Kotor on Cultural Routes Map of the World in Next Year?

By , 06 Jul 2018, 11:36 AM News
Kotor on Cultural Routes Map of the World in Next Year? Copyrights: pixabay.com

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July 06, 2018 - The Tourist Organization of Kotor attracts tourists from distant countries and welcomes them with unique music that speaks the universal, most intelligible language of the world.

“We are focused on providing as much information as possible to the guests that we managed to bring from as many different markets as possible, precisely from those in which we implied marketing, promotion, information, all during the preparation of the season," said Ana Nives Radović, Director of Tourist Organization of Kotor for the Skala Radio.

While the cooperation with the region is of great importance, the main focus of Kotor is also tourists coming from the Asian and American continents, as well as the guests all the way from Australia. Director of Tourist Organization of Kotor pointed out that cooperation with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia should be maintained so that tourists that come from all over the globe can come and meet the Balkans as a whole.

“Businesses that rely on tourism should provide as much content as possible since someone coming from Australia or China is not only going to visit Montenegro and Kotor but as much of Europe as they can. This is a chance to present them as much content as is available and possible because that is what they are after,” said Radović.

She also pointed out that the goal of the Tourist Organization of Kotor for the next year is that the city of Kotor, which is under the protection of UNESCO, be listed on the cultural routes map of the world.

This activity has already begun in cooperation with the institutions that communicate with the Council of Europe and who have the opportunity to push Kotor forward on the widely recognized routes, such as the map of Napoleon's routes or the Fortification routes.

As a novelty to this year’s season, so far everything is going according to the plan, the number of languages that are printed on maps of the city has increased, from 19 to 25, and there will be a need for an even larger number of these.

"The tourist organization in Kotor is promoting what is happening in the city in an interesting way for tourists, taking into account the language barriers. Music as a universal language and the fact that they are more instrumental and less vocal in it is, in fact, the best way to present what the city truly is. Nowadays, 3D tours of the cities are widely available over the internet, so tourists are seeking to actually feel the city, not just to see it, " concluded Radović.


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