Ambassador Kemp: UK Does Not Support Change of Power in Montenegro

By , 20 Apr 2019, 22:53 PM Politics
Ambassador Kemp: UK Does Not Support Change of Power in Montenegro Copyrights: Parliament of Montenegro

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20 April 2019 - The Government of the United Kingdom believes that there’s no need to change power in Montenegro, the UK Ambassador to Montenegro, Her Excellency Ms Alison Kemp, said in an interview with the CdM Portal. She emphasized that Montenegro is an ally, a partner and a friend of the United Kingdom. Ms Kemp declared that there are more British investors in Montenegro than it’s generally thought and that the British businesspeople always say that Montenegro is a great country in terms of investment. The Ambassador continuously encourages British tourists to come and visit Montenegro and get acquainted with the country’s beautiful land.

During the interview, Ambassador Kemp highlighted that as long as the UK is a member of the EU, it will constructively and actively assist Montenegro in the process of reforms, adding that even after leaving the EU, United Kingdom will continue to support Montenegro’s prosperity.

“Over the previous year, the United Kingdom invested over 1.4 million EUR in Montenegro by supporting a range of program activities. This year, we are increasing our investments besides the UK’s contribution to the European Union and the assistance programs that are being implemented in Montenegro, “said Her Excellency, ensuring that the United Kingdom will remain fully committed to improving the prosperity and security of the Western Balkans and Europe as well.

According to Ms Kemp’s words, the Government of the United Kingdom will remain committed to supporting Montenegro in implementing reforms to strengthen the rule of law, democracy and human rights.

Commenting on recent protests in Montenegro, the Ambassador emphasized that the United Kingdom supports the right to peaceful protests and that she supports the confirmation of such a statement by the Montenegrin Government, expressed during the in-country protests. “I do not think that the boycott of the parliament is the most effective way in which opposition parties can represent the interests of their voters. I consider it’s important that everyone advocating for better future and strengthening of democracy is committed to supporting meaningful reforms and strengthening independent institutions,” said Ms Kemp.

In terms of British investments in Montenegro, Her Excellency explained that the United Kingdom is fully aware of the potentials of Montenegro, which is why the UK export fund offers over 500 million EUR of export credit support to strengthen business relations between the United Kingdom and Montenegro. She also added that according to official data, over 130,000 Brits visited Montenegro last year and that she hopes that this season will be equally successful.

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