#ODUPRISE Caravan Visited 11 Montenegrin Towns Last Weekend

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#ODUPRISE Caravan Visited 11 Montenegrin Towns Last Weekend #ODUPRISE caravan visited 11 Montenegrin towns during the weekend

April 15, 2019 - The Organizing Committee of the Civic Movement #ODUPRISE last weekend organized a tour of 11 Montenegrin cities to spread the idea of the movement in direct conversation with citizens and mobilize them to join the movement in designing and conducting actions aimed at overthrowing Milo Djukanovic's regime.

The caravan visited Kolasin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, Pljevlja, Žabljak, and Savnik on Saturday and Sunday and organised gatherings in the cities of Budva, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Kotor, and Cetinje.


Representatives of the Citizens' Movement started the caravan in northern Montenegro by visiting Kolasin, where they talked about the future actions with gathered citizens in the city square. 
Representatives of this movement announced more frequent actions in Montenegrin cities.
"We are continuing the path we have set for the liberation of this country and the regime's fall and the construction of a better future for all of us. The Odupri Se organization will continue to act more and more because we want constant pressure on the authorities and institutions that do not do their job. We will bring them to the point of having to turn against those who hold the shackles in their hands or will resign," said Nikola Grdinić of the organizational board of the #ODUPRISE movement.
Oduprise KolasinOdupri Se, Kolasin

#ODUPRISE Mojkovac

oduprise mojkovacOdupri Se, Mojkovac


#ODUPRISE Bijelo Polje

Speaking on behalf of young people, a student of the Faculty of Political Science Amar Sadikovic said that no country acts against itself as Montenegro, which "does what it does best."
"This power is even taking electricity of the citizens for Dukanovic's family. It is our country. They steal and take our steam. The electricity bill has two items that are in contradiction to the Constitution, law and international law. They only serve Blažo and Milo Djukanovic," Sadikovic said.
Branka Mrdak said she had watched various troubles, opportunities, and troubles, but wants to talk about what is currently happening to educators.
"We are not giving education to our children, and our institutions have lost their primary educational impact since this is peer violence, so we do not deal with it," Mrdak said.
oduprise bijelo poljeOdupri Se, Bijelo Polje

#ODUPRISE Pljevlja

"Citizens have finally woke up, like the youth of Montenegro, so that this evil will finally end, because we are a state, and we are young people ready to fight for freedom, justice, and truth," said Milovan Markovic from Podgorica, one of the organizers of the caravan at a protest at Pljevlja.
Luka Jovanovic said the Montenegrin youth does not agree with bending the spine in front of fraudsters, villains, and thieves.
"Love of Montenegro is measured with the will and the strength to rid this corrupt companion," Jankovic said.
Mirsad Kurgaš called on citizens to actively engage in designing requests and actions to root the changes in the system.
oduprise pljevljaOdupri Se, Pljevlja


"We came to meet and to jointly make new actions in every form against this plague that has been eating us for years," said Nikola Grdinić, a member of the organizing team of "Odupri Se  97,000" at the gathering in Zabljak.
Dragan Sošić said the goal was to link, exchange views and agree on future actions.
"First of all, I congratulate you on the defense of the lake. We, free Montenegrin citizens, defend every square of this country from the criminals who have been usurping for 30 years so that we can do it only together, regardless of party affiliation," Sošić said.
A citizen activist from Žabljak, Aleksandar Dragićević thanked the representatives of the organizers that came to Žabljak.
"From the beginning, I have been with the movement "Odupri Se" as someone who supports all possible civil issues when it comes to anything, especially about overthrowing this malevolent government," Dragićević said.
oduprise zabljakOdupri Se, Žabljak


oduprise savnikOdupri Se, Šavnik



The Sunday Caravan Movement started from Podgorica, and the first station in the southern region was Budva.
oduprise budvaOdupri Se, Budva


Mirsad Kurgaš of the Organizational Committee of the Movement said that citizens would quickly go "without those who brought us into this black, destroying the state and industry, factories and hotels."
"The only thing left by this company is our nature- our sea, the rivers, the lakes, the forests, but they are on the path to destroy it. The only way we can prevent them is to take them from power and send them to a deserved place - in Spuž," said Kurgaš. He called on citizens of Tivat to join them, not to look just behind the windows "because it is not just our struggle but the struggle of all of us."
On behalf of his family, whose 11 members attended the gathering, the Organizations of the National Liberation Army fighters Tivat and Matica Boke, the meeting was welcomed by Mato Brguljan.
"My satisfaction is that here are my sons and their children, from the youngest one who has one year to me who is 71 years old. It is just the beginning, And this is the only way to overcome this power," Brguljan said.
oduprise tivatOdupri Se, Tivat


The Sunday protest gathering in Kotor followed the local protest against the SDP initiative for dismissing Mayor Vladimir Jokić.
pduprise kotorOdupri Se, Kotor

#ODUPRISE Herceg Novi

"Herceg Novi is one of the few free towns in Montenegro, so we came here to take part of that positive energy and share it with everyone in Montenegro," said the "Odupri Se - 97,000" movement organized on the main city square.
Members of the Organizing Committee of Civil Protests, Nikola Grdinić, Dragan Sošić, Mirsad Kurgaš, Vladan Šćepanović and Danijela Đurović (SNP) from Herceg Novi spoke.
According to the organizer's words, a civil protest could soon be reported by the traffic blockade, the blockade of the instructors and the system.
It was stated that from the lousy privatization of Herceg Novi there are many, the Igalo Institute should now be defended.
oduprise herceg noviOdupri Se, Herceg Novi


 The weekend caravan ended its journey around Montenegro by organizing the meeting in Cetinje.
oduprise cetinjeOdupri Se, Cetinje

#ODUPRISE representatives today in the meeting with opposition parties

A new session of representatives of the parliamentary opposition and the civic movement "Odupri Se" will be held in Niksic at 15.00 today.
The host of the meeting will be the Social Democratic Party, the party said.

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