the Ministry.

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13 Sep 2019, 21:29 PM

Herceg Novi Municipality has formalised its friendship with the Portuguese city of Estarreja with a memorandum signed by the mayors of the two municipalities, Stevan Katić and Diamatino Sabina. As announced after the signing, the Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation aims to deepen and strengthen ties, with the intention of a future twinning between the two municipalities.

According to the mayor’s office, friendly relations between Estarreja and Herceg Novi have been ongoing for several years, and were established under the auspices of the cross-border project “TIPS4EU”. Partnership in the project enabled the two municipalities to gain insight into spatial and socio-economic specificities, as well as an affinity with each other. The partners then decided to sign the Memorandum, bearing in mind the significance of fostering cooperation and friendship between European municipalities, with an emphasis on exchanging experiences in various areas of development and promotion of intercultural dialogue.

“As city leaders, we need to develop international cooperation, we have an obligation to be open towards other cities and foster friendship. We always have a lot to learn from each other,” stated the Mayor of Estarreja Municipality, Diamantino Sabina.

Estareja potpisivanje memoranduma 1

Signing of Memorandum - Herceg Novi Municipality


As he stated, Herceg Novi and Estarreja have many geographical and cultural differences, but also have similarities. Both are coastal cities, and their people share the same mentality - open-minded and hospitable.

We are all the same if our heart is in the same place. I am certain that our cooperation will be very fruitful and, despite our linguistic differences, we will understand each other very well,” announced Sabina.

Estareja potpisivanje memoranduma 2 e1568361073646

Signing of memorandum Herceg Novi Estarreja - Herceg Novi Municipality


He called on the leaders of Herceg Novi to make a return visit, in order to better understand the possibilities in the areas where links could be established.

There is significant space for cooperation in the area of culture, bearing in mind that the two cities are quite similar when it comes to what they offer culturally.

“Estarreja also holds a carnival, similar in some ways to our Mimosa, and also has a street art festival. It is interesting that both cities have houses belonging to Nobel Laureates, in Estarreja belonging to António Egas Moniz who received the prize for medicine, and in Herceg Novi belonging to writer Ivo Andrić,” stated the Mayor of Herceg Novi Municipality Stevan Katić.

He added that they planned to apply jointly for financing from international funds, through which both cities would aim to secure financial support for a range of projects. 

The local authorities state that the signing of the Memorandum with Estarreja is just the start of active cooperation between Herceg Novi and numerous local governments. Over the past two years, friendship and twinning agreements have been signed with cities in China, Russia, Western Europe and the region. The ultimate goal is to make better use of opportunities for cooperation, that is the development of cultural, economic, tourism and scientific cooperation, and cooperation in the area of environmental protection and promotion, as well as for exchanging ideas and experiences, and better understanding of cultural, ethnographic and social values. 


Source - radiojadran.com

13 Sep 2019, 10:48 AM
September 13, 2019 - The seventh edition of the Big Game Fishing Competition in Herceg Novi is scheduled for September 18-21. At the end of the high tourist season, 12 miles from the Boka Bay entrance, 20 teams with more than 100 participants will compete in one of the most popular sport fishing disciplines.
Big Game Fishing, which gathers lovers of fishing for big fish, extends the season in Herceg Novi. The competition has an international character and many visitors are coming to Herceg Novi, so all apartments are sold out in the area of the city port of Škver, said the president of Big Game Fishing Club Herceg Novi, Radojica Raco Gardašević.
"This year's edition will be the biggest tournament so far, with over 20 teams already registered. Participants come from Germany, Russia, France, Poland, Switzerland, and Serbia. Twelve teams from Montenegro were reported. Teams typically have 2 to 5 members, among them are experienced fishers and celebrities. Like every year, we expect famous faces from the world of business and public life to be among the participants," Gardasevic told Radio Jadran.
The ships will sail every morning from Škver City Harbor at 8 am, returning, all hoping for a good catch, around 6 pm.
The youngest fishermen have not been forgotten this year either, so the "Little Game Fishing" - a competition for the ages of seven to fourteen - was announced for September 21, from 10 am to 1 pm. A boat will take the children to Rose, where the competition will be held. For this purpose, hooks, hers, instructors, and sandwiches and refreshments will be provided. Parents are invited to join.
During the Big Game Fishing event, at the Jadran Restaurant, participants and guests have the opportunity to enjoy a music program each night, performed by musicians from the cities of Boka. On the first night, the Tivat ensemble Toć performs. The following evening, the acoustic duo of Đurđa and Kristijan from Kotor will take care of the good mood. The Low Voltage duo performs at the awards ceremony and the closing of the 7th Big Game Fishing.
The Herceg Novi City Music and Majorettes will celebrate the award ceremony at the Škver. All visitors will have the opportunity to observe the weighing of the catch and the announcement of the winners. That night dinner will traditionally be served not only for the participants of the tournament but also for all those who find themselves in Škver.
The tuna, swordfish, lampoon and albacore fishing competition is organized by the Big game fishing club Herceg Novi, the Montenegrin Sport Fishing Association and the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi.
Source: Radio Jadran
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