03 Jun 2018, 12:02 PM

June 2, 2018 - In the Draft of Spatial Planning of Special Purpose for the Coastal Zone of Montenegro, which is in public debate until June 4, there are no planned locations for the clubs that have been engaged in sailing training for decades. This is another aspect of the local tradition and culture of living, which is completely neglected in the approach to spatial planning, which defines the whole coastal zone primarily as a space for tourism development.

02 Jun 2018, 09:58 AM

After last year's fire in Herceg Novi and the surrounding area, which caused enormous damage to the Luštica peninsula, notably the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the Protection and Rescue Service and the residents of Luštica established the Voluntary Firefighter Squad in Luštica. On this occasion, the fundraising event will take place in Žanjice on June 7th.


02 Jun 2018, 09:18 AM

The true friend of Montenegrin kids, a poet, and TV journalist that taught us about all the "little big" heroes of Montenegro. In 2013, eleven years after his death, a street in Podgorica was named after him.

01 Jun 2018, 21:05 PM

Austro-Hungary was one of the largest and most influential empires in Europe, naturally as such their geopolitical reach was massive and it touched Southern-European countries as Montenegro. Also, Europe was very warlike and turbulent in the times of Austro-Hungary, and this is why many forts were built on the outer banks of the empire. This is a report that was made by Montenegrin user Jasko1111 on Reddit compiled of LiveJournal blogger photos by Aleksej Koimšidi. We must admit, most of these are pretty amazing.

01 Jun 2018, 20:57 PM

Famous con artist, a pen pal of Voltaire, Casanova, Catherine the Great, Frederick of Prussia, Rousseau... False Count of Montenegro and Albania that almost caused the war between Venice and the Netherlands.

01 Jun 2018, 13:27 PM

The big cruise ship "Marella Discovery 2" sailed to the Port of Kotor with 1,868 passengers and 743 crew members. 

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