Special Hospital in Risan Received Defibrillator from Hipotekarna Bank

By , 21 Aug 2019, 15:28 PM Business
Special Hospital in Risan Received Defibrillator from Hipotekarna Bank Donation to Risan Special Hospital, copyright Vaso Cukovic Hospital

Special Hospital "Vaso Cukovic" Risan received a defibrillator from Hipotekarna Bank. This precious medical device is of great importance for improving the conditions of treatment in this specialized health institution of broader social interest, said the hospital.

The donor Hipotekarna BANK is recognized for its social responsibility activities, inter alia for the purpose of creating better conditions for treatment, care and stay in health care facilities.

Director of Marketing of the Hipotekarna Bank, Aina Ristic, presented the donation to the Special Hospital for Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Neurology "Vaso Cukovic”, the defibrillator worth 4,000 euro. This donation is of particular importance because it is made in memory of Danijela Golović, an employee of the Hipotekarna Bank branch in Porto Montenegro, who lost her young life in a car accident.

While receiving the donation, in addressing the donors, the media and those present, the hospital director Dr Vlado Popovic pointed out the extreme importance of this type of assistance:

"I would like to thank Hipotekarna Bank for making a significant donation and expressing sympathy and regret for your colleague Danijela. What mainly rejoices is the expressed desire of citizens, businessmen, entrepreneurs to help this hospital. The needs of the community are most pronounced in institutions where people are treated, so we hope that other entities in society will follow the example of the Hipotekarna Bank. Through these types of donations, the health system is modernized and the health care of citizens is raised and improved. As an institution with a long-standing successful tradition, it has been recognized as a leading institution in the region for the field of activity (orthopedics, neurosurgery, neurology), which adds to the donation we received."

Ana Ristic, Marketing Director at Hipotekarna Bank, emphasized the special importance of this donation, dedicated to their early deceased colleague, and emphasized:

"This donation confirms the ongoing efforts of the Hipotekarna Bank to improve the long-term treatment conditions in medical facilities across Montenegro. However, this donation is special because it is dedicated to a young, lost life, our colleague Danijela Golovic. In our view, this is the best memory for our colleague."

 With this act, Hipotekarna Bank has once again shown that it is a socially responsible company that has the understanding, will and desire to support the healthcare system and the community in which it operates., it has been concluded from the Special Hospital “Vaso Ćuković” Risan.                         

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