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November 18, 2020 - The world leader in geography, cartography, and research, "National Geographic Traveler", has ranked Montenegro as one of the world seven most attractive family holiday destinations in 2021.

National Geographic Traveler (UK) published the list "Best of the World 2021", revealing inspiring stories about 35 extraordinary places, and in the article "The best of the world: seven unforgettable family trips for 2021 and beyond", Montenegro, as the second on the list, side by side with world destinations such as Japan, USA, Canada, and Great Britain.

The list of "Best of the World 2021" consists of five categories - sustainability, nature and wilderness, adventure, culture and history, and family travel. Each of them is characterized by excellent destinations with a relevant story for the coming year. Profiling inspiring places, communities, and innovations, the list provides an optimistic number of places to escape from reality and what precautions should be taken due to the pandemic by those who want to travel around the world.

Montenegro on the National Geographic Traveler's Top Family Destinations List for 2021

Bikes, hikes, and zip-wire adventures

How does Montenegro fit so much in? This Adriatic escape is smaller than Northern Ireland, yet bursting with snow-capped mountains, jewel-box lakes, rushing rivers, charming towns, and gregarious locals. Cheaper and less visited than neighboring Croatia, yet for so long, its bridesmaid, 2021 looks like a breakthrough year.

Adventurous families will be in their element here. Five national parks protect over 60 peaks where hiking, biking, canyoning, and rafting are options. Tour operators like Responsible Travel, Families Worldwide, and UTracks have active itineraries, and a Tailor Made Rail trip added last year reminds us that you can also get there by train, including a stint on the stunning Belgrade-to-Bar route.

It's not all about adventure, of course. Montenegro's is a short but glittering coastline (avoid the crowds by visiting in shoulder season). A new hotel action includes an elegant Avanti in Buda and the One & Only Portonovi, set to open in spring at Boka Bay, close to the terracotta-topped town of Kotor. Marriott plans to bring the Ritz-Carlton brand to Montenegro in 2023, too.

Original article by National Geographic Traveler

18 Nov 2020, 12:29 PM

November 18, 2020 - At the airports in Tivat and Podgorica, passenger numbers have decreased by 80.5 percent compared to last year. After Slovenia, this is the second-worst result for the air industry in the region.

Montenegro has the second-largest rate of air traffic decline from the countries of the region of the former Yugoslavia, the specialized web portal ExYu Aviation announced yesterday, referring to the data of the International Airport Council ACI (Airport Council International), writes Vijesti.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at the airports in Tivat and Podgorica passenger numbers decreased by 80.5 percent from January 1 to September 30. Only Slovenia has a slightly worse result in the former Yugoslavia region, where the drop in the number of passengers in air traffic for the first three quarters of this year was 81.5 percent. Croatia has seen a decline of 79.2 percent compared to the first nine months of last year, Bosnia and Herzegovina 78.3, while Serbia declined 68.7 percent compared to the end of the third quarter of 2019, a figure that is relatively close to the European average this year.

Airports in Europe had an average drop in traffic of 67 percent from January to the end of September this year, due to a pandemic. A decrease in the volume of air traffic of 68.5 percent compared to the end of the third quarter of last year was also recorded by Macedonia, while in Kosovo, it decreased by 60.6 percent.

The detrimental effect of coronavirus on tourism and the travel industry is best evidenced by data on the drop in traffic at airports in the former Yugoslavia, which are primarily focused on providing services to tourists coming to spend their summers on the Adriatic coast.

Original text 

Thus, in the first nine months of this year, among the ten busiest airports in the former state, the greatest reduction in traffic, a fall of 87.7 percent compared to the same period last year - was recorded by Dubrovnik Airport. Tivat Airport had a traffic drop of 86 percent and in nine months served only 172,493 passengers. The situation is similar in Split, which had 78.9 percent fewer passengers in the first nine months of this year compared to last year. A similar drop of 81.5 percent was recorded at the airport in Ljubljana, which was reflected in the fact that Slovenia recently lost its national airline. "Adria Airways," which performed most of the air traffic in Slovenia, went bankrupt.

According to ACI data, the airport in Podgorica served a total of 278,005 passengers in the first nine months of this year, 73 percent less than in the same period last year.

18 Nov 2020, 12:08 PM

November 18, 2020 - The Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Montenegro, HE Luka Zelioli, at the invitation of the President of the Municipality Zeljko Komnenovic, visited Tivat and talked with the new local government about strengthening bilateral cooperation.

"You are the first foreign Ambassador to visit Tivat since the change of government, and I thank you for that. I must note that Tivat and Boka's connection with Italy through history and tradition is more than evident. I hope to create stronger ties, which will result in concrete examples of international cooperation, especially in the field of culture." Tivat Mayor Zeljko Komnenovic pointed out the special importance of a larger presence of Italian investors "to strengthen our ties, especially in the sphere of tourism."

Ambassador Zelioli thanked the mayor for recalling Italy's particular connection with Boka, which has seen an increase in the number of Italian tourists visiting the area in recent years. He pointed out the intensive cooperation in the fields of culture between the Embassy and the Community of Italian Montenegro in the Bay of Kotor's towns. He expressed strong interest in intensifying cultural cooperation with the Municipality of Tivat, confirming the readiness of the first initiative. Zelioli highlighted the importance of the presence of small and medium-sized Italian companies in Tivat and suggested strengthening economic cooperation in spheres of common interest.

Bearing in mind that Italy will co-chair the 26th Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - COP 26 in the coming years, this country is paying special attention to environmental protection and economic sustainability activities. When it comes to Boka, their particular interest is in the sphere of public maritime transport.

The reception was also attended by the President of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat, Dr. Andrija Petković, who pointed out that the coastal part of Montenegro, especially Boka and the Italian coast, share a similar mentality. "We love Italian fashion, "Calcio," San Remo festival . Many Italians have significantly contributed to the work of the Boka Navy. The people of Tivat still remember the old Italian doctors who worked in our city," said Dr. Petkovic. He expressed his wish that the Italian Community in Montenegro improve cooperation with the Municipality of Tivat and organize cultural events in the city.

The Vice-President of the municipality, Goran Božović, recalled the two twinning projects that Tivat has with the Italian cities of Mola di Bari (from 1969) and San Giacomo Delle Schiavoni (from 2007), which should be revitalized. "I would also like to highlight the Tivat International Carnival cooperation with carnivals from the region of Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, and Lombardy. As Mediterranean countries, we share similar features of cultural heritage. Such collaboration brings people and countries closer; I am sure that there is a lot of room for concrete cooperation when it comes to international projects, "said Bozovic.

Ambassador Zelioli recalled the success of many EU-funded initiatives, citing the example of the Italy-Albania-Montenegro Interreg IPA cross-border program, which covers the two Italian regions of Pula and Molise. He pointed out the opportunities that such a program can provide to municipalities like Tivat, with active participation and project proposals. The Municipality of Tivat has successfully nominated projects in the past period within this program.

The President of the municipality, Zeljko Komnenovic, announced that Boka's towns and cities would act together in the future to increase the chances for better visibility of all activities, and thus increase the opportunities for the success of candidate projects.

17 Nov 2020, 20:40 PM

November 17, 2020 - UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to Montenegro Antonije Pusic, better known as Rambo Amadeus, reminds us that today in Montenegro, a real example of chivalry and heroism is wearing a mask and keeping a distance from others.

"Whenever we don't want to put on a mask and keep our distance from our interlocutor, we should remind ourselves of chivalry. The noblest trait of all, by which we protect others from ourselves, regardless of whether they are our friends, parents, brothers, relatives, or someone utterly unknown," explains Antonije Pusic.

He points out that the crisis with the coronavirus epidemic has been going on for too long. That is why we are all upset, on edge, and that our psyche is defending itself by not wanting to accept the factual situation. According to Pusic, the longer the epidemic lasts, the less we want to believe in the facts, suppress them, in the hope that the coronavirus and all the story around it will disappear overnight.

"I am also terribly bored with all this, but I am aware that I have to be civilized, if not for myself, then certainly for the dear people around me," says Pusic.

Suppose we feel completely healthy and have no symptoms. In that case, we are often not even aware of being infected. So wearing a mask and keeping our distance protects others from ourselves so that they do not become infected and suffer consequences that can be much more serious than for us," empasizes Antonije Pusic.

"So, when someone does not wear a mask and does not keep his distance, he does not behave heroically. He does not protect himself from others, but also his behavior can never be chivalrous because he does not protect others from himself," concludes Pusic.

According to the latest public opinion poll conducted by Ipsos in October, with UNICEF's support and the British Embassy in Podgorica, most citizens apply one of the #RazmakMaskaRuke measures, but not all three at the same time, as recommended, according to a UNICEF statement.

"The percentage of people who say they wear a mask rose from 25 percent in March to 81 percent in October, while the percentage of people who say they keep a distance of 1-3 meters during a conversation remained the same - 83 percent. However, people who say they apply all the three measures #DistanceMaskHands are still a minority - only 48 percent of people," the announcement states.

Public opinion polls on coronavirus and comparison of data over time are available on the UNICEF Montenegro website.

17 Nov 2020, 20:21 PM
November 17, 2020 - The Parliament of Montenegro, as the highest representative body, enables the active participation of citizens in the parliamentary life, an announcement submitted to the media reports.
Citizens can address the Parliament of Montenegro by submitting a submission by mail, to the address Bulevar Sv. Petra Cetinjskog no. 10, 81 000 Podgorica; by e-mail to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or directly in the Assembly, every working day from eight to 16 hours.
"The address should be precise and include all the information needed to be acted upon and to be able to prepare a response. Addresses must also be clearly related to the competencies of the Assembly. Otherwise, the Assembly Service will forward the application to the competent institution and inform the applicant about it," the announcement states.
The form for citizens to address the Parliament of Montenegro can be downloaded from the Parliament's website and is designed to facilitate the process of submitting petitions and more efficient handling by the competent services and working bodies of the Parliament.
"The Assembly Service will prepare and deliver a response to the applicant within 15 days. Depending on the actual competence regarding the topic, the Assembly Service will forward the application to the competent working body of the Assembly within five days for processing and providing answers and inform the applicant. When the submission is lacking in some way due to which it cannot be acted upon, or if the submission is incomplete or incomprehensible, the authorized official will, within three days of receiving the application, contact the applicant and instruct him to rectify the issue," the Parliament communication states.
Source: Parliament of Montenegro
16 Nov 2020, 21:49 PM
November 16, 2020 - The guards of Sinjajevina have been nobody's concern for a month now. The outgoing government is doing everything to exhaust them and shake them from defending the mountain, while the newly-elected are in no hurry to take power and thus save the lives of those who have been protesting at Margita in Sinjajevina since October 16. 
"Representatives of the new government visited us and supported us at the beginning of the protest, for which we are grateful. Still, citizens also expect more concrete steps from them, which is to take power, annul the military range decision in Sinjajevina and prove that they are dedicated representatives of the people," the protestors stated today.
The camp on Margita, set up on October 15, was not abandoned for a moment, even though the temperatures dropped below zero overnight.
"On the one hand, this shows our determination to save Sinjajevina from destruction with live ammunition, and on the other hand, the negligence of the outgoing government, which is in the technical mandate and the future, which delays the formation of the government, while citizens freeze defending the beauty and wealth of Montenegro. Someone in this country must finally understand that human lives are at stake above someone's desire to be a minister or to get themselves "the right spot".
Last week, from the People's Assembly held here in the montain, we invited the winning parties' leaders and the holders of the winning lists to come and be our guests only for 24 hours, but during the week, no leader came to visit us. We understand the obligations, but if they had come, maybe after sitting on a cold stone in Sinjajevina, they would have decided to urgently shake the government and save the lives of their citizens who have been protesting at an altitude of 1,700 meters for a month. It would prove that the citizens will no longer have to defend this country's potential with their bare lives, despite the changes decided on August 30 the results of which we are still waiting for.
In order to respect the National Coordination Body's new measures to suppress the spread of coronavirus, organizers decided to leave only four guards of Sinjajevina on Margita. Three of them - Vladeta Vlado Bojić, Radoš Rašo Vučinić, and Radoje Pujo Čobeljić, swore a month ago that if they should, they will give their lives for Sinjajevina.
In Camp II in Bunarine, there will also be a people's guard. The remainder will be in locations from which they can come to defend the mountain at short notice if the outgoing minister starts to implement his insanely destructive plan and take mortars to Sinjajevina.
"Even though we are left to ourselves, once again, we are sending a message from Sinjajevina that we will save it, even if we have to give our lives for it," reads the Civic initiative 'Let's save Sinjajevina' statement.
15 Nov 2020, 16:37 PM
November 15, 2020 - Tivat's citizens and guests' attention has been captured this weekend by Tivat painters, who were hired by a local tourist organization for an exciting job - to use the metal electricity power boxes on the seafront promenade as canvases and give them visual value. Six electricity boxes along the city promenade from the Pine waterfront to the port of Kalimanj are becoming home to the sea creatures, selected and painted by prominent local artists.
The project, conceived by the Tourist Organization is called "TransformaTivat" and is part of the cultural program of the November Days. Tivat's cultural institutions and organizations mostly canceled this year's plans in honor of the Municipality Day due to the city's epidemiological situation, and this exciting initiative is one of the few events that, considering that it is planned in the open, will still take place. Therefore, the play of colors performed by our city's academic artists, besides the aesthetic, also gained an emotional dimension, especially for the participants.
"Boxes are being painted by five Tivat artists, who have the task of recognizing the electricity cabinets as places in public space that invite artistic intervention, bringing beauty that everyone will enjoy." The Director of the Tivat Tourist Organization, Danica Banjević, is very thankful for the response of Vladimir Jovicevic, Tanja Nikolic, Jana Farkas, and Iva Gopcevic Celanovic and Zoran Kruta.
"The project is also related to our process of accessing the Green Destinations program, particularly the aspect of opening up culture and involving the local community in the design and shaping of the cultural environment. This time, it is our artists who will help us raise the awareness of the city that the contribution of each of us individually is significant, "said the Director of the Tivat Tourist Organization, Danica Banjevic. The plan of TO Tivat is to continue this project, among other things, by defining locations for murals.
According to Jana Farkaš, the painters discussed the motifs by which they would enrich the entrusted "painting canvases," looking for those who would be neutral concerning the environment, "not to steal Pine from the sea and ships."
"That's why we compromised on deep blue and the sea as a mass uniting the whole world and all the beings in it. The motifs are creatures from the sea to remind ourselves that we are not alone. It's all our planetary family. We who live by the sea are not claustrophobic, which is a great privilege. It was an honor to paint that privilege," says Jana Farkaš, who was delighted by invitation to participate in the project.
"Everyone stops, looks, asks, something nice is happening. First of all, Tivat has fantastic artists and should be engaged in designing and participating in this and similar projects. There are so many unprinted boards in the city where a serious and good composition can be made, "said Jana, whom we recently met in an exciting job of painting an 18-meter high sail.
Emphasizing that she was privileged and honored to be in the company of academic painters, Iva Gopčević-Čelanović said that she reluctantly accepted the invitation full of inspiration and desire to leave her mark in this project.
"It is essential that our fellow citizens react positively to what we are doing because it is a beautiful idea, and I believe that the guests of Tivat will recognize and enjoy it. We are already enjoying it. I appreciate that our fellow citizens recognize the value of the present moment. Everything that happens to us alienates us a lot. Hence, such actions enrich our established, everyday rituals, something beautiful and new happens and gives us the opportunity for quality interactions," said civic activist, painter, and art pedagogue, Iva Gopcevic-Celanovic.
Vladimir Jovićević is also very satisfied with his participation in the project, pointing out to Boka News:
"The common decision was for the motives to be "creatures from the sea, and so we have stayed with a coastal, Mediterranean theme. I hope that we will awaken street art which can be very interesting as in some big cities like Rome or Florence.
Such content is fascinating and attracts the attention of visitors; they make the city more attractive. Tivat has several mural painting sites. We will see how our fellow citizens and visitors accept this, and based on that, we can plan some other similar actions, "Jovicevic said.
15 Nov 2020, 15:50 PM
November 15, 2020 - The Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen has started cooperation with colleagues from Trebinje, who are in the final phase of registering the Orjen Nature Park. The director of the Agency, Milja Vitorović, says that the parks of the Dinarides have joined the regional protected area network project.
"The agreement with the Nature Park near Trebinje will be made official this month. We agreed on shared themes of biodiversity and cultural and historical heritage. Presentations and exhibitions will be held on these topics, respecting all the rules of protection against coronavirus." Vitorović explained that Republika Srpska's Government decided in September to register the Nature Park "Orjen" near Trebinje.
Vitorović said that they plan to deal with topics related to ecosystem services by the end of the year and that they are dedicated to projects to protect endangered species of biodiversity in Orjen.
-"It turned out that the health trail is suitable for further promotion and commercialization, which we will supplement by equipping the route with exercise equipment and eco playgrounds for children. The trail will be equipped with totems with necessary information about the biodiversity of the area, and the diversity of animal and plant species in a fairytale forest environment. It will be thematically marked in a circular shape, passing through the flat, more accessible parts of Orjen. There are fantastic lookouts with a sea view at two or three positions," said Vitorović and emphasized that in the region, the management and guests of hotels with five or more stars are showing increasing interest in the mountain. 
The interest of foreign tourists in Orjen at the tourism fairs where the Agency made presentations before the coronavirus pandemic, speaks of a significant chance for all-round tourist development of Herceg Novi, which has both sea and mountains.
"To promote healthy lifestyles, we have prepared material through the information-educational center with the message: Let's protect our nature and not leave waste," Vitorović appealed.
14 Nov 2020, 15:54 PM

November 14, 2020 - “The painting is created, not painted. All of my paintings have been created by the impression of the environment in which I live.” This is the view of Momcilo Macanovic, an academic painter who works and lives in Tivat. He is recognized as one of the most talented artists in Montenegro, as well as throughout the wider area.

This refined artist is well known for his astonishing paintings, which are easily recognizable due to their precise figuration and sculptural form.


His creative opus is characterised by hyperrealism, with a rich presence of the Mediterranean light.

The primary focus of Momcilo's art is on the figure, which is always static and frozen in time."The figure is in the center of the composition and dominates it, while the other objects and details simply have the role of filling the empty space. Everything is centred around the figure; for example like a mooring bollard behind which is painted a ship or an island,”  he said. "The environment is of essential importance for every painter out there. It greatly impacts their view of the surroundings and the way they convey it on canvas".

Momcilo views the world as a composition of light and shadow, which helped him to develop his unique painting style. The presence of shadow and light play on his canvas, followed by olive-gray tonality, sometimes with a certain dose of humour and satire.We can often spot peeled paint, corrosion and rust on his paintings, for which he is well known.

As for techniques, he prefers to work with oil, since it gives him broader possibilities, although he often uses aquarelle paint as well.

While talking with Momcilo, he added that the biggest influence on his creative work comes from Flemish paintings and Italian renaissance.


When asked how he chooses themes for his paintings, Momcilo replied, “Sometimes a random detail, light or a part of a facade catches my eye and I convey it on my canvas”. He is able to create a whole composition, often even a cycle of paintings, out of a single detail. Momcilo never repeats compositions and motives. He uses linear perspective, while his paintings are organized horizontally.

The artist himself concludes,“The process of painting is unpredictable, full of details, and radiates with imagination.” 

13 Nov 2020, 16:21 PM
November 13, 2020 - Mayor Komnenovic stated today that Tivat's epidemiological situation is getting worse, and officials from the National Coordination Body and the Ministry of Health are not responding to calls from the local government leaders or the local health center, which is facing a growing shortage of supplies needed to fight coronavirus.
The Mayor of Tivat, Zeljko Komnenovic, and the President of the local parliament, Andrija Petković, visited the Tivat Health Center today and talked to the Director of the medical institution, Dr. Jasminka Andjelić, doctors and other medical staff.
Due to the growing number of infections, resulting from the increase in coronavirus infection in Tivat over the last few days, the Health Center has introduced organizational changes in its Covid Ambulance's work. Now the entire ground floor of the building is intended for COVID patients. They have a separate entrance to the building for all other users of the Health Center's services, for which the first floor of the facility is reserved as of today.
"Unfortunately, we have an increasing number of infections, and the epidemiological situation in our city is becoming more and more complicated. On my behalf and behalf of the Municipality of Tivat, I must express great dissatisfaction with the work of state institutions and competent bodies, primarily the famous National Coordination Body and the Institute for Public Health, which practically left our city and its inhabitants to themselves. Although NKT has several million euros in its account, which have been paid by numerous donors in recent months, our Health Center has been left without the most vital medical supplies and disinfectants that it needs to function in these complicated conditions. Therefore, the local government acted, providing part of the money to purchase the most necessary materials. In cooperation with the Health Center's management, we have opened an urgent intervention account to collect money to procure the most necessary items - fast tests, so that our citizens do not have to go private laboratories, as well as protective equipment and disinfectants,"- said Mayor Komnenovic.
The account has been opened with the NLB bank, and the Health Center is in charge of monitoring the intended spending of money collected from institutions, donors, and citizens. In addition to the 10,000 euros that the Municipality immediately paid into that account, yesterday, the company Luštica Development also paid 12,000 euros, and the help of other donors was announced.
"The company" Mimoza Group ", which is building a new hotel  "Mimoza" in Tivat, will allocate 30,000 euros for the purchase of a new  emergency vehicle, also needed by our Health Center. I especially thank them and Lustica Development on behalf of our citizens," Komnenovic said, calling others to join the action of the Municipality and Health Center Tivat. "So that our citizens can have quick tests, and Tivat medics the needed protective equipment and disinfectants." 
Komnenovic said that the Municipality reactivated its call center. Volunteers will start working tomorrow, who will take basic groceries and other necessities to the elderly and fellow citizens in self-isolation.
"Although the local government does not have the health system's primary competence, it will certainly help protect its citizens. I must point out the revolt and disappointment with the way the famous NKT and the Ministry of Health are posing in this whole situation - instead of dealing with some political phrases in this time of interregnum between the outgoing and the new government, they should "start intervening" and not leave Montenegrin cities and their inhabitants to themselves. I tried unsuccessfully on several occasions to contact them. Now I have to publicly call on them to start doing their job, to start paying attention to the citizens and local governments in Montenegro and to do what they were founded for." Komnenovic emphasized that "it is quite sure that the new government will disband this NKT, but we as a state and system must function in the meantime in this crisis. "
"Not all local governments can, nor do they have the authority to do the work of the medical authorities. It is certain that there is money for such purposes in the country, because the Municipality of Tivat alone paid 20 thousand euros to the account of NKT a few months ago, and Luštica Development even contributed 500,000 euros. These are really big sums, and a part of it must be returned to Tivat's citizens for what those funds are intended for - exactly what we currently lack," said Komnenovic, adding that he will do everything with the management of the Health Center to ensure that our citizens are not waiting for our medical help on the streets and that they are not wasting time that is precious for their treatment."
The President of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat, Andrija Petković, called on the citizens of Tivat to be responsible and careful "if not towards themselves, then towards their loved ones who have a home." He pointed out that the entire sum of  10,000 euros, which the Municipality previously intended for the "November Days" event on November 21 - the Day of Liberation of Tivat, was transferred to the intervention account to support the Health Center.
"The invisible enemy we are dealing with now does not choose people by religion, nation, or gender. That enemy is the enemy of all of us, and that is why we all have to respond adequately. All measures taken by the Municipality of Tivat and the Tivat Health Center at this time are for the good of all of us. I ask citizens to take it seriously and to understand that this facility in front of us is now our most important institution, "- Petković pointed out, thanking the medics of the Tivat Health Center.
Petković and Komnenovic announced that the local government would find ways to reward Tivat medics in particular.
The Director of the Tivat Health Center, Dr. Jasminka Anđelić, thanked the staff of the medical institution, "which in these difficult circumstances, does everything for the benefit of our patients." At the moment, they do not have a drug deficit but have a problem with consumables, protective equipment, and disinfectants, as well as covid tests.
"So far, we have managed as we knew how, but now we need the help of the Municipality and other altruistic people and companies. We are trying to procure fast tests and make them free for our citizens, so they do not have to pay for them, as in some other public health institutions in Montenegro, "Andjelic pointed out.
13 Nov 2020, 15:39 PM
November 13, 2020 - New epidemiological measures will apply to the whole of Montenegro from this Sunday: these include a ban on leaving residential buildings from 9 pm to 5 am, shops and restaurants opening until 8 pm, a ban on intercity traffic on weekends, a maximum of four people together, and religious rites and gatherings without believers.
These measures, as the Minister of Health Kenan Hrapović stated, will be valid until December 1, with the possibility of extension in case of a problematic epidemiological situation.
Milutin Simović resigned as president of the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT), said Hrapović, who will replace Simović in that position. Hrapović pointed out that it is the last chance to forget all our differences and who is to blame for what.
"In parallel with the easing of restrictive measures, the opening of borders and the revival of the economy took place. It has become clear that such a restrictive closure, as was the case in almost all countries, is not sustainable in the long run, primarily due to the impact on the economy," Hrapovic said at a press conference.
According to the Minister, appeals did not yield results for a proportion of the public.
"In a situation of large-scale transmission, the "traffic light" system gave results, but not as expected," said Hrapović.
He pointed out that health workers are under tremendous pressure and are sacrificing a great deal.
"Each of us can help improve this situation. For those who are healthy, the rule is simple - distance, hands, mask. If you suspect that you are contagious - isolate yourself. Each one of us is part of the solution," added Hrapović.
"We ask all state bodies, especially the judiciary and the prosecutor's office, to implement measures as a top priority. We call on the leaders of political parties to show consistent respect for the rules by personal example," the minister added.
The Director of the IPH, Boban Mugoša, announced that, if these measures are respected, it will reduce the number of infections.
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