Sports and Recreation Centre will be Built in Tivat, Kusovac Announced

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Sports and Recreation Centre will be Built in Tivat, Kusovac Announced Karate Seminar in Tivat, copyright Tivat Municipality

19 August 2019 - The Sports and Recreation Centre, with its accompanying sports facilities, will be built in Tivat, over the next two years, which will contribute to the increase in the number of athletes in that city and to position the city as a sports and recreational destination. This was announced by the Mayor of Tivat, Sinisa Kusovac, on the occasion of the International Karate Seminar held in that city, at which the five-time Karate Champion Rafael Aghayev from Azerbaijan was the lecturer.

"This kind of seminar contributed to getting us in the position to start building a sports complex in Tivat in the next two years. On this occasion, we have already made the decision on the purchase of a certain complex around the Župa Sports Hall, with the aim of building a Sports and Recreation Centre, with accompanying sports facilities,” said Kusovac.

According to him, the basic idea of ​​the guide is that, in addition to Tivat being branded and having a culture at an enviable level, “sports should be a branch that will contribute to the greatest number of athletes' arrivals, and position the Municipality of Tivat as a sports and recreational destination.

"Apart from being a nautical destination, it should be a sports destination as well as a cultural destination," Kusovac said.

He said that this was supported by the next session of the Municipal Assembly, which is scheduled for tomorrow, and at which, he explained, a decision will be made on the purchase of four thousand square meters of land within the Župa sports complex.

"This complex will be rounded up, will have a much larger number of squares, and in the coming period, with the work of architects, a new sports hall, a new sports and recreational center with all facilities will be built at this place," Kusovac said.

He said that the leadership of Tivat Municipality will endeavor to build an indoor swimming pool in that city as long as the spatial planning documentation permits after a certain time, "so that it will be an enviable destination, where the arrival of sports clubs will contribute to the recognition of Tivat in this field."

The most trophy karate player of all time and five-time world champion, Rafael Aghayev, who is a lecturer at the two-day international karate seminar, said that he was in Montenegro for the first time, stating that he would like to come more frequently in the coming period.

"I'll be here for two days. We have two training sessions each day, and today will be another, third training. We know your team very well, we are rivals in competitions, but we are not enemies. After the competition, we are all friends. I want your team to become a world champion, "Aghayev said.

Previously, in the Municipality of Tivat, a reception was organized for Aghayev and the most trophy Montenegrin karate players.

The International Karate Seminar, organized by the Mawashi Club 2015 and the Karate Federation of Montenegro, is attended by around 200 karate players from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Albania.

Source: Radio Tivat

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