05 Jun 2018, 09:46 AM

Dušan Vukotić was a Montenegrin cartoonist, author, and director of animated films. He is the best-known member of the Zagreb school of animated films.


05 Jun 2018, 00:16 AM

After 14 independent productions, the Tivat Culture Center also appears as a co-producer on the theater projects of significant artists, such as the "Jami distrikt" show, awarded with seven prizes at the most significant regional theatre competition - festival Sterijino pozorje finished two days ago in Novi Sad. As one of the most important regional theatre centers, Tivat can be proud that its Culture Center's productions and co-productions, although we are not talking about 'real theatre', played 83 times in Montenegro and abroad, which makes this small production center one of the most successful in the ex-Yu region. With its 19 awards so far, the Jami distrikt will be played twice within this year's edition of Purgatorije, launched with the title "Summer Center - Purgatorije 2018".

04 Jun 2018, 21:40 PM

The grand concert of the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra, under the conductor rod of maestro Grigory Krasko, will be held in Kotor on St. Tryphon's Day, Thursday, June 7th at 20.00 with the works of Bizet, Puccini, Rossini, Strauss, and others.


04 Jun 2018, 19:24 PM

The Uroš Tošković drawing exhibition will open in the "Marko K. Gregović" gallery in Petrovac, on Tuesday, June 5, 2018, at 20h. 

04 Jun 2018, 17:28 PM

The famous Skadar shrimp, from the Skadar Lake basin area, has been given a scientific name - Atyaephyra vladoi, said professor Vladimir Pešić from the University of Montenegro, after whom it was named.

04 Jun 2018, 17:26 PM

Employees in the Public Utility Inspectorate “Morsko Dobro” visit the sea area of all six coastal municipalities on a daily basis, recording any irregularities and then forwarding them to the Inspection Directorate.

03 Jun 2018, 13:19 PM

June 3, 2018 - The UNESCO Committee found that, in the Draft Conclusion for the Kotor area, which will be proposed for adoption at Bahrain, some moves have been made, but that HIA studies cannot compensate for bad plans, which remain in force. Kotor HIA and the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Structures do not provide clear and detailed guidance for resolving the problem, new actors will be introduced into the planning system, which, according to experts, suggests that unacceptable projects can still be legitimately put forward.

01 Jun 2018, 20:57 PM

Famous con artist, a pen pal of Voltaire, Casanova, Catherine the Great, Frederick of Prussia, Rousseau... False Count of Montenegro and Albania that almost caused the war between Venice and the Netherlands.

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