Protest Will Last Until We See Dictator's Back, New Gathering on Europe Day

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Protest Will Last Until We See Dictator's Back, New Gathering on Europe Day Ninth protest ODUPRISE Held on Saturday in Podgorica, Photo:

April 21, 2019 - Several thousand people gathered in front of the Montenegrin Assembly for the 9th protest organized by the ODUPRISE movement.

Nikola Grdinić, one of the organizers, said the protest would not stop until "we see the dictator's back."
The actor Slaviša Grubiša, also one of the organizers, "broadcast” a TV journal, as he claims it should be on public service.
"Minister of Interior Affairs Mevludin Nuhodzic has been sorry for the incident in which his son was involved and resigned. The RTCG suspended the sports journalist Nebojsa Šofranac for inappropriate statements on social networks," the news from the Grubiša’a journal was announced.
According to Džemal Perovic, the main culprit for the unfortunate situation in Montenegro is Milo Djukanovic who is shameless to live in a land where theft, thanks to him, has become a regular thing.
"Djukanovic survives thanks to division and fear. As he spread hate, we spread fraternity and love. He has done everything to deprive us of dignity and put us in the perspective of losers. Of our aspirations for a free state, Djukanovic has made a private estate. I have three sons living on three continents. We want a perspective for our youth here. In our homes, there is a fear of annihilation. It is a shame that we are afraid of electricity bills. Fear of poverty is worse than anything else, "Perovic said.
Vladan Šćepanović addressed the citizens as well, presenting himself as opposition and revolutionist, stating that it was everyone who crossed the border that the cowards did not pass.
Speech by Šćepanović caused high emotions among the assembled, and more people were crying.
"I turn to the young people we see in a growing number. Do not even think that everything started with you; never forget all the demonstrations behind us. These gray heads and the frowns of your fathers and older brothers are the same those brave warriors who have been clashing with system and have been fighting for 30 years. Never forget the protests of the Liberals, the SNP, the DF and the Workers' Party or the mothers’ protests. But, you have the history on your side. Do not miss your chance, "said Šćepanović.
Šćepanović also addressed Duško Knežević.
"Mr. Knezevic, do not complain with this people but put the cards on the table. Those cards are proofs. Do not tell us about your endangered security, because here there are people with endangered existence who pay Djukanovic every day for electricity, who pay the most expensive fuel. Do not tell us that you have always been with the people. You have never been with the people; you are the face of those we are fighting. The people’s court is waiting for you and all of them,” said Šćepanović.
"Everyone who tells you about the healthy wing of the DPS sold it, whoever tells you that he is not interested in politics at this moment- he is among those sold to this system. There is no healthy wing of DPS, "Šćepanović said.
He also addressed the Montenegrin police.
"I will never forget you when you hit my father and my brothers. I will never forget and forgive. “said Šćepanovic. 
Citizens have visited the public media service building, and, as they announced, they put the focus on one of the most vicious links in this system, "which for 30 years has been polluting and shrinking to our public ever since their war-haunt ventures. RTCG is a party media that had ignored its citizens for more than a month, even when thousands were gathered in front of their building. For the Shameful Service, the statements of corrupt officials were more important than the votes of their citizens who financed it” - they said from the organization movement.
Journalist Duško Vuković commented on the statement of the current RTCG director, Božidar Šundić, who in an interview on the citizens' request for his resignation and the RTCG Council, stated that citizens have the right to protest but that he and the management on whose head are working for the state. Vukovic referred to his 40-year long career as a journalist and the fact that such statements did not fall into the minds of media managers either in a single-party system.
"I can not believe he did not read the law defining the position of a national broadcaster. It does not state in this law that management of this public service is in the service of the state, but rather in the service of the citizen. What is the state to which he is serving? By the Constitution, Montenegro is a Republic of state organization, a civil state, a state of social justice. Sadly, Montenegro is not such a state today. We have to fight for it. When said the state, Šundić was thinking of party institutions that simulate democracy in this country. The first obligation of journalism is the truth. Journalism should be loyal to the one it addresses. Is journalism RTCG loyal to the citizens? Does journalism open up a space for dialogue that will make good decisions for all of us? "Vukovic asked. "We have allied with the future; they are in alliance with the past. Pride wins, we stand up, "concluded Vukovic.
Last week, instead of the protest in Podgorica, representatives of the movement organized a tour of Montenegrin towns in the north and the coast to meet and talk to citizens who are not able to attend protests in the capital.
"The caravan has shown that the number of dissatisfied citizens is much higher than the one who travels every Saturday with Podgorica and that we are a vast majority in our country. Let's stick to the terror of the corrupt thief minority that has devastated our society - they said from the ODUPRISE movement.
Due to the upcoming holidays, the organizers announced that there will be no protest on the next weekend and that the protest campaign will resume on 9 May, when the rally will mark the Day of Europe. The Organizing Committee had earlier announced a protest gathering on 21 May, Independence Day of Montenegro. 
Before the end of the last night gathering, organizers of the protest urged citizens to support mothers with three and more children, who will protest Monday, 22 April.

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