18 Feb 2019, 08:53 AM

February 18, 2019 - The government agreed to Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurkovic to sign the Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Certification and Certification of Seafarers with the Naval Administration of St. Vincent and the Grenadines at its session on Thursday, 14 February.

It is of great importance for Montenegrin sailors because Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - a small island in the Caribbean, is valid for one of the most significant so-called flags of convenience under which world shipping companies register their vessels. At present, the flag of St. Vincent and Grenadines is at the 20th place in the world by the size of the merchant fleet sailing under its banner. Among other, under this flag, there are four so-called handy size bulk cargo - "Kotor," "Dobrota," "Ljuta" and "Kamenari," the only private Bokelian Company, a company Dabinovic from Monaco who employs only our sailors.
"The Agreement between the Navy Administration of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro means that our sailors will be able to build a working relationship with ships sailing under the flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines without any problems. The Agreement confirms that the convictions that Montenegrins and St. Vincent and Grenadines are fully in line with the international STCW Convention," the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transport said, adding that similar agreements our country has already signed with the maritime administrations of Portugal, Norway, Antigua, and Barbuda, Hong Kong, the Bahamas, and Japan. Such an agreement with Greece, which is also one of the most famous states on the number of merchant ships carrying its flag, is in the procedure.
It is interesting, however, that the maritime flag and register of a small Caribbean countryman Sent Vincent and the Grenadines has invented one of our man - maritime entrepreneur and ship-owner, founder of Dabinovic from Monaco, late Bozo A. Dabinovic of Dobrota Kotor.
Only one year after gaining independence from the UK, Saint Vincent was a member of the International Maritime Organization IMO in 1980. Bozo Dabinovic was in charge of maritime affairs, in practice the Minister of Maritime Affairs of that State. Maximizing his good business connections from the naval affairs, he succeeded to attract under the new and inexpensive flag of St. Vincent an increasing number of merchant ships and hitting the foundations of what is today one of the biggest fleets the world's flagships. Members of the Dabinovic family from Switzerland, Monaco, and Argentina are also very influential today and active as the naval administration of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 
15 Feb 2019, 12:45 PM

February 15, 2019 - NGO Green Home will organise a public debate on NGOs and media on Wednesday, 20 February, focusing on the plans of four major hydropower plants in Moraca, where representatives of international organisations such as Riverwatch, WWF Adria, Bankwatch and The Nature Conservancy will take part.

The occasion for organising the public debate is the Ministerial Conference on Transition to Sustainable Energy in the Western Balkans, which will present the Draft Regional Strategy for the Development of Hydropower Plants in the Western Balkans, to be held on 21 February in Podgorica.
The Western Balkans Investment Fund developed the Strategy at the request of the Directorate General for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Projects. According to Natasa Kovacevic from NGO Green Home, this plan implies rehabilitation of existing energy facilities as well as investment opportunities in the construction of new hydropower plants.
Natasa Kovacevic explains: "What NGOs are saying is certainly improving the energy efficiency of already existing facilities because we already have ruined rivers, but we can increase the efficiency of the hydropower plants to produce more energy. What we do not agree with is the unconditional promotion of the hydroelectric power plant as unconditional ecological sources of energy."
The importance of this ministerial conference is to present solutions for sustainable development of energy, hydropower, reduced use of fossil fuels, and the approval of the Energy and Environment Ministry's Clean Energy Agreement, which mostly relies on hydropower.
"The Draft Strategy for the Development of Hydropower Plants in the Western Balkans has a list of principles that are well-composed when it comes to sustainability. However, the list of potential projects, called the Green Field List, contains 46 large hydropower plants in the Sava, Neretva, and in Montenegro, in Moraca and Komarnica basins, "explains Natasa Kovacevic.
Non-governmental organisations that will gather in the public debate believe that it is necessary to halt the promotion and financing of hydropower projects as a non-sustainable energy source and to foster an energy transition to the development of low-energy facilities considering the impact on all ecological and social aspects of importance for the society.
12 Feb 2019, 23:06 PM

11 February 2019 - The energy sector in Montenegro has great development potential, especially in the field of renewable energy sources, Prime Minister Duško Marković and representatives of the German WPD Group underscored at the meeting which took place in Podgorica.

Pointing to encouraging economic indicators and achievements of the Government's economic policy, Prime Minister Marković said that, through attracting credible foreign investments, Montenegro wants to make the best use of its energy potential, stressing as valuable the interest of the WPD group, a team that is dominantly focused on the development and financing of wind power plants.

The meeting noted that the entire Montenegrin hinterland has the potential to build wind power plants and that the Government will work towards identifying locations and creating opportunities for development.

"Montenegro is becoming a regional energy hub," the Prime Minister said, adding that the Government has imposed a moratorium on the policy of subsidising electricity from renewable sources.

Government of Montenegro Hosts German WPD Group1

Chief Executive Officer of WPD Group for Europe said that they want to invest in Montenegro and that they have the knowledge and capabilities since they installed around 4,500 megawatts of wind turbines all over Europe. He pointed out the benefits of wind energy utilisation with regard to technological innovations in that area and lowering the cost of production of such energy.

Prime Minister Marković also stated that Montenegro wants to develop an overall strategic partnership with Germany, both at political and economic levels. German Ambassador to Montenegro Robert Weber, who also attended the meeting, agreed with the Prime Minister's commitment.

12 Feb 2019, 16:31 PM

February 12, 2019 - Flight Control of Serbia and Montenegro SMATSA Belgrade and European Satellite Service Providers (ESSP) have signed two EGNOS work contracts, which is the first step towards the implementation of access procedures based on the EGNOS service at airports in the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro.

"The signing of these agreements confirmed the compliance of SMATSA with the requirements of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative and the solution to the fulfilment of the strategic goals for the development of the future European air traffic system," said SMATSA, which provides control and sight sailing over Serbia and Montenegro.
EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) is a European satellite system consisting of three geostationary satellites and a network of reference earth stations and centres, whose primary purpose is to improve the performance of global satellite navigation systems such as GPS and Galileo in the future. It is of crucial importance for the application of modern ways of aircraft navigation in the instrumental approach to landing, using the so-called PBN methods, for which experts have opted for as the most visible and fastest way to introduce the so-called Night start at Tivat airport.
The EGNOS service, as clarified by SMATSA, enables the definition of so-called. The Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) has a minimum of 200 stops (~ 60 meters), which corresponds to the minimum for ILS CAT I operations at airports, but without the need to install additional ground equipment. It is the cost of the nanny and the material, maintenance and use of the navigation system. - explains SMATSA.
"The signed agreements have established operational and legal frameworks for the use of the EGNOS service for the needs of air traffic users at airports in the area of competence of SMATSA. These agreements are implemented within the framework of the project activities - the EU Space Program, "said SMATSA, adding that in Serbia and Montenegro's Flight Controls, they have already started activities" that represent the next step in the process of fabrication and implementation of instrumental flying on EGNOS service, whose results are expected by the end of the current year. "
11 Feb 2019, 22:57 PM

11 February 2019 - Podgorica will get another residential-business complex on the site of the current Hotel City under Ljubović, and the potential investor, Company UTIP Montenegro, does not reject the possibility that one part of the building could be left for a different hotel category than the existing one.

Hotel City is owned by the joint-stock company UTIP Montenegro, whose majority owner is businessman Žarko Burić. His "Normal Company" with 80,4 percent of the shares is running UTIP.

The demolition of the current City Hotel in Podgorica started February 11. The representative of UTIP Montenegro, Nemanja Nikolić, said that the destruction would take about 40 days. He added that they had already announced the construction of a multi-purpose residential and business facility.

UTIP Montenegro has previously announced that due to significant changes in the hotel market in Podgorica, which are primarily reflected in a significant drop in the price of the service due to the opening of a large number of hotels in the city and a bad situation in which Hotel City was generally in, investor JSC UTIP Montenegro made a decision on the construction of a multifunctional residential-business facility on the location of the Hotel City at the Assembly of Shareholders held on November 10, 2017.

According to the project that is being completed by the Podgorica architectural bureau, only the residential business building that would have a little less than 25,000 square meters is mapped to the place where the City Hotel today is located. Six floors, ground floor, and underground garage are projected.

"A multipurpose business residential building is planned on the plot. In addition to housing, the business segment is planned on the ground floor, and in one part of the building, the investors plan a construction of a city hotel that will have a separate entrance and which can be stretched vertically through the entire height of the building, "report the representatives of Detailed Urban Plan of Podgorica.

11 Feb 2019, 14:16 PM

Preparatory works on the Fortress Mamula, or the Island Lastavica at the entrance of Boka Kotor Bay, will be completed by March, along with a mock-up room at the same time as a presentation of the capacities for the future hotel.

That is, as written by “Dnevne novine” cited in the annual report on the realization of the long-term lease agreement of this site in the Herceg Novi municipality.

It also clarifies that construction works will begin in the second quarter of this year, i.e. after the end of March. According to the information provided by the investor, Orascom Hotels Management Mamula Montenegro, four million euros will be invested during the works.

This year, an adaptation and expansion of the port in Mirište are planned, with the projected investments of 160,000 euros. Works on the power supply will be carried out and the necessary electrical power connections to nearby Arza, for which it will be allocated another half a million euros.

Last year, preparatory works for the tourist complex at Lastavica continued, more precisely for the five-star hotel "Mamula", which received the status of the object of general interest.

When it comes to financial obligations and investments over the same period, the Lessee paid an annual rent of 47,772 euros, and another 869,932 euros were invested. Since the start of the project's activities, 2,103 million euros have been spent, mostly for project documentation, equipment procurement, preparatory works, payrolls for employees and consultants' engagement.

The Orascom Development Holding company, headquartered in Switzerland, signed in February 2015 with the Government a contract for a 49-year lease of 31,848 square meters with the exclusive right to use the sea property to which it belongs.

"The Lessee’s investment obligation amounts to EUR 15 million, and the deadline for the completion of the works is 18 months from the date of commencement of the works. The investment program defines reconstruction of 23 hotel rooms, four catering facilities, a memorial room for visitors, a reception desk, a spa center, a dock, two pools, two cascades with recycled water, a water sports club, a centralized kitchen and infrastructure facilities, tank for drinking water and wastewater, substation with aggregate, as well as other accompanying facilities," as is detailed in the project that will generate 200 jobs.

As mentioned, the project managed by Orascom Hotels Management Mamula Montenegro is required to bring 7.5 million euros of different revenues to the Government, in the first ten years, not counting the rent.

Text by Dnevne novine, on February 11th 2019, read more at CdM

10 Feb 2019, 21:42 PM

10 February 2019 - By launching the postage stamp dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Mimosa Festival, the Montenegro Post honours the tradition of this exceptional festival, of Herceg Novi and the development of tourism in the city, it was announced at the presentation of the stamp. By creating a special postage stamp, Mimosa Festival is listed among the important events in the history of Montenegro, which have earned a valuable postage stamp.

"The Mimosa Festival, by which Herceg Novi is known and recognized, is in a way the tourist ambassador of Montenegro. Therefore, it really deserves to be presented with a postage stamp, "said Aleksandra Perović, head of the Philatelic and International Relations Department of the Post of Montenegro. She invited everyone to send a letter from Herceg Novi to their loved ones, and the letters will bring a flower of mimosa on the postage stamp.

The postage stamp, apart from its primary role, has an important promotional function because "the shipment and its stamp travel the world and carry the message of the country from which they come. The postage stamp represents a symbol of culture and remains in the legacy for generations," said PR manager of Post of Montenegro Vesna Goljević Novović. As she said, the theme for the stamp is always carefully chosen because it promotes the state of Montenegro.

Postage Stamps Dedicated to Jubilee Mimosa Festival are printed on a sheet of 20 stamps. It has a stylized mimosa flower and the mark of the Jubilee 50th anniversary of the festival. The colours that are dominant on the stamp are white, green and yellow. The nominal value is 0,50 EUR.

The ceremonial promotion of the postage stamp issue "50 Years of the Mimosa Festival" was held on February 8 at 12 pm in the Park Hall in Herceg Novi.

10 Feb 2019, 18:57 PM

February 10, 2019 - A consortium made by Adriatic Marinas - Porto Montenegro from Tivat and Damen, a Dutch company that deals globally with the construction of ships and superyachts, launched a program for recruiting engineers in shipbuilding and overhauling yachts, who will work in the new shipyard in Bijela.

"Namely, the program will cover the "Open Doors" organisation at the shipyard, which is now in the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction, for all stakeholders involved in this activity. I am pleased to announce that the former employers of the Sava Kovacevic Repair Company - Arsenal from Tivat, the Adriatic shipyards of Bijela, as well as engineers on ships of different types - will have a priority in employment," said David Margason, Managing Director of Adriatic Marinas.
The company says that a new naval facility in Bijela, which will work within the Damen Corporation, will bring many benefits to the Montenegrin economy, as it is expected that more than 300 people will be recruited in the shipbuilding industry in Boka.
"Bijela, Herceg Novi and Boka Bay are the historical heritage of this industrial sector in Montenegro, and with this project, the region will again provide recognised services of this kind to the entire Mediterranean maritime market," announced Adriatic Marinas.
Damen's joint venture company and corporation work on hiring the initial workforce to participate in the planning and transformation of the Bijela Shipyard into a new overhaul facility. At the moment they are working for the possible early start of its preliminary operations - provision of some services at the current west wing of the shipyard, while on the eastern works on ecological rehabilitation of the site.
In the future employment fairs in this domain of business in Bijela, members of the Damen Yachting/Amels team and representatives of Damen will be present. For more detailed information about the dates, the public will soon be notified.
"Damen is a global company that deals with this industry at the highest industry standards, with a professional team of engineers and operating personnel of shipbuilding and overhaul. We believe that Boka Bay is a resource of qualified experts in all of these profiles, and we will gather a great team to revive this industry again. All of them will have the opportunity to cooperate and work under our mentorship with our global Damen yards team," said Eel Kant, representative of Damen.
10 Feb 2019, 03:09 AM

09 February 2019 - Montenegro and the Republic of Korea have common interests both at bilateral and global levels, Prime Minister Duško Marković and newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Hyoung-chan Choe noted at today's meeting.

Both sides agreed that there are numerous opportunities and a mutual interest in boosting economic cooperation, in particular in the areas of tourism, energy, agriculture, IT and improvement of the overall infrastructure.

"The goals of this Government are strong growth of the economy, sustainable development and more and better-paid jobs," said Prime Minister Marković, stressing the importance of the arrival of Korean investors in Montenegro to invest not only capital but also knowledge and skills and create new value for Montenegro.

Montenegro and Republic of Korea Strengthening Economic Cooperation1

In the context of international cooperation, as well as in terms of preserving global peace and stability, PM MarkoviĆ reiterated that Montenegro, as a NATO member, can contribute more actively to these goals, adding that Montenegro understands and supports efforts to overcome challenges on the Korean peninsula.

"We appreciate the support for the Republic of Korea in maintaining peace and stability," Ambassador of the Republic of Korea highlighted, adding that bilateral relations between Montenegro and Korea are at a high level.

Prime Minister Duško Marković also recently met with business people of Montenegro and they noted that the excellent results of the Government's economic policy and the implemented reforms provided a quality basis for further business development, job creation and improvement of the quality of life of citizens.

Business people have said that the government has done a lot to improve the business environment, but that there are still specific challenges to be addressed. Prime Minister Marković and business people agreed that an intense fight against the gray economy is necessary for the areas of tourism, construction, trade and the labor market. Prime Minister Marković also talked with business people about the necessity of increasing salaries and improving the working conditions of private sector employees and how this can be achieved. 

10 Feb 2019, 02:54 AM

08 February 2019 - Minister of Science of Montenegro Sanja Damjanović paid an official visit to Brussels, where she met with Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Carlos Moedas.

Minister of Science Damjanović presented the current status of activities on the regional project "Establishment of the South East European International Institute for Sustainable Technologies – SEEIIST", pointing to preparatory activities for the start of the next phase of the project – the phase of the development of a detailed Design Study, which the European Commission - Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) will support with 1 million EUR.

Minister Damjanović invited Commissioner Moedas to attend the Kick-off meeting marking the beginning of the Design Study phase, which will be held in Montenegro in mid-2019. Sanja Damjanović also presented the progress in the process of developing the Smart Specialisation Strategy, stressing Montenegro's full commitment to this important task, which is implemented with the support of the Directorate General of the Joint Research Center (JRC).

In the end, she pointed to the importance of the European Commission's Policy Support Facility (PSF), through which Montenegro is working to improve the national innovative ecosystem, with a special focus on innovative start-ups. 

Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Carlos Moedas thanked the Minister Damjanović for the detailed information on the progress of the preparatory phase of the SEEIIST project. He praised Montenegro's progress in the process of preparing the Smart Specialisation Strategy, noting in particular that Montenegro, in a very short time, managed to prepare a quality strategic document, thus gaining the conditions to become the first associated country to adopt this strategy.

Commissioner Carlos Moedas expressed satisfaction that Montenegro has made the best use of the Policy Support Facility instrument for the creation of a national framework for creating a better environment for innovative activities in the country.

08 Feb 2019, 12:45 PM

Minister of Finance Darko Radunovic and his associates met with the head of the office for Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Emanuel Salinas, to discuss projects from the World Bank portfolio and future activities, it was stated from the Ministry. 

"Today's meeting, which represents the continuity of the meeting with representatives of the World Bank, was an opportunity for Minister Radunovic to address the significance of tax administration reform with electronic fiscalization, in the context of current projects with the World Bank, and emphasized the importance of funds received thanks to the World Bank’s first warranty for the development policy - PBG1, in the context of refinancing part of the public debt, as well as activities to meet the requirements for obtaining another guarantee - PBG2," the statement states.

As he adds, Salinas stressed that there are no open issues regarding the implementation of investment projects and he has introduced the activities of World Bank working teams to the project "Employment and Growth".

"He also presented the World Bank's initiative for credit support to the regional project of linking the Western Balkan countries through trade and transport facilitation, which is in the function of regional economic integration," as stated by the Ministry of Finance.

Text by MINA News, on February 6th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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