Residents of Bar Change Life of Huko Family

By , 31 Aug 2018, 16:11 PM Lifestyle
Residents of Bar Change Life of Huko Family Screenshot

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August 31, 2018 - The Huko family, Šejla (3), Adina (9), Halil (12) and their parents, Sanela and Adin, will soon get their new home thanks to the humanitarian action of the organization “Women from Bar with heart of gold”.

They lived as subtenants with Adin’s part-time work and they could barely make it. It was particularly difficult when they had to sell everything in order to travel to Germany for the treatment of their daughter Adina.
“I had enough for a ticket, and other expenses were covered by a man from Rožaje, living in Germany. He saved my daughter’s life. But when we came back, the troubles continued. I didn’t have enough money to pay the rent and I asked Zeno Muhović who lives in Dobra voda settlement to give us a barrack he used as a storage room. We had at least roof over our heads, but we had no electricity or running water. And then one day, a group of women from Bar visited us. I was happier than ever”, tells Adin.
These women engaged immediately and appealed for help. Ljiljana Vujović, the initiator of the action, says that ever since then, residents of Bar and elsewhere, keep calling, everybody wants to help and in one month the house is expected to be finished.
“The first time we visited this family, we couldn’t believe that a family in the 21st century doesn’t have basic living conditions. The additional motivation was the lot that Muhović gave us. We were only initiators but residents of Bar, numerous people from Montenegro and abroad generously gave their contribution and brought joy into the life of this family. By the time colder days arrive, the works will have been completed”, says Vujović with satisfaction.

Mr.Muhović has already given his part of his property to those who were homeless. He says that he has enough and that he should help others.

“Despite the conditions which they lived in, these children are excellent pupils. They are diligent people and they deserve this”, says Muhović.

Family Huko thanked everybody who took part in this action and helped them have their own home.

“I will be able to send my children to school now, to buy them what they need and I won’t have to worry about the rent. Thanks, everybody”, said the oldest Huko.

Text by Dnevne novine, read more at CDM

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