08 Feb 2019, 00:34 AM

08 February 2019 - The Municipality of Tivat received a donation worth 30.000,00 EUR from the company Qatari Diar Real Estate.

The Qatari Diar Real Estate Company was established in 2005 by the Qatar Investment Authority, the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar. The company is headquartered northeast of capital Doha on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. Qatari Diar has established itself as one of the world’s most trusted and respected real estate companies because of its commitment to quality, local community, partnership and sustainability. As of January 2018, Qatari Diar has a shared capital of US $8 billion, with 60 investment projects under development or held in 24 countries around the world, combining a value of over US$35 billion.

Qatari Diar has also launched a construction project in Montenegro - the company acquired the rights to the Blue Horizon hotel complex for €24 million, and it is in their plan to develop a five-star luxury hotel that will include sports resorts and villas. As stated by the representatives of the company, “the Plavi Horizonti Project, based upon the principles of an exclusive resort atmosphere, with reference to the natural setting of the Montenegrin landscape character, historic heritage and elements of an authentic Montenegrin village, is located ideally on the Luštica Peninsula, facing towards the magnificent Adriatic Sea. The mixed-use resort will include a 200-room world-class luxury resort hotel, a spa, a beach club, more than 140 residential villas, apartments and townhouses, and traditional village-style retail and recreation areas.”

This respected real estate company has decided to donate funds to support the development of Tivat Municipality. The donation will be directed towards the realisation of the second phase of asphalting the local road to Radovići Village on the peninsula Luštica. The segment of the road to Radovići that will be constructed is the road section Rogač-Radovići.

The Municipality of Tivat previously financed the reconstruction and asphalting of the section from the Đuraševići coast to the end of the Radovići Village, worth around 94.000,00 EUR.

On the Luštica peninsula, the construction of the second phase of the MR1 is underway, which will connect the local road to Radovići (from the natural reserve Tivatska solila) and the second phase of MR1. This road represents a direct traffic link to the development of tourism projects which are being built on the Luštica peninsula. The MR1 road will also greatly facilitate traffic in this part of the peninsula, which is of particular importance for the locals of the surrounding local communities.

08 Feb 2019, 00:09 AM

08 February 2019 - A great deal of business success comes down to its advertising, and while large companies spend millions on advertising and marketing, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to get a quality promotion. A recent example of free advertising of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro can be seen on a flyer by the Bank of America!  

Today, the luxury resort Sveti Stefan has received yet another confirmation of quality. The last in the series of Sveti Stefan’s promotions took place on the advertising flyer created for the Bank of America, one of the leading banking groups in the United States.

Sveti Stefan Promoted by the Bank of America 2

Namely, during its advertising campaign for the Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card, this bank used a photograph of the fairy-tale-like destination Sveti Stefan to attract the potential clients of the card. As mentioned on the flyer, a visit to luxury destinations is a reward for the right choices in life, and the one destination that has been highlighted is exactly the luxury resort in Montenegro. "Choose the rewards that are right for you", the Bank of America states on the flyer, while the picturesque Sveti Stefan glows to enchant all those who read the promotional material.

The jewel of the Budva Riviera - charming extraordinary island village Sveti Stefan is a picturesque fortification of 15th-century stone villas that overlook the most beautiful pink-sand beach and tempting turquoise waters. Located in the centre of Montenegro’s sun-drenched coastline, a short drive or sail from Budva or the Unesco-protected Bay of Kotor, the resort offers private access to Queen’s Beach, set in front of the Aman Spa and accessible via foot or boat transfer from the island.

According to News Agency Boka News, the presence of Sveti Stefan within the flyer was first noted by a citizen of Budva, Ljubo Filipović, who currently resides in the United States. He and his friends shared a photo of the flyer and expressed their enthusiasm that Montenegro had gained such a valuable promotion.

07 Feb 2019, 23:38 PM

07 February 2019 - At its latest session, the Government of Montenegro passed the Programme for Stimulating Water Supply Projects in 2019, which foresees the allocation of 970.000 EUR to finance water supply networks construction and another 80.000 EUR for financing other obligations and needs in the field of water management.

The programme includes the construction of 31 water supply networks in order to create better living and working conditions in the rural area, as well as further development of agriculture. Priority was given to rural water supply networks, which were financed in the previous period, as well as new requests for water supply, submitted by municipalities.

Prime Minister Marković pointed to the significant continuous multi-million dollar investment of the Government in the overall infrastructure in local governments - road, communal, social as well as numerous capital projects. He reiterated that the Law on Financing Local Self-Government further strengthened the possibilities of municipalities, especially less developed ones, given the fact that this law has provided about 13 million EUR for this purpose.

"This is the relation of our policy towards the citizens, this is the contribution of the Government to the development of our rural areas and we want to ensure that citizens live better and develop their potentials," said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Considering several items of the previous session regarding the Privatisation and Capital Projects Council on 1 February 2019, the Government passed the Decision on the Privatisation Plan for 2019 and adopted: the Report on the work of the Privatisation and Capital Projects Council for 2018 with the Report on the realisation of the privatisation plan for 2018, Report on realised investment and other activities under the Long-Term Lease and Construction Agreement referring to "Luštica Development" AD Tivat - Luštica Bay project for 2018, Report on realised investment and other activities under the Agreement on the Long-Term Lease of the Lastavica Island with Mamula fortress for 2018, Report on realised investments under the Decision on granting long-term lease of land on Luštica Peninsula - Herceg Novi for the period 16 December 2017 - 20 December 2018, Initiative of the Investor of the New Tobacco Combine AD Podgorica related to the resolution of the non-monetary role of the Government of Montenegro in AD "New Tobacco Combine - Podgorica" and Information on the fulfillment of the conditions for the return of the second bank guarantee to Turkey-based "Global Ports Holding" - buyer of shares of the company "Container terminal and General cargo "AD - Bar. Approval was given to the Decision of the Board of Directors on the selection of the model and initiation of the restructuring process No. 02-7220 / 5 adopted by the Board of Directors of HG "Budvanska rivijera AD - Budva" on 20 December 2018.

07 Feb 2019, 23:34 PM

07 February 2019 - The excellent results of the Government's economic policy and the implemented reforms provided a quality basis for further business development, job creation and improvement of the quality of life of citizens, the meeting of Prime Minister Duško Marković and the most successful Montenegrin business people assessed. 

Recalling the economic growth of 4.9 percent for the nine months of 2018, which is among the largest in Europe, and the results of fiscal consolidation, Prime Minister Marković told business people that this year he wants to continue with similar growth rates, strengthen the fight against the gray economy, change laws to strengthen competitiveness and eliminate business barriers and increase the efficiency of administration. 

The Prime Minister said that the consistent application of the law is important and that part of the challenges faced by business people stem from bad practice and inadequate application of the rules. 

Business people have said that the government has done a lot to improve the business environment, but that there are still specific challenges to be addressed. Prime Minister Marković and business people agreed that an intense fight against the gray economy is necessary for the areas of tourism, construction, trade and the labor market. Prime Minister Marković also talked with business people about the necessity of increasing salaries and improving the working conditions of private sector employees and how this can be achieved. 

The Prime Minister told business people that the state never paid more money for development and business, and reminded that the capital budget of EUR 320 million was the largest since the independence renewal. 

"There is money and opportunity for work. We have to organise ourselves to use them and turn them into a common good," Prime Minister Marković said. 

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simović, Finance Minister Darko Radunović, Economy Minister Dragica Sekulić, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Investment Development Fund Zoran Vukčević.

07 Feb 2019, 23:15 PM

06 February 2019 - Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović participated in the ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition to defeat ISIS in Washington. The meeting, hosted by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, focused on a review of the Coalition's further activities to stabilise the situation in Iraq and Syria. 

During his presentation, Minister Darmanović praised the Coalition's efforts to free the territory of Iraq and Syria from the ISIS, stressing the importance of adjusting the future activities of the Coalition as response to new methods and techniques of ISIS warfare. 

In this context, he emphasised the importance of continuing assistance in stabilising and reconstructing liberated areas and preventing the return of ISIS to liberated territories. 

Minister Darmanović pointed out Montenegro's readiness, as a member of the Coalition and NATO member, to continue to contribute to the fight against ISIS and global terrorism, which was also shown in the Coalition's activities, as well as the support to the Trust Fund for Iraq and the NATO mission in Afghanistan. 

The meeting in Washington agreed to future activities of the Global Coalition in order to completely neutralise the ISIS activities in Syria and Iraq.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović recently participated in the 25th OSCE Ministerial Council Meeting, which took place on 6-7th December in Milano, Italy.

Speaking about the role of the OSCE in strengthening security, Minister Darmanović said that the activities of the organisation and the full respect of the fundamental values of the OSCE are of paramount importance in resolving security challenges. "The current crises just confirm the relevance of the concept of comprehensive OSCE security and show the importance of the role that the OSCE has in providing a single platform for a constructive dialogue on the most important security issues," Darmanović said, pointing out the need for firm commitment to the OSCE's core values – respect for democracy, the rule of law, and human rights and freedoms. 

06 Feb 2019, 21:09 PM

February 6, 2019 - The Wild Beauty Award Winner, the best luxury hotel in our country in 2018 - The Chedi in Luštica Bay in Tivat is opening its doors to host a recruitment fair on 22 and 23 February.

During a two-day seminar at the hotel, at Luštica Bay marina, everyone interested will have the opportunity to get to know the work of the hotel and plans for the upcoming season. Also, all the participants will have an immediate opportunity to apply for over one hundred seasonal and year-round carrier opportunities offered by the Chedi hotel.
To enable all interested candidates to get acquainted with the work of the hotel, and get the opportunity to be informed in detail about the jobs they are offering, Chedi has taken care of two terms. Seminars will take place from 1 pm to 5 pm on Friday, or 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. Applicants are advised to bring many resume copies, as they can expect personal interviews with members of the Chedi Team.
All visitors will have the opportunity to apply for an exclusive tour of the most massive project in Montenegro - Luštica Bay. The management of the Chedi hotel has undertaken to organize free transport from Tivat, Kotor, and Budva for interested parties.
Chedi Luštica Bay is the first of the seven hotels to be planned in the new tourist town of the Adriatic, Luštica Bay, which Luštica Development company builds on the Tivat part of Luštica peninsula. For the first guests, the hotel opened the door on 21 July last year. The Chedi has 111 accommodation units, making it one of the largest luxury hotels in the Boka Bay area. The hotel is the winner of the annual Wild Beauty Award for Best Hotel in Montenegro in 2018.
06 Feb 2019, 13:12 PM

The Utility company Tivat will generate an income of a total 2,671,900 euros this year, which is almost five percent more than the total revenues of that municipal company in 2018.

As stated in the Financial and Work Plan of the Utility Office for 2019, this company will receive EUR 734,000 from the municipal budget.

The utility revenues are planned to amount to 1,939,500 euros, of which the most 1.4 million euros, is the revenue from the collection of rubbish collection services for citizens and the business entities. As far as expenditure is concerned, the Utility company expects to spend a total of 2,666,050 euros by the end of the year, of which 1,698,800 euros will be spent on earnings of permanent and seasonal workers.

Material business costs will amount to EUR 905,250, of which the largest item is the costs of a garbage dump to the landfill and transport to the landfill site at Mozura near Ulcinj or Cetinje. A total of 275,000 euros will be spent for such purpose this year, over 30,000 euros more than the last year.

Parking Service Tivat (PST), which operates in public parking lots in the city center and at the airport, plans to reach a total of 718,000 euros income this year.

The total expected PST costs would amount to 689,729 euros, which means that it is expected to receive an income of EUR 28,000.

PST has already transferred an income of over 70,000 euros from last year, and as previously announced by the management of this company, most of this money will be used for investments in further improvement of the main activity of the Parking Service.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on February 5th 2019, read more at Vijesti

06 Feb 2019, 00:53 AM

04 February 2019 - Ministry of Defense of Montenegro is planning to form reserve military forces from 2019 to 2026. These forces should be an integral part of the Armed Forces of Montenegro.

The long-term defense plan, adopted by the Government, states that the military units will be complemented by contractual reserve and strategic reserve. The contractual reserve will count up to 100 persons and it will be used to fulfill special formation positions in the Armed Forces of Montenegro.

“By the contract and required needs, they will be engaged in the permanent composition of the Armed Forces during training, drills, participation in international forces, provision of assistance to the citizens and their protection from the consequences of natural and other disasters. Furthermore, they will be engaged in the performance of other tasks related to the field of defense and demanding engagement of additional forces. Contractual reserves will be composed of “persons who have adequate specialist knowledge and skills that are scarce,” reads the defense plan.

As far as the strategic assigned reserve is concerned, it will count up to 2.691 persons and they will fulfill the reserve units of the Armed Forces.

“They will be engaged in the activities of the preparation and organization of defense and in assisting the citizens and in protecting them from the consequences of natural and other disasters. This strategic reserve will be composed of persons who had served the voluntary military service, i.e., persons who had been trained to perform military duties in the conditions of warfare or emergencies,” as stated in the defense plan.

Strategically unassigned reserves will be used in case the need for reinforcing defense abilities arises. These persons will be in the military records and case of warfare or any other emergency, and they will be mobilized and invited to serve in the Armed Forces. Members of the active and inactive reserve will go through the general and specialized military training. The focus will be on basic military skills, conditioning, and specialized training.

To bring the military training to a higher level, the Ministry is planning to form a Regional center for mountain warfare, by the end of 2019, among many other things.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

05 Feb 2019, 14:06 PM

February 5, 2019 - 3D geophysical research of the Montenegrin submarine on blocks 30 and 26, according to the Concession Agreement for Oil and Gas exploration and production with the Greek company Energean, will begin in the next ten days, the Department for hydrocarbons said.

Norwegian company PGS will conduct the research, and the arrival of the Ramform Titan ship, which will lead 3D shooting, as well as the accompanying ships Thor Freya and Sanco Sea, are expected on Wednesday, 6 February.
"The Ramform Titan will not be in Port of Bar but will be on the harbor anchor, about a mile off the coast. The research will be carried out on blocks of the total surface area of 338km2 located in the area between Bar and Buljarica. The ship Ramform Titan will carry out preparatory activities for collecting seismic data from 7 to 10 February. The preparation will include descending into the water of 14 strides of the length of 7.5 kilometers as well as the accompanying equipment. This equipment is necessary to get a reflected signal from different geological layers in the submarine. After that, calibration and final testing of equipment will serve as an introduction to the beginning of geophysical research. The plan is that the 3D geophysical recording on blocks 30 and 26 will start on 10 February and last for eight days," explained the Department for hydrocarbons.
As stated, all environmental protection measures and monitoring of environmental parameters will be implemented following the guidelines from the Elaborate on Environmental Impact Assessment of these activities, which is approved by the Agency for Nature and Environment Protection.
"Monitoring of the zero-state environment parameters, which includes the condition and movement of marine mammals and reptiles as well as exploration of fish catches, was carried out before the start of researching activities. These same tests will be carried out next year at the same time to compare the results," said the Department for hydrocarbons.
On the Ramford Titan will be an Environmental Control and Communication Officer (ECCO) to ensure compliance with the regulations and conditions defined by the approved Elaborate.
"Specially trained and licensed seafarers and turtle observers will be located on the 3D geophysical recording vessel, as well as operators who will observe the latest equipment for passive acoustic monitoring and night-time recording equipment. During the recording period, as well as during the day of recording, there will be two fishermen's liaison officers as well as representatives of state institutions.
3D Seismic Research on Blocks 30 and 26 defines the Work Program of the Concession Contract signed in March 2017 with the Greek company Energean. These investigative activities are carried out by the program for the First Investigation Period, "the Department for hydrocarbons said.


05 Feb 2019, 13:40 PM

February 5, 2019 - Russian Rospotrebnadzor - State Control and Inspection Body in Trade and Consumer Rights have not responded to the Plantaze company's claim to abolish the temporary ban on imports of that company’s wine in the territory of Russia, said Plantaze's Director Milan Milutinović.

He expects that the Russian institutions will soon prove that the Plantaze’s wine is produced following the highest world standards and will be re-found on the Russian market shelves.
"At a timely request, Rospotrebnadzor did not respond within the statutory deadline of 30 days, after which the Plantaze’s Attorneys team tried to get informed from Rospotrebnadzor about whether and when they would resolve the claim. However, there was no response to the attorneys of the Plantaze at the end of last year and filed an objection to Rospotrebnadzor, for failure to comply until today," Milutinović said to Pobjeda.
At the end of October last year, Plantaze was officially handed over to Rospotrebnadzor.
According to Milutinovic, the most important thing is that Plantaze, depending on the outcome of the proceedings at Rospotrebnadzoror, if they are not satisfied with the final decision of this Russian state body, has the right to seek protection of their rights at the competent court.
"About further steps in this process, Plantaze will decide after consulting with the attorneys," Milutinovic said. He pointed out that the Plantaze Company still firmly believes in the quality of its products and the equity of Russian state institutions. "We are still in the position that before the institutions of the Russian Federation, we will prove what the analyzes we have done in several European laboratories have proved, that our wines meet all demands according to the highest world standards. As soon as we get the objective conditions, our wines will be back on the Russian market shelves," said Milutinovic.
He believes that the company has always made every effort since the beginning of the judicial process within its ability to return to the Russian market as soon as possible.
"The ban on exports to the fourth largest market, where exports worth more than three million euros was planned in 2017, certainly made a big problem when it comes to sales growth. But our company is precisely through the total sales growth that has been ongoing over the last few years, and has not been interrupted in the last two years, has shown that it suffices to adapt to all the circumstances and successfully implement the set goals for growth and development, despite all the challenges," Milutinovic said.
He reminded that the Plantaze Company, at the end of February 2017, received a notice from the Russian state authority Rospotrebnadzor that its wine, or series of certain types of sampled wines, have an elevated level, that is, more than allowed pesticides and plastic particles. They said, such wine is harmful and improper, and that they will have to withdraw from the Russian market.
Source: CDM
03 Feb 2019, 23:04 PM

03 February 2019 - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović and Director General of National Television of Montenegro Božidar Šundić signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and National Television of Montenegro on donation of necessary equipment for the needs of the Radio of Montenegro, in particular the realization of the show "Sundays about countryside and agriculture".

The Memorandum was signed immediately after Deputy Prime Minister Simović was a guest in this show, traditionally held every year after the adoption of the Agro budget. On this occasion, representatives of National Television of Montenegro also received equipment in the form of laptops and digital recorders, which will greatly facilitate their work in the field.

DPM Simović expressed his satisfaction to have the opportunity to show respect for the show, which has been continuously broadcasted on the Radio Montenegro for seven decades.

Government Donated Equipment for National Television of Montenegro1

On the same occasion, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović was a guest at the Radio of Montenegro, on the "Sundays about Countryside and Agriculture" show regarding the Agro budget for this year and the trends in the development of Montenegrin agriculture in general. In the context of supporting the development of the north, he especially pointed out that in the Agro budget only were created 24 rural measures for rural development, in the amount of 32.7 million EUR.

"This means that in this year we have a growth of funds of over 9 million euros or about 40 percent to support rural development," Simović said while reminding that last year a dominating number of realized projects and support funds was in the north. 

According to Simović, the amount of funds for the implementation of measures to improve the quality of life on the countryside has been significantly increased.

"The funds for the construction of infrastructure have been increased by about 1 million EUR, and for this purpose will be allocated 2.260.000 EUR," Simovic said, adding that the Government is also investing significant funds in the implementation of projects to improve other infrastructure needed for rural areas such as educational and other needs of the population. He also announced that starts construction and equipping of the Agriculture House for the North of Montenegro in Bijelo Polje, where all expert and advisory services will be consolidated and will become a recognizable address of all manufacturers in the north. 

Speaking of the overall support to Montenegrin agriculture, which covers three areas with Agro budget: agriculture (within which is rural development), fisheries and operational programs, Simović expressed satisfaction that the Agro budget this year increased by 31 percent and amounted to 52.4 million EUR. He reiterated the assessment that the Agro budget is both European and domestic, as it represents an expression of the EU's provided support, as support to Montenegro's overall progress on its European path, the expression of Montenegro's agrarian policy, in financial and meaningful sense, with the increase of funds from the national budget as a responsible Government attitude towards valuable hosts and entrepreneurs and the strengthening of domestic institutions. 

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