Buying Domestic Products is an Investment in the Future

By , 02 Sep 2018, 19:09 PM Lifestyle

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September 2, 2018 - The first effects of the "Goods from Montenegro" program are very encouraging. The survey showed that seventeen percent of consumers now show a more positive attitude towards domestic products than a year ago, while an additional 16 percent estimate that they will buy more products of domestic origin in the next 12 months, as reported from the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, that launched the "Goods from Montenegro" campaign.

"An intensive campaign with the media has been implemented, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of purchasing domestic products. Consumers have been referred to domestic products when shopping in retail chains for various types of labels. Thus, in just over a month, 70% of the Montenegrin public learned of the "Goods from Montenegro" campaign and almost 44% of them are aware, in partially or fully, about the specific content of this national project," they pointed out from the Chamber of Economy, stressing that it was not only general information on this national program that has reached a large number of customers and consumers, but a significant part of them has created a clear awareness of what the expected effects of its realization are.

"The choice of purchasing domestic products directly contributes to the growth of the domestic economy, the security of the existing and the creation of new jobs, which provides more money for wages, pensions, education, health, culture, sports and care of those who need it. The domestic products meet the needs of consumers who want products that are high-quality and health-safe, represent a blend of preserved nature and modern technologies, traditional and modern, products whose path from the field to the table is measured in minutes, not days, and which have more color, aroma and flavor that are related to our climate and family customs," the Chamber of Economy explained.

On the shelves of the six largest retail chains (Voli, HD Laković, Franca, Aroma, Idea and Megapromet) Montenegrin products are visibly marked and thus noticeable to consumers. In some facilities, promotion of domestic products was also organized.

"All these activities have resulted in a continuous increase in domestic product sales in most categories, both in comparison with the previous month and in comparison with the same period last year. The highest growth of turnover was recorded in the categories of milk and dairy products, eggs, meat and meat products, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Representatives of retail chains are sending a message to all domestic producers that they will continue to be very active in promoting domestic products and will additionally mark domestic products on the shelves of their markets. At the same time, it is up to the domestic producers to respond to the demands that the market seeks, adapt to the quantity of supply, quality standards, trends, technical solutions and aesthetic criteria. This is the only way to secure their position on the domestic market and open the prospect for other markets, "the Chamber representatives said.

As they added, the expected quality and promotion, in the conditions of modern business, are not even mentioned as specific criteria. "They are simply taken as default. And it is not only that criteria. A price policy that is acceptable to consumers, added values, long-lasting and painstaking work on reaching consumers' awareness, those are all criteria that have to be complied with nowadays. There is also a continuous study of consumer preferences, at least minimal innovation and the whole art of entry and survival in distribution channels," the Chamber emphasizes.

They highlight that today in our markets there are more than 3,000 products of Montenegrin origin and that number is constantly growing, both through the support of the enterprises offered by this program and through numerous other programs of incentives for the development of the business.

"Project partners are aware of the fact that consumer habits do not change easily. That is why, aside from our determination and perseverance when it comes to the realization of this project, it is absolutely necessary that consumers themselves have the readiness to change their habits. The first results tell us that we are on the right path. The purchase of domestic products is an investment in the future, as confirmed by the experience and practice of the most developed countries in the world, as well as our neighbors from the region. The program "Goods from Montenegro" is created in the spirit of the broader integration goals of our country. Although the Montenegrin dynamics of fulfilling the conditions for EU membership is very respectable, so far it has not been sufficiently indicated on the ability to create products and services that can be competitive and meet the standards of foreign markets. With respect for the free market and the principles of fair competition, with a lot of confidence in ourselves, in domestic values, we are working on this program to overcome the inherited habits of appreciating others’ more than our own," they underlined.


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