ODUPRISE Protest on Saturday, Gatherings Also Planned for 9 May and 21 May

By , 18 Apr 2019, 10:08 AM Politics
ODUPRISE Protest on Saturday, Gatherings Also Planned for 9 May and 21 May Ninth ODUPRISE Scheduled for Saturday, 20 April, Copyright: www.oduprise.me

April 18, 2019 - The Ninth ODUPRISE protest will be held on April 20th at 7 pm in front of the Montenegrin President's building, announced the organizers and called "all the free citizens to say together that there is a lot of corruption and autocracy, and that we are those who fight and work for this country. "

Last weekend, the organizers of the civic movement ODUPRISE visited 11 Montenegrin cities where, in direct talks with citizens, they negotiated necessary steps and activities that would lead to change, as they say, the overt system. They emphasize that in the coming period they will organize meetings with citizens and in other municipalities, "because the state is all its citizens."
"We must not allow this power, which came from the street and has been held for three decades by human soul trading, to keep our destiny in their hands and our money in their pockets. This power has grown up with organized crime, that it has become unclear whether regime governs criminals or criminals govern this regime," said the organizing committee of protest ODUPRISE.
"Do not accept the silence of paying for their children and friends while systemic destruction of health, education, economics, and the environment lasts. We do not want to persecute journalists who write about it, teachers, doctors, students, workers, clerks, and retirees who are fighting against it.
Do not be silent observers of robbery and corruption, injustice and terror. We are on the Street - that's the only institution they did not manage to capture - for a society of equal opportunities for all, like the ones in Europe," said ODUPRISE.
"WE ARE EUROPE, we are together on 9 May, on her holiday. The ODUPRISE Movement already announced and is preparing a gathering on the occasion of Europe Day, from which it shares nothing but DPS and its satellites," said the organizational committee.
"WE ARE THE STATE, we are together on May 21st, on Independence Day. Montenegro belongs to all its citizens, and they will never allow such power to run for three months, let alone three decades," concludes the announcement of the next civic gatherings under the word ODUPRISE.

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