ODUPRISE Movement On Trial Against Its Activist

By , 05 Jun 2019, 11:55 AM Politics
ODUPRISE Movement On Trial Against Its Activist ODUPRISE Movement, Copyright: www.oduprise.me
June 5, 2019 - On the occasion of the trial of one of the initiators of the civic movement ODUPRISE, the signatory of the Agreement on the Future, Demir Hodzic, scheduled for today at 3.20 pm at the Podgorica Offense Court, the organizing committee of the movement addressed the Montenegrin public.
"The Podgorica Security Center finds Demir violating the Law on Public Order and Peace, Article 7, which states that a person may be punished if they "publicly offend others or acts drunk." However, it is well known that there is footage of the incident where it is seen that the Prosecution's Podgorica Security Center is complete nonsense," says the ODUPRISE civil movement.
"Later, it turned out that the Security Service Representative Slavko Popovic violated the law because he did not show official legitimacy to citizens when they asked him what he was obliged to do. Citizens, including Demir, asked him only because they noticed that he was following them, and then he heard their names said to someone over the phone. However, after the incident, the police did not listen to Popovic, but let him go unchecked."
Movement members will be in front of the Misdemeanor Court at 15h. "We want to support not only Demir but also the judiciary to make an independent and just decision in this case. We call on the court to demonstrate that an autonomous system of institutions should function in a free society. We do not allow the system to unjustly condemn civil activists and punish the struggle for freedom while exchanging envelopes that I buy regimes buying the electoral will of citizens and remain unpunished. As for the drastic behavior, we recommend that the Podgorica Security Center review the statements of the Special State Prosecutor for which they held the performance on the day before the Prosecutor's Office building so that they will address that address."
"Against the members of the Movement" Overcome - 97,000 "has so far filed over 30 misdemeanor applications. Against Migo Stijepovic and the top of the DPS is none," emphasized the ODUPRISE movement.

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