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01 January 2018 - More than 2,1 million tourists came to Montenegro in 2018, with the total profit higher than 1 billion EUR in the first nine months. There have been over 12 and a half million of overnights. The year 2018 was definitely an impressive year, said the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Pavle Radulović. 

“Both pre and post season in 2018 was record. Another impressive fact is that that for the first time in the history of Montenegro, there were million tourists in Montenegrin hotels,” said Radulović.

Taking into consideration the hotels that are being constructed or those that have been planned, we can expect significant expansion of the capacities of high-quality accommodation.

“We are going to keep up with the work on achieving our strategic objective in tourism, and that is making Montenegro high-quality tourism destination. Such results are encouraging and make us happy, but they also oblige us to commit so that trend of growth and progress in tourism continues,” said Radulović.

He points out that Montenegrin winter centers are competitive with the countries from the region thanks to the diversity of offer, quality and prices. 

“When it comes to Kolašin, I am sure that, with the development of ski centers and other amenities, it can attract a much higher number of tourists. Also, I think that Kolašin and Žabljak should not be competitive with one another, but with other regional centers. It is important to point out that infrastructure in the mountains is used during summer too. We are continuously investing in winter centers because that way we will provide promotion of different segments of tourism offer, extend the season in the northern part of our state and improve accommodation capacities. All this will be followed by connection with other relevant economic areas, and that will create new jobs,” said Radulović.

As Radulović states, total amount of investments in development and tourism projects is around 214 million EUR.

Asked what the key amendments of the existing Law on on tourism are, Radulović explained that one of the key objectives of that Law was minimizing all forms of the grey zone in tourism, along with raising the level of consumers protection.

“Although full controls have been carried out successfully during the season, the practice has shown that it is necessary to amend specific segments so that the Law can be applied more easily. The domain of tourism and hotel industry is very complex, and it is directly or indirectly related to other domains. That is why we had to amend specific items and define them more clearly,” explained Radulović.

One of the challenges tourism industry is faced with is the lack of staff.

“The highest deficit refers to the first and the second education level, where the demand exceeds the supply by even up to 40%. Increase in accommodation capacities and diversification of the offer in tourism require new staff and, in that context, there is training for professional education and acquiring qualifications that will satisfy specific requirements and types of offer in the tourism sector. In the forthcoming period, we will be working on improving the image of professional occupations via some promotional campaigns,” says Radulović.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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31 December 2018 - Azmont Investments has invested 369.4 million EUR in Portonovi Resort so far, while the total amount of investments is estimated at 650 million EUR. Currently, 1900 employees are engaged in the company and on the construction site.

Data on the realization of tourist investments in Herceg Novi were submitted to Azmont investments and OHM Mamula Montenegro, which has made 2.1 million EUR on the realization of Lastavica from the planned 15 million.

It has been estimated that most of the projects on the coast are carried out following the obligations under the contracts and Investment Programmes.

In Kumbor, at the port of Portonovi Resort, work on the walls, waterproofing, shafts, earthworks, concrete brickwork and tile works are underway, as well as the works on parquet arrangement, ceramic tiles around the pool, stone paving, paving the main road, balustrade and gates. Also, procurement of furniture and equipment for outdoor space, installation of outdoor lighting, greening (irrigation, trees and grass), supply and installation of doors and windows for exhibition spaces, facade production, masonry works in the interior are already being done. There is also procurement and installation of metal and rolling shutters, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, sewage services, supply and installation of sprinklers, production of hydrant network, installation of heating and cooling systems, ventilation and smoke extraction, installation of video surveillance and building management system.

The completion of the construction of the heating and cooling plant, the main project of the traffic and technical infrastructure and the main project of the One and Only hotel, is expected to be completed soon in Portonovi Resort.

The contract on a long-term lease of the former military barracks "Orjenski bataljon" was signed on July 10 2012, and came into force with the signing of the Protocol on handover, on February 8 2013.


From the company OHM Mamula Montenegro they informed that from the planned 15 million EUR for the adaptation of the fortress Mamula on the island of Lastavica so far, 2.1 million EUR had been spent. The conservation programme and the architecture project to the Directorate for the Protection of Monuments are being consented, and the main project is being revised. An underwater biodiversity study has been carried out, the elaboration of the Environmental Impact Assessment is in the final stage. Also, works are underway on the model room of the future hotel, and the main project of the underwater cable from the cape Arza to the island Lastavica is completed. 

The agreement on a long-term lease of the site Lastavica with Mamula fortress, posted on February 23, 2015, has been leased for 49 years, as well as the reconstruction of the Mamula fortress in a unique hotel of a museum character, with a category of 5 stars, following conservative conditions.

30 Dec 2018, 21:12 PM

30 December 2018 - The Report on the Work of the Bureau for Operational Coordination of the Work of Security Services was adopted, and it was noted that the work of the Bureau ensured the improvement of the law enforcement cooperation, which contributed to a higher level of security and safety. 

The Council adopted the Information on the implemented activities in the fight against serious and organised crime prepared by the Police Directorate and welcomed the results of the police, the State Prosecutor's Office and others in countering organised crime and other forms of serious crime. 

The session stated that this resulted in arrests and prosecutions of organised crime instigators and members of their groups. In this regard, the Council requested continuation of activities aimed at suppressing all forms of crime. 

Furthermore, the Council adopted the Information on the actions of the Police Directorate in the field of fight against trafficking in human beings, emphasising the achieved results. The Council requests that this area ought to be among the priorities in the further work of the Police Directorate, as well as the State Prosecutor's Office. 

It was concluded that particular emphasis should be placed on the suppression of the grey economy and informal work, to create the conditions for lawfully doing business and that every euro of the budget revenue goes into the state budget. 

This will include special control measures not only in the private sector, but also eliminate any irregularities in the spending of state money.

"The grey economy is devastating not only for the economic environment and business operations of your companies, but also for the consciousness of our people. We need to show that the moonlighting is unethical, unreasonable and punishable by the law," said the Prime Minister only few days earlier, adding that the grey economy is taking future from our children.

30 Dec 2018, 21:08 PM

30 December 2018 - In the year behind us, we worked hard to ensure a better economic and social environment for employees, but also full legal security and the rule of law, Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković said in a New Year's message. 

"We tried to eliminate the weaknesses that jeopardized our system and the smooth functioning of the state and society as a whole. We have achieved success in economic policy - achieved significant economic growth as well as the stability of the budget. I believe that today we can say that each of you felt some benefit from the results we achieved," PM Marković said. 

He stressed that we would continue vigorously next year to provide higher incomes for pensioners, employees in education and health care, but also in other sectors. 

"We want to open new jobs and ensure regular and just social benefits. And of course, in the dialogue with employers, we want to provide a better standard of private sector employees," the Prime Minister said. 

We succeeded, he stressed, in development policies despite the still present need to defend the state and identity from those who still call for its disappearance. 

"I want to say that Montenegro is the eternal home of all its citizens, and its sovereignty and independence cannot be the subject of discussion or compromise, and that is why I want to be close to one another in 2019, to better understand one another and return with our entire civil being to what has adorned Montenegro for centuries - and that is coexistence, harmony, and tolerance," Prime Minister Marković stressed. 

On behalf of the Government and in his name, Prime Minister Duško Marković congratulated the citizens on New Year, wishing them good health, personal and family happiness.

30 Dec 2018, 21:02 PM

30 December 2018 - From the moment of activation, there has been a sharp rise in the number of investors ready to purchase stocks of the Electric Power Company of Montenegro, which tells a lot about our potentials, economy minister Dragica Sekulić said in an interview with Pobjeda, a daily.

“I am pleased to reveal that it is about big companies from the EU member states, the United States, China. This, of course, means we would have even greater responsibility in selecting our new strategic partner. What I can tell you right now is that we are going to look for a partner capable of making the Electric Power Company of Montenegro a greater company with larger profits,” said Sekulić.

According to Sekulić, the Montenegrin economy does not need a buyer of Electric Power Company of Montenegro but a strategic partner that would contribute to growth and development of this company through efficiency and increased competitiveness.

“It would be unrealistic to expect massive revenues from the sale of Electric Power Company of Montenegro and that it can be further developed in a modern and sustainable manner while being majority-owned by the state. The Electric Power Company of Montenegro has two unique production facilities and best overview of development potentials in the country, but valorization of both requires openness to contemporary experiences and practice,” noted Sekulić.

She also explained that the implementation of put option required paying of 250 million EUR in seven annual installments for stocks of the Italian energy company A2A.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

29 Dec 2018, 23:34 PM

29 December 2018 - On the occasion of the New Year and Christmas holidays, the Ministry of Defence established earlier this morning a video link with the Marmal base in Afghanistan and members of the IX contingent of the Armed Forces of Montenegro in the Resolute Support mission.

Montenegro's soldiers were addressed by Minister of Defence Predrag Boškovićand Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, Brigadier General Dragutin Dakič. They pointed out that not only the Armed Forces but the whole of Montenegro is proud of Montenegro's soldiers in Afghanistan.

Wishing them to return to their families with their regular obligations in Montenegro, Minister Bošković emphasised the reputation Montenegrin soldiers have in this, but also in all missions and operations in which they participate.

"All information indicates that a Montenegrin soldier is an example of a soldier in the Resolute Support mission. We work together to raise the quality of the entire Armed Forces and the capabilities of each of its members. You need to know that everything we do here is done for you in missions, away from your homes and your country," he stressed.

The Defence Minister added that the Ministry and the Armed Forces of Montenegro would continue to do so in the future, regardless of their size and possibilities, to contribute to the global aspirations for maintaining international peace and stability.

"And when you return, we should together build the Armed Forces of Montenegro and place it on the playground where it had been through Montenegrin history, as one of the most appreciated parts of the society," Minister Bošković concluded.

Afghanistan2912 1

General Dakić said that he is still under the impressions from his recent visit to members of the IX contingent, especially because of the assessments he heard in Afghanistan from allies and partners about the way Montenegro's soldiers perform their tasks. "You have set standards not only for the Montenegrin Army but also for the partners with whom you are on the mission," the Chief of General Staff underscored.

He concluded by telling the soldiers in the Resolute Support mission to be persistent and professional until the end, as a Montenegrin soldier is expected to be.


29 Dec 2018, 23:31 PM

29 December 2018 - The Government of Montenegro adopted the Programme prepared by the Ministry of Science for encouraging innovative startups in Montenegro, which will contribute to the creation of attractive solutions for the innovative ecosystem.

The Program was adopted along with the Action Plan 2019-2021 and represents the result of a half-year cooperation within the national partnership for creating an innovative ecosystem and expert support, through the project Horizon 2020.

“The Program itself includes measures for eliminating legal obstacles, development of advanced financial systems, encouraging and attracting talents with the aim of creating knowledge and new values, fostering an entrepreneurial culture and access to markets of innovative and entrepreneurial projects,” the Ministry of Science said.

The Government allocated around 4.5 million EUR for encouraging innovative startups over three years.

At the World Summit Awards in Vienna, which took place in March 2018, the Montenegrin innovation was named the best innovation in the Business and Commerce category. The World Summit Awards is awarded each year to local digital innovations that, by their creation and action, managed to create value that has influenced the development and prosperity of society. is a Montenegrin startup founded in 2016 by young researchers Elma Hot and Alija Dervic, students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Montenegro. Elma is a student of master studies and is engaged in the first Montenegrin Centre for Excellence in Bioinformatics (BIO-ICT). After completing his master's studies and engagements at the BIO-ICT Centre, Alija continued his Ph.D. studies at the Technical University of Vienna, where he was engaged at the EMCE Institute.

29 Dec 2018, 00:20 AM

28 December 2018 - On December 28, Minister of Culture of Montenegro, Aleksandar Bogdanović, and the President of the Municipality of Danilovgrad, Zorica Kovačevć, signed the Financing Agreement for the project "Adaptation of interiors and the repair of the facade of the Native Museum in Danilovgrad." This Financing Agreement represents a continuation of the implementation of the Agreement on Cooperation signed in March 2018. 

After the signing of the Agreement, Minister Bogdanović reminded that the Ministry continuously implements activities that contribute to the improvement of the cultural heritage in the entire territory of Montenegro, and that in the past period they implemented and financed numerous projects in the field of protection and preservation of cultural heritage in the area of the Municipality of Danilovgrad.

Native Museum Danilovgrad

The President of the Municipality of Danilovgrad emphasized that this is the first adaptation and reconstruction of the building after a long period and that she hopes that all of Montenegro, and not only Danilovgrad, will get another significant museum that will contribute to the development of cultural tourism potentials. After the reconstruction of the Native Museum, a Contemporary permanent setting will also be installed.

It was concluded that the successful cooperation between the Ministry and Danilovgrad Municipality would be continued in the following period, as well as that many other projects will be implemented, all with the goal that the citizens of Danilovgrad and tourists have as much quality and diverse cultural contents as possible.

The Ministry of Culture has committed 130.000 EUR for the realization of the project, of which 75.000 thousand EUR is provided this year. The municipality of Danilovgrad will repair the facade of the Native Museum and adapt the interior of the museum. The deadline for the implementation of the Project is December 2019.

Native Museum was opened in 1960 and situated in the former house of Prince Nikola, which is mentioned in his correspondence with Russian diplomat Prince Gorčakovski from 1873. In that building, situated in the south part of the town, there was also the first teacher-training school in Montenegro, and from 1973 to 1979 high school ‘Petar I Petrović Njegoš’, too. After the earthquake in 1979, there is a permanent museum exhibition.

28 Dec 2018, 23:49 PM

28 December 2018 - Tivat Airport’s new departure terminal with 1,300 square metres, that provides more comfort for passengers who can now enjoy bigger, better facilities and easier transition from airside to landside, was officially opened on Monday, December 24. With high-quality infrastructure and contemporary design, the terminal is expected to boost tourism and economic growth of Montenegro.

The newly built Terminal 2 of the Tivat Airport was opened by Prime Minister Duško Marković, who stated that this investment represents the much needed response to the airport infrastructure congestion, which is a consequence of intensive tourist growth and the increase in the number of passengers arriving in Montenegro.

Tivat Airport Terminal

As announced from the Government's Public Relations Service, the management of Airports of Montenegro has made a proposition to the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs and the Government to build additional facilities in Tivat and Podgorica, which can provide more comfort for passengers and functionality to airport services, especially during the tourist season. According to Marković, the Government accepted this proposal and about 3,5 million EUR was invested in this facility.

"In the following period, with the consent of the Government, the Airports of Montenegro should allocate another 2 million EUR for the new facility that will be built in Podgorica. The quality of the constructed building that we are witnessing today has already set certain standards for other companies that manage resources and infrastructure in the public interest in Montenegro," said Marković.

Tivat Airport Departure terminal

Terminal 2 at Tivat Airport covers 1.300 square metres, and it includes six check-in counters, two new lines for security screening as well as offices for representatives of airline companies. New capacities and improved conditions at Tivat Airport were the key points of the final agreement with the most important European company, the seventh on the world level, which will connect Montenegro with Frankfurt and Munich from April, Lufthansa.

The new facility of the departure terminal of the Tivat Airport was built in less than three months and was constructed by the Podgorica-based company “Fidija”. The value of the new facility with its equipment is about 2,2 million EUR. The new terminal was built on the northwest side of the current airport terminal building, and it was financed entirely by Airports of Montenegro.

28 Dec 2018, 14:56 PM

December 28, 2018 - The priority and wishes of the Cetinje capital is the creation of new jobs, employment, and retention of young people, as well as creating the conditions for employees to take care of their housing, in cooperation with trade unions, institutions, and enterprises, said Aleksandar Kašćelan, Mayor of Cetinje, at the session of the Municipal Trade Union Committee.

As announced from the Capital, at the session, attended by the Secretary General of the Union of Trade Unions of Montenegro, Dusko Zarubica, it was estimated that the cooperation of local government and trade unions and social dialogue in Cetinje is at a high level and that they can serve others as an example. 

"Kascelan said that it is essential to create conditions for staying and employing young people, but also for workers who, due to rationalization or for some other reason, will be left unemployed. For such a thing, he said, the great opportunity is the area of the former Obod, which has been bought, but also the construction of housing facilities, not only for employees in enterprises that have large trade union organizations, but for smaller companies," the statement said. He also said that the reconstruction of the old Children's Hospital entered the annual development plan of the Capital City and that 300 thousand euros were foreseen for this purpose. 

"It is an important project for health care and the provision of a new set of health services for the citizens of Cetinje, but also for the citizens of the coastal and municipalities from the central part of the country who recognize the hospital "Danilo I" as a reference and their institution," the statement added.

The Mayor pointed out that tax discipline is significant for the functioning of Cetinje, but also for all the companies whose foundation took place here.

"This is particularly referred to taxes and contributions on earnings, which must be paid regularly because otherwise, they will not be able to pay the salaries. A special effort must also be made to servicing of the obligations from the previous period on this basis," Kascelan emphasized.

Text by CdM, on December 27th, 2018, read more at CdM

28 Dec 2018, 14:54 PM

December 28, 2018 - The current economic situation recognizes entrepreneurship as one of the bases for solving the unemployment issue in Montenegro, and the project "Acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of career consulting, as a condition for launching an entrepreneurial idea" was an incentive for young people to realize their business ideas, it was assessed at a press conference by the Public Policy Center, which implemented the project with the financial support of the Ministry of Sports.

The Program Coordinator of the Center for Public Policy Srđan Čabrilo said that entrepreneurship of young people could significantly influence the overall economic development in Montenegro.

"Through the implementation of the project, the Center for Public Policy tried to contribute to further and additional promotion of the idea of youth entrepreneurship, but also to encourage the target group to launch entrepreneurial projects and ideas," said Čabrilo.

He said that this NGO created a publication, in cooperation with young entrepreneurs, whose stories should be an inspiration to other entrepreneurs.

"In the publication, we presented their successful business stories, through interviews about the beginnings, challenges they faced, family and society support, and plans for the next period. The publication is one of the key results of the project and aims to give all young people insight that with hard work and effort, every idea can be achieved," said Čabrilo.

He said that the young people involved in the project were proactive and motivated to participate in social and economic processes.

Advisor at the Youth Directorate in the Ministry of Sports, Andrea Popović, said that one of the priorities of the Youth Strategy and the Action Plan for 2018 was the economic and social security of young people.

"The Ministry of Sport encourages youth employment through the implementation of various measures and activities from the Action Plan for this year. By realizing the measures and activities from the Action Plan for 2019, and in cooperation with institutions and organizations, we will succeed in improving the position of youth in this area," said Popovic.

According to her, the adoption of the Action Plan for the next year and the adoption of the new Law on Youth will contribute to the improvement of youth support, as well as the establishment of new youth clubs and centers throughout Montenegro.

"Not only will we open them, but we will also strengthen the functioning of these, so that young people have the right address for conducting their informal activities, and therefore also to learn something useful," said Popovic.

She reminded that this department supported 89 projects this year, of which 17 related to entrepreneurship and youth employment.

Text by PR Center, on December 27th, 2018, read more at CdM

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