24 Apr 2019, 10:51 AM

April 24, 2019 - The session of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor, where the councilors will decide on the Proposal for the dismissal of the President of the Municipality of Kotor Vladimir Jokic, is scheduled for today at noon. The proposal for the removal of Jokić was jointly filed by the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and opposition parties in that city - the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), the Social Democrats (SD) and the Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI).

Several leaders of local administration announced resignations if today’s Assembly replaces President of the Municipality Vladimir Jokic.
"If the Assembly of the Municipality of Kotor at the session of 24 April decides on the dismissal of the President of the Municipality, we will submit irrevocable resignations to the functions we perform, considering it as a professional and moral obligation, "says the letter submitted to the Radio Kotor. Assembly of Kotor president Dragica Perović, Vice President of the Municipality Milivoje Mišo Samardžić, Secretary of the Assembly Maja Mršulja, Chief administrator Veljko Vujović, Director of Cultural Center Nikola Đurković Marija Bernard, Secretary of the Secretariat for Property-Legal Affairs Željko Dapčević, Secretary of the Secretariat for General Administration Marina Bjelja and Director of Information Center Ida Waldegg signed the letter. 
The SDP initiated Jokić's dismissal as considered that he had made several illegal decisions, including for Port of Kotor, and their proposal supported opposition parties at the local level.
A public gathering precedes the debate on this initiative in support of Vladimir Jokić organized by Democratic Party of Montenegro, scheduled for 11 am in front of the palace Bizanti.
On the occasion of today's session of the Assembly, and after the last meeting of the Municipal Committee, the SDP made a statement saying that “SDP Kotor fully backed the foundation of the Club's commitment to the Municipal Assembly - which has persistently and publicly held last year and day in the Assembly Kotor Municipality.
"SDP Kotor reiterates its readiness to continue, despite the unprecedented blatant absence of individual members of the ruling majority, attempting to preserve power within the existing majority, trying to make a modest contribution to the struggle of citizens in the protest ODUPRISE 97000," according to the SDP statement
23 Apr 2019, 10:34 AM

April 23, 2019 - The Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Democrats did not agree on overcoming the crisis in the Kotor government, so the SDP will not withdraw the initiative for the replacement of Mayor Vladimir Jokic (Democrats).

Although the previous two days during the exchange of proposals on the relationship between the two parties gained the impression that the matter was smooth, the meeting of opposition leaders with representatives of the Movement ODUPRISE returned things to the beginning. The Democrats do not agree with the referendum question formulated by the SDP, while SDP insists that this is a matter of substance.
The session of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor, on whose agenda Jokić's decommissioning initiative is coming tomorrow.
Before the meeting of opposition leaders and ODUPRISE Jokic informed the SDP to accept their proposal to call for a local referendum, with details to be negotiated yet. SDP has already submitted to the parties' clubs and president of Assembly of Kotor Dragica Perović the Proposal of the decision to announce the referendum in Kotor. They suggest that the issue on the referendum is "Do you agree with the enlargement of Luža (the operational port of Kotor) for mooring mega cruisers?" They expect Perovic's Proposal of the decision to be included in the agenda of the first session of the Kotor Municipal Assembly.
The SDP considers that the decision of the Assembly of Shareholders of the Port of Kotor to build a berthing pylon dolphin for mega cruisers mooring across the Old Town is very damaging to the Boka Bay and tourism in that town. They also point out that the mayor has no UNESCO approval for such a project. They argue that the referendum question for the natives of Kotor, which they have suggested, is the essence of the problem.
However, Democrats believe that the councillors need to harmonise the referendum question. One of the leaders of the DF proposed that a compromise would be resolved by asking citizens whether to ask for Jokić's dismissal, but to SDP President Ranko Krivokapić that was unacceptable.
He insisted on accepting the SDP proposal. Krivokapić has rejected the idea as an inescapable attempt to resolve the ambiguity at the meeting of the party leaders and the members of the Kotor local government.
Since the session of the Kotor Municipal Assembly has already been scheduled, one of the proposals was that it would begin to be terminated until an agreement was reached, but Krivokapić did not support that. He does not trust Jokić, because he thinks that he makes unlawful decisions, as previously made by the mayor of Podgorica, Miomir Mugoša.
President of the DPS of Kotor, Željko Aprcovic, was not ready to comment on the new circumstances surrounding the SDP-Democrats, as well as the local members of the SDP and the Civic Movement URA.
Jokic responded earlier to the SDP to accept the proposal to call for a local referendum and that he was ready to submit a proposal to hold a local consultative referendum on proposed infrastructure projects from the Port of Kotor business plan. "To create and sustain such a referendum as quickly as possible, I suggest that the members of the ruling coalition in Kotor form a working group for the preparation of a referendum that would define the referendum question, the timing and other issues that can be opened when it is organised," Jokic responded to SDP. He called on the SDP to create pre-conditions for organising the referendum and the functioning of the city through its club in the Assembly of the Municipality of Kotor. "In the way that your delegates will withdraw the signatures and the proposal for dismissal of the municipal president, participate in the sessions of the Assembly of Kotor, and urgently and without delay adopt the proposed budget and other documents necessary for the work of the companies and institutions in Kotor so that the city functions smoothly," Jokić replied.
The Jokic dismissal initiative was submitted by SDP members, and opposition DPS, SD and HGI. They stated that Mayor Jokic should be removed due to "failure to implement the strategic plan for the development of the city, to occupy the powers of the Assembly and to impose self-determination of harmful decisions".
"Democrats accept the SDP Presidency initiative on calling a referendum on proposed projects from the Port of Kotor business plan. This initiative, implying the assumption of political responsibility for the outcome of the referendum on both sides, was accepted without delay by the President of the Kotor Municipality, Vladimir Jokić and the Municipal Committee of the Democratic Party of Kotor," said Secretary General of the Democratic Party Boris Bogdanovic last night.
"We believe that the referendum as a form of direct decision-making is the highest achievement of democracy, and that one who strives to establish the highest democratic standards cannot reject the initiative that citizens deliberately decide on matters of importance to one local self-government. For the Democratic Party of Montenegro, our Municipal Committee, the President of the Municipality and our constituents in the Assembly of the Municipality of Kotor, any referendum issue is acceptable to the 17 members who form a committee majority in the Assembly of Kotor. A referendum, following the Law and the Statute of the Municipality, is not announced by the President of the Municipality, but by the Assembly of the Municipality of Kotor. In this connection, accepting the initiative of the SDP, we have also accepted that in such a referendum to verify the trust of the President of the Municipality of Kotor. The President of the Kotor Municipality is publicly committed to resigning in the event of a negative outcome of the referendum," Bogdanovic said, commenting on the distrust of the SDP that they are ready for a referendum.
"This created all the conditions for the SDP to withdraw the initiative for the dissolution of the president of the Kotor Municipality, to come to the Kotor Municipality Assembly and to bring the budget, to create all the necessary prerequisites for the referendum. If the SDP does not do so, the Democrats will defend Kotor with all the democratic means and will not allow this municipality to return to the hands of those we won in 2016," Bogdanovic said.
Source: Vijesti, Boka News
21 Apr 2019, 21:38 PM

21 April 2019 - The Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Kemal Purišić met with Minister of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina Semiha Borovac in Sarajevo, where they discussed the Law that covers the implementation of the Regional Housing Programme in these two countries. 

The ministers expressed satisfaction with the progress made in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, as well as the belief that the planned construction of housing units for refugees and internally displaced persons will be completed within the specified deadline. 

Purišić and Borovac emphasised the common interest of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to use all available funds through the Fund of the Regional Housing Programme. 

Minister Purišić stressed that one of the outcomes of the Regional Housing Programme in Montenegro is the Law on Social Housing, which the Government adopted last year. 

"The Law covers broader categories of population in social need. Given that Bosnia and Herzegovina do not have such a regulation, and the construction of apartments according to the model of social housing is in progress, Montenegro and the competent authorities can provide assistance and experience in this regard," Purišić said. 

Furthermore, Purišić and Borovac discussed the Agreement on the search for missing persons, which, after adoption by governments in both countries, should be signed soon. 

"After the signing of the Agreement, the planned activities for the search for missing persons will follow. According to the analysis of the working group that drafted the Agreement, we search about 300 missing persons in both countries. It is important to reliably exchange these data to avoid duplication of the search process in the countries of the region, which is prescribed by the Regional plan for the search for missing persons brought within the framework of the Berlin Process," Borovac said.

21 Apr 2019, 19:06 PM

In 2016, the Government declared as non-perspective and surplus four school-type fighters "supergaleb G-4" from the Army of Montenegro and indicated that they should be sold. The Ministry of Defense claims that there have not been any interests in them so far.

Unknown sources of "Vijesti" claim that the Croatian Ministry of Defense is allegedly interested in purchasing them.

"The Defense Ministry has so far twice announced the tender for the sale of 4 G-4 aircraft surpluses together with the associated spare parts and equipment, but there was no interest in buying from the bidders. In the coming period, the mentioned items will be offered again for sale, said Predrag Boskovic's ministry.

Montenegro currently has a total of four school-combat airplanes of this type from the former 172nd hunting-bomber aviation brigade of the Army of MNE War aircraft, which have not flown for several years. In February 2016, the Government made the decision that these four jet planes, together with three more pioneers for UTVA-75 basic flight training, with a "supergaleb G-4" flight simulator, 287,910 pieces of spare parts, equipment and tools needed for their maintenance, including 18 Rolls Royce Viper 632 jet engine motors for “supergaleb”, are offered for sale at a total price of 15.35 million euros.

The four G-4 planes were estimated at about 4.27 million euros, a G-4 simulator at one million, and 18 Viper 632 engines at 600,000 euros. According to available data, nothing has been sold until today. Nothing from a lorry airplane or aviation technique was included in the list of VCG aviation weapons and equipment that the Ministry of Defense offered to buyers on the last, confidential tender for the sale of the military surplus announced on 31st December 2018.

"Vijesti" asked MO whether, during a recent meeting of defense ministers Boskovic and Damir Krsticevic in Split, there were any talks about a possible sale of the G-4 or reciprocal "compensation" with these planes, and Croatia, in return, would give up on the request that school ship "Jadran" is returned to them.

"Minister Boskovic had bilateral talks with the Croatian Defense Minister Djukic Krsticevic during his visit to the international exhibition of arms and military equipment (Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition and Conference ASDA 2019), where the modalities of continuation of otherwise good co-operation between the two states in the field of defense, primarily relating to the education of military personnel and training of military personnel and members of the armed forces, "it was stated from the Montenegrin MO.

VCG had 17 "supergalebs" after declaring independence. During the mandate of Defense Minister Bora Vucinic, Montenegro ceded six aircraft of this type and one flight simulator for the "supergaleb" to Serbia in exchange for personal records of members of the then common army of the two states. Several years later, Montenegro sold seven more G-4 aircraft to the Croatian company "ZPZ Aerospace" from Zagreb.

Both the Montenegrin and Croatian MOs deny speculation that their representatives have recently met at the Podgorica military aerodrome "Knjaz Danilo" for the inspection of “gulls”.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on April 20th 2019, read more at Vijesti

21 Apr 2019, 12:03 PM

April 21, 2019 - Several thousand people gathered in front of the Montenegrin Assembly for the 9th protest organized by the ODUPRISE movement.

Nikola Grdinić, one of the organizers, said the protest would not stop until "we see the dictator's back."
The actor Slaviša Grubiša, also one of the organizers, "broadcast” a TV journal, as he claims it should be on public service.
"Minister of Interior Affairs Mevludin Nuhodzic has been sorry for the incident in which his son was involved and resigned. The RTCG suspended the sports journalist Nebojsa Šofranac for inappropriate statements on social networks," the news from the Grubiša’a journal was announced.
According to Džemal Perovic, the main culprit for the unfortunate situation in Montenegro is Milo Djukanovic who is shameless to live in a land where theft, thanks to him, has become a regular thing.
"Djukanovic survives thanks to division and fear. As he spread hate, we spread fraternity and love. He has done everything to deprive us of dignity and put us in the perspective of losers. Of our aspirations for a free state, Djukanovic has made a private estate. I have three sons living on three continents. We want a perspective for our youth here. In our homes, there is a fear of annihilation. It is a shame that we are afraid of electricity bills. Fear of poverty is worse than anything else, "Perovic said.
Vladan Šćepanović addressed the citizens as well, presenting himself as opposition and revolutionist, stating that it was everyone who crossed the border that the cowards did not pass.
Speech by Šćepanović caused high emotions among the assembled, and more people were crying.
"I turn to the young people we see in a growing number. Do not even think that everything started with you; never forget all the demonstrations behind us. These gray heads and the frowns of your fathers and older brothers are the same those brave warriors who have been clashing with system and have been fighting for 30 years. Never forget the protests of the Liberals, the SNP, the DF and the Workers' Party or the mothers’ protests. But, you have the history on your side. Do not miss your chance, "said Šćepanović.
Šćepanović also addressed Duško Knežević.
"Mr. Knezevic, do not complain with this people but put the cards on the table. Those cards are proofs. Do not tell us about your endangered security, because here there are people with endangered existence who pay Djukanovic every day for electricity, who pay the most expensive fuel. Do not tell us that you have always been with the people. You have never been with the people; you are the face of those we are fighting. The people’s court is waiting for you and all of them,” said Šćepanović.
"Everyone who tells you about the healthy wing of the DPS sold it, whoever tells you that he is not interested in politics at this moment- he is among those sold to this system. There is no healthy wing of DPS, "Šćepanović said.
He also addressed the Montenegrin police.
"I will never forget you when you hit my father and my brothers. I will never forget and forgive. “said Šćepanovic. 
Citizens have visited the public media service building, and, as they announced, they put the focus on one of the most vicious links in this system, "which for 30 years has been polluting and shrinking to our public ever since their war-haunt ventures. RTCG is a party media that had ignored its citizens for more than a month, even when thousands were gathered in front of their building. For the Shameful Service, the statements of corrupt officials were more important than the votes of their citizens who financed it” - they said from the organization movement.
Journalist Duško Vuković commented on the statement of the current RTCG director, Božidar Šundić, who in an interview on the citizens' request for his resignation and the RTCG Council, stated that citizens have the right to protest but that he and the management on whose head are working for the state. Vukovic referred to his 40-year long career as a journalist and the fact that such statements did not fall into the minds of media managers either in a single-party system.
"I can not believe he did not read the law defining the position of a national broadcaster. It does not state in this law that management of this public service is in the service of the state, but rather in the service of the citizen. What is the state to which he is serving? By the Constitution, Montenegro is a Republic of state organization, a civil state, a state of social justice. Sadly, Montenegro is not such a state today. We have to fight for it. When said the state, Šundić was thinking of party institutions that simulate democracy in this country. The first obligation of journalism is the truth. Journalism should be loyal to the one it addresses. Is journalism RTCG loyal to the citizens? Does journalism open up a space for dialogue that will make good decisions for all of us? "Vukovic asked. "We have allied with the future; they are in alliance with the past. Pride wins, we stand up, "concluded Vukovic.
Last week, instead of the protest in Podgorica, representatives of the movement organized a tour of Montenegrin towns in the north and the coast to meet and talk to citizens who are not able to attend protests in the capital.
"The caravan has shown that the number of dissatisfied citizens is much higher than the one who travels every Saturday with Podgorica and that we are a vast majority in our country. Let's stick to the terror of the corrupt thief minority that has devastated our society - they said from the ODUPRISE movement.
Due to the upcoming holidays, the organizers announced that there will be no protest on the next weekend and that the protest campaign will resume on 9 May, when the rally will mark the Day of Europe. The Organizing Committee had earlier announced a protest gathering on 21 May, Independence Day of Montenegro. 
Before the end of the last night gathering, organizers of the protest urged citizens to support mothers with three and more children, who will protest Monday, 22 April.
20 Apr 2019, 22:53 PM

20 April 2019 - The Government of the United Kingdom believes that there’s no need to change power in Montenegro, the UK Ambassador to Montenegro, Her Excellency Ms Alison Kemp, said in an interview with the CdM Portal. She emphasized that Montenegro is an ally, a partner and a friend of the United Kingdom. Ms Kemp declared that there are more British investors in Montenegro than it’s generally thought and that the British businesspeople always say that Montenegro is a great country in terms of investment. The Ambassador continuously encourages British tourists to come and visit Montenegro and get acquainted with the country’s beautiful land.

During the interview, Ambassador Kemp highlighted that as long as the UK is a member of the EU, it will constructively and actively assist Montenegro in the process of reforms, adding that even after leaving the EU, United Kingdom will continue to support Montenegro’s prosperity.

“Over the previous year, the United Kingdom invested over 1.4 million EUR in Montenegro by supporting a range of program activities. This year, we are increasing our investments besides the UK’s contribution to the European Union and the assistance programs that are being implemented in Montenegro, “said Her Excellency, ensuring that the United Kingdom will remain fully committed to improving the prosperity and security of the Western Balkans and Europe as well.

According to Ms Kemp’s words, the Government of the United Kingdom will remain committed to supporting Montenegro in implementing reforms to strengthen the rule of law, democracy and human rights.

Commenting on recent protests in Montenegro, the Ambassador emphasized that the United Kingdom supports the right to peaceful protests and that she supports the confirmation of such a statement by the Montenegrin Government, expressed during the in-country protests. “I do not think that the boycott of the parliament is the most effective way in which opposition parties can represent the interests of their voters. I consider it’s important that everyone advocating for better future and strengthening of democracy is committed to supporting meaningful reforms and strengthening independent institutions,” said Ms Kemp.

In terms of British investments in Montenegro, Her Excellency explained that the United Kingdom is fully aware of the potentials of Montenegro, which is why the UK export fund offers over 500 million EUR of export credit support to strengthen business relations between the United Kingdom and Montenegro. She also added that according to official data, over 130,000 Brits visited Montenegro last year and that she hopes that this season will be equally successful.

20 Apr 2019, 16:34 PM

April 20, 2019 - The ninth protest under the slogan ODUPRISE will be held tonight at 19:00 on the platform in front of the Assembly in Podgorica, and the protest column will be sent to the Public Service Building this weekend.

The caravan who visited the cities around the country last weekend said that the number of dissatisfied citizens was much higher than the one who runs every Saturday on the capital city, "and that we are a huge majority in our country."

They say they will concentrate on the protest tonight "on one of the most vicious links of this system, which for 30 years, even since its war-haunt ventures, pollutes our public."
"The so-called Public Service that we renamed into the Shameful Service is a party newsletter that had ignored its citizens for more than a month, even when thousands were gathered in front of their building. For Shameful Service then the declarations of corrupt voice officials were much more important of its citizens who fund it, " said the ODUPRISE statement.
Organisers called on citizens to bring props "through which we will make the greatest noise that they will not be able to remain deaf."
"We remind them that we demand the resignation of their council and general manager. We remind them that it was presumed that former members of the Council and the former general director were unlawfully removed or cancelled decisions on their resignation. On what basis, do we ask then, Božidar Šundić and the present Council still in their armchairs when they have been seized illegally through political violence produced at the Montenegrin Assembly? If this country will ever react to the law? We are looking for a state that is equally applicable to all. As citizens, we do not allow those who work for us and do bad, and to make us crazy underway," say the organisers of the protest.
The 9th protest, they emphasise, like all the previous ones, should go in peace, dignity and nonviolence.
"We invite you to take care of those who are standing or walking beside you, to protect them and to preserve their dignity; please pay special attention to the elderly, the disabled, the pregnant women and the parents with the children like every Saturday, together with the security forces, to make sure everything goes as far as possible, "concludes the statement.
19 Apr 2019, 20:13 PM

19 April 2019 - There are many tourism potentials in the Bar Municipality that need to be identified and used as soon as possible, said British Ambassador to Montenegro, Her Excellence Alison Kemp. Ms Kemp expressed her willingness to relay the experience of the UK in implementing a program to shut down plastic packaging by 2050.

On April 19, British Ambassador met with the Mayor of the Municipality of Bar Dušan Raičević. He introduced Ms Kemp to the challenges and planned activities of the local government for the summer tourist season, as well as with current and future projects in Bar.

Ambassador Kemp Bar Municipality Has Great Tourism Potentials

"Ambassador Kemp thanked the Mayor for the formal reception, pointing out that many potentials need to be recognized and used as soon as possible, with the emphasis on tourism," said the report by Bar Municipality PR Service.

During the visit, the Mayor and Ambassador also talked about protection and improvement of the environment, which will, as announced, have the special attention of the local government in the coming period.

"In relations to environmental issues, the possibility of cooperation to raise the awareness of citizens about the need and importance of environmental protection and proper disposal of waste has been considered. On this occasion, the Ambassador expressed her readiness to convey experiences in the UK in relations to the implementation of a program to discontinue the use of plastic packaging by 2050," the statement said.

According to the report, the UK is currently investing in long-term infrastructure development to facilitate waste recovery and recycling. Such a strategy will support and strengthen market engagement from both public and private sectors, while ensuring equitable coverage for all across the country.

During the meeting, it was jointly noted that it is necessary to strengthen cooperation in the field of tourism, especially considering that with the arrival of ships owned by a British company, Bar became recognized as one of the important cruising destinations.

18 Apr 2019, 10:08 AM

April 18, 2019 - The Ninth ODUPRISE protest will be held on April 20th at 7 pm in front of the Montenegrin President's building, announced the organizers and called "all the free citizens to say together that there is a lot of corruption and autocracy, and that we are those who fight and work for this country. "

Last weekend, the organizers of the civic movement ODUPRISE visited 11 Montenegrin cities where, in direct talks with citizens, they negotiated necessary steps and activities that would lead to change, as they say, the overt system. They emphasize that in the coming period they will organize meetings with citizens and in other municipalities, "because the state is all its citizens."
"We must not allow this power, which came from the street and has been held for three decades by human soul trading, to keep our destiny in their hands and our money in their pockets. This power has grown up with organized crime, that it has become unclear whether regime governs criminals or criminals govern this regime," said the organizing committee of protest ODUPRISE.
"Do not accept the silence of paying for their children and friends while systemic destruction of health, education, economics, and the environment lasts. We do not want to persecute journalists who write about it, teachers, doctors, students, workers, clerks, and retirees who are fighting against it.
Do not be silent observers of robbery and corruption, injustice and terror. We are on the Street - that's the only institution they did not manage to capture - for a society of equal opportunities for all, like the ones in Europe," said ODUPRISE.
"WE ARE EUROPE, we are together on 9 May, on her holiday. The ODUPRISE Movement already announced and is preparing a gathering on the occasion of Europe Day, from which it shares nothing but DPS and its satellites," said the organizational committee.
"WE ARE THE STATE, we are together on May 21st, on Independence Day. Montenegro belongs to all its citizens, and they will never allow such power to run for three months, let alone three decades," concludes the announcement of the next civic gatherings under the word ODUPRISE.
18 Apr 2019, 02:39 AM

16 April 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović received the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Suma Chakrabarti, who is visiting Montenegro on the eve of the annual meeting of the EBRD, which will be held in Sarajevo next month.

The President of Montenegro expressed satisfaction with the long-standing successful cooperation with this financial institution, as well as with the EBRD's decision to hold an annual forum in Sarajevo, thus sending a clear message of its dedication to the Western Balkans. The quality of EBRD and Montenegro's cooperation best attests to the number of funds approved and to the impressive number of projects implemented in Montenegro.

Thanks to this cooperation Montenegro, said Đukanović, achieved good economic results, primarily in the field of infrastructure, energy and the development of small and medium business.

Đukanović pointed to the priorities of state policy, the goals of economic development and the continuation of integration processes to achieve the European quality of life of citizens and fully belonging to the European system of values. In talks with the first man of the EBRD, he stressed the importance of preserving the vision of united Europe and the EU enlargement as the only reliable stability guarantor in the Western Balkans, overcoming the decades-long lag, but also the competitiveness of Europe on the global scene.

"The Balkans have long lived beyond the European system of values. If we want the stability of the region and the achievement of European quality of life, Europe and Euro-Atlantic integration are the only way forward, "said Đukanović.

In addition to full commitment and accountability to the obligations of the European Agenda of the countries of the region, on the one hand, President Đukanović also pointed to the importance of concrete EU support.

"Support is necessary and significant for both Montenegro and the whole region, primarily in the fields of infrastructure, energy and information technology. In that sense, the EBRD is a very important partner in the whole region," Đukanović said adding that the upcoming leaders meeting in Sarajevo will be an excellent opportunity to exchange views on the future of the Western Balkans

EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti highly appreciates the cooperation of this institution with Montenegro, pointing out that Montenegro although a small country is at the top of the list of investments per capita in the Bank.

"I admire what you have done as a leader in Montenegro and the region - you are in NATO, in negotiations with the EU you are far ahead of others and it is very important for us to be seen as a partner supporting the process of integration and regional cooperation," said EBRD president. He expressed the expectation that cooperation with Montenegro will be strengthened in the future period and indicated the possibility of cooperation in the field of energy, above all renewable sources, infrastructure, Montenegro's accessibility, tourism and the strengthening of the private sector.

"Through the financing of the Competitiveness Council Secretariat, the Bank is also working to improve the business environment in Montenegro," added Chakrabarti.

The interlocutors agreed that the further dynamism of structural reforms and administration reform is of particular importance for the further development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life. Finally, EBRD President thanked President Đukanović for accepting the invitation to attend a meeting in Sarajevo.

18 Apr 2019, 02:33 AM

17 April 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković met with the ambassadors of the EU member states in Brussels, within the continuation of the dialogue on the process of Montenegro's accession to the European Union, its results and challenges as well as European perspective. 

The Prime Minister informed the ambassadors about political and economic developments in Montenegro, pointing out that Montenegro sees no alternative to its future in the Euro-Atlantic and European space. 

"As a country in transition, we are aware of our weaknesses, challenges, but we do not hide them, we do not yield to them and we strongly use the experience, support and consultations of our partners. We are a candidate country that does not want membership in the EU until we are fully prepared for it. We do not want to be a new problem in the EU, but a quality, we do not want to jeopardize the value of the EU, but to contribute to it," Prime Minister Duško Marković said at the meeting. 

Informing the ambassadors about the Government's successful economic policy, the Prime Minister said that the deficit has been halved and that there is no fear for the sustainability Montenegrin public finances, noting that Montenegro recorded very high economic growth rates - 4.7% in 2017 and 4.9% in 2018. In this regard, the Prime Minister said, growth was recorded in all sectors - tourism, energy, agriculture, industry, trade.

Montenegro at European Union Ambassadors Meeting in Brussels1

PM Marković pointed out that Montenegro is successfully fighting organized crime, stressing that in the past year the State carried out decisive actions to break up the strongest criminal organizations. 

"It is evident that organized crime loses the battle with the State. Institutions are getting stronger and more efficient. This fight in the country we are building cannot and will not be equal," the Prime Minister told the highest diplomatic representatives of the EU member states in Brussels. 

Prime Minister Marković highlighted the EU's investment in the region of the Western Balkans, which in the past ten years amounted to more than EUR eight billion, and the trade in the recent years amounted almost EUR 50 billion, with a growing trend in favour of the region. "The citizens of the region should know and be aware of the EU's direct participation in the development of our region," Prime Minister Duško Marković said. 

The ambassadors emphasised that the region of the Western Balkans has a European perspective and emphasised the fact that Montenegro is undoubtedly the leader of the integration process. In terms of European integration of Montenegro, they praised the fact that Montenegro has fully harmonized its foreign and security policy with the common European Union policy.

Montenegro's attitude towards other countries in the region and country's policy of good neighbourly relations and dialogue are highlighted as a positive example, with the assessment that Montenegro represents a stabilising factor in the Western Balkans. 

Furthermore, the meeting discussed the political situation in our region. PM Marković took the opportunity to reiterate Montenegro's full support to the historic agreement of North Macedonia and Greece. 

Chief Negotiator with the European Union Aleksandar Drljević also attended the meeting, organised by Romania which is currently holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 

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