ODUPRISE and DF Giving Chance to SDP and Opposition Unity?

By , 27 Apr 2019, 17:52 PM Politics
ODUPRISE and DF Giving Chance to SDP and Opposition Unity? ODUPRISE Meeting with Opposition Leaders, Copyright: Vijesti/ Boris Pejović

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April 27, 2019 - The new civic protest in the organization of the ODUPRISE movement is most likely to be held on Tuesday, May 7, after which a meeting of opposition leaders will take place. For now, it is uncertain whether the meeting will be held without representatives of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), whose delegates participated in the replacement of Kotor's mayor Vladimir Jokic.

The opposition condemned the dismissal of Jokić and its officials no longer see SDP as an opposition party. From the ODUPRISE movement, they announced that SDP had excluded itself from the Agreement on the Future.
Party leader Ranko Krivokapic has announced in the meantime that he will not run for next party congress in June and accept responsibility for Kotor, but SDP remains attached to the Agreement on the Future signed by the opposition delegates and representatives of the ODUPRISE Movement. Democratic leader Aleksa Bečić has decisively announced that he will no longer be at the same table with Krivokapic. The party's central committee had earlier informed its activists and officials that in the event of SDP's participation in the Jokić shift, they no longer had any party-party cooperation.
Head of the Movement ODUPRISE Džemal Perovic could not determine whether Krivokapic would be invited to the next meeting, but stresses that "everything should be done to live the Agreement on Future and that his goal is to shift power and to form a technical government."
"We are not the owners of the Agreement, but its guards. After all, efforts to reach the unity of the opposition and after this document has been signed, there is no way to exclude a person from it. And we cannot," Perovic told News. Perovic urged everyone to consider each of their decisions seriously. "Our ultimate goal is to shift power and to form a technical government," Perovic explained. He said the next meeting was planned after the protest.
The URA Civil Movement states that "who knows which time the SDP provided the arm of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS)." "Anyone who voted in 2016 for the change and formation of the so-called "opposition government" certainly did not want it to end in this way. It is simply the expectations of opposition voters in Kotor who have been betrayed, and the very act of voting with the DPS for the dismissal of Jokić has been irresponsible to thousands of people who protest and express their bickering against this regime. The SDP has deprived the Agreement on the Future by its action," Mileta Radovanic general secretary URA told "Vijesti."
He adds that SDP has created enormous distrust in all opposition parties. "The only good thing about the whole of this situation is that the crystalline is a reversal of the political scene. DPS partner, always a partner of DPS," Radovanic said.
The Democratic Front (DF) did not officially announce the events in Kotor and the message that the SDP is not part of the opposition. Only one of the members of the Presidency published their position on social networks. After dismissing Jokić from Facebook, Nebojsa Medojevic (DF) wrote that enormous damage was caused to the hard-to-trust and unity of the opposition, but also to go further.
"The uniqueness of the opposition is above all. That was obvious to somebody," Medojević wrote. From that alliance, it was unofficially said that both SDP and Democrats are responsible for what happened in Kotor.
Vijesti's source from DF says that Krivokapić at earlier meetings of the opposition announced that SDP would not support Jokić and that some of Kotor's mayor's advisers had identified as controversial.
"The DF has announced from the beginning that it will support any agreement reached by the SDP and the Democrats and that at this moment both parties are responsible for the events in Kotor. The fact of filing a resignation Krivokapić has left room for the opposition to continue joint gatherings, but all political entities must be declared," he says.
The chairman of the Municipal Assembly of Kotor Dragica Perovic announced yesterday that the decision to dismiss Jokić is not and cannot be legal, although it has already produced "an anarchic state" and that it will be unlawful and quite certain to be annulled by the competent institutions. "So with certainty, I say, for me, and not just for me, President Jokić is still president of the Kotor Municipality. As long as the competent authority does not legally proceed this legal violence, I, as the President of the Municipal Assembly, to which citizens in the elections have given their trust, will remain where I am. I publicly point out that Mrs. Željko Aprcović and Ranko Krivokapić bear all responsibility for the blockade of the town of Kotor and the local administration," Perovic said.

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