Protest ODUPRISE Continues: Citizens Are Prosecutor and Judge

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Protest ODUPRISE Continues: Citizens Are Prosecutor and Judge Tenth protest ODUPRISE: Luko Kaznic, a doll representing the Supreme State Prosecutor, Milivoje Katnic, Photo by Savo Prelević, Vijesti

May 8, 2019 - At the tenth civil protest ODUPRISE, the organizers condemned Luko Kaznic (Onion Punishment), with a doll representing the state's special prosecutor, Milivoje Katnic, for life-long ban from public life, and burned it in front of the building of the Presidency. Organizers joined a large number of free citizens to "sow together the seeds of freedom, and once again said that there is a lot of injustice and that continuous resistance is a prerequisite for common sense!".

One of the organizers of the protest, Nikola Grdinić, said that the protests were a struggle for every man in Montenegro, saying that state institutions were captured. "Justice has been captured by one man who holds the entire system of government. He supported the coup in Venezuela, and a process is being conducted here which is an insult to the minds of all citizens of Montenegro, "Grdinić said and urged everyone in the judiciary to "care about careers and profession."
"Instead of celebrating 9 May, they disguised the Day of Victory over Fascism. It is not a state that takes care of all citizens," Grdinić said.
"Milo supported the coup yesterday in Venezuela, and a state coup is being held here, which is an insult to the minds of every citizen of Montenegro. We will send a message to everyone in the judiciary to take care of their careers. Do not be silent on 9 May. Those who hold power in Montenegro have disguised the Day of Victory. There is no surrender," Grdinić concluded.
Nikola Rakovic, a former KAP employee, said that it was clear that, for 30 years, the corrupted system was plundering and destroying workers and the Montenegrin economy, adding:
"The rest is our salaries, contributions. That's how 400 pensioners finished on the Street. We are left with both the state and the work unions. Djukanovic and Markovic should resign. The government did not meet the demands of the KAP workers, although they were obliged by law to do so. But they use the law when and how it responds to their interest."
Momo Joksimovic, a representative of pensioners, pointed out that they are those who built this country, but today they barely survive. He added that the unification of the opposition was the mainstay of these protests, and concluded:
"Pensioners with empty pockets and empty refrigerators are humiliated, sad and unhappy - they die at rates. We are seeking free medicine for pensioners, increasing the lowest pensions, free transportation and other benefits that belong to us."
"The opposition has united, so the success of this movement is guaranteed. The only solution is the Street," said Joksimovic.
After addressing Joksimovic, an indictment against Luka Kaznic, a symbol of crushing Montenegrin justice was read before a citizens' court.
 Kaznic is charged because war criminals are staging Montenegro, not being prosecuted even those responsible for deportations of Bosnian refugees in the latest civil war. "He is charged for the "stroke" on the leaders of the Democratic Front and all citizens of Montenegro who were prevented to vote on 16 October 2016. He is also charged because he has not even distant suspicion about the involvement of a high representative's sister in corruption in the Telekom affair, even though this corruption is seen even from America," the indictment alleges.
Demonstrators hoisted papers stating "guilty" and charged Kaznic because of dozens of indictments for murder in the clearing of criminal clans whose victims and casual passers-by were not raised. They said that Kaznic was charged with overcrowding cases of high corruption and money laundering "especially in the case of Piraeus Bank and the first million of Milo Djukanovic."
"He is also charged with political corruption marked in an envelope handed to the mayor of Podgorica, Slavoljub Stijepovic, seen by all citizens, except the prosecutor," the indictment alleges.
The inexorable court of the people proclaimed Luka Kaznic guilty on all counts of the indictment and sentenced him to life-long removal from public life. After the judgment, the assemblies went towards the building of the president. One of the organizers of the protest announced that the president of Montenegro would be pronounced a verdict identical to Kaznic's.
protest savo prelevic kaznic
The protesters walked by the building of the Presidency, the Government and the Parliament last night. In front of the Prosecutor's Office, they threw papers stating "Guilty" while transferring Kaznic's doll over a fence out of the Montenegrin President's building and then set on fire. Participants scandalized "Milo Thief," "We are the State" and "Everyone on the streets," and during the protest walk there were no incidents.
As before, police forces were deployed in front of government buildings. At the tenth protest meeting, the leaders of the majority of opposition parties were also present. The next protest ODUPRISE was scheduled for 21 May.

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