25 Aug 2020, 16:51 PM
August 25, 2020 - Giant replicas were placed today on the city waterfront and the Pine promenade in Tivat to promote the new Viber package of Tivat stickers.
The first official package of Viber stickers from Tivat, entitled " Your Holiday is in Tivat," will be available for free download by all Viber users in Montenegro in the next two months. After downloading the sticker package, users will be directed to the official Viber Community of the Municipality of Tivat.
Tivat's municipality is the first local government in Montenegro, and among the first in the region to launch its Viber community to facilitate communication with the local public and visitors, announced the local government. The President of the Municipality, Siniša Kusovac, pointed out that the Municipality "recognized the importance of active use of modern, direct forms of communication." He reminded that the Viber Community of the Municipality of Tivat was launched in mid-March, at the time of the coronavirus epidemic's appearance. In that moment of crisis, it proved to be a significant type of information exchange.
"We had an extraordinary reaction from the public to this method of communication. We have so far succeeded in making the Viber Community of the Municipality of Tivat a relevant source of information, followed by people from all over Montenegro, the region, and even from many countries around the world. The package of Viber stickers of Tivat was published to strengthen this channel of communication, as well as to support the Tourist Organization's campaign, "Your Holiday is in Tivat." We hope that this move will contribute to the popularity of the Viber Community and that we will put Tivat and everything that our city has to offer at the centre of people's attention, "Kusovac pointed out.
stickers vacation
Holiday is in Tivat. Photo: Boka News
"Through stickers, which represent the sights of our city, both residents and all visitors have the opportunity to exchange their experiences, feelings, and moods. The name of the sticker package relies on our current campaign, which aims to support private accommodation publishers and promote what Tivat has to offer tourists. As part of this campaign, guests can stay in Tivat at extremely affordable prices," said the Director of the Tourist Organization of Tivat, Danica Banjevic.
The Director of the Public Company Morsko Dobro, Predrag Jelušić, also supports the efforts of the Municipality and Tourist Organization of Tivat.
"This is an excellent example of how other municipalities could also innovate this year, in a very tourism-specific way. Morsko Dobro provides similar locations for exciting promotional activities like this one, which is, at the same time, a lovely message to guests who will come to Tivat and the Montenegrin coast. In response to this, Morsko dobro, with the discounts it has provided, has taken all measures to enable a successful season so that tourism, predominantly beach-related tourism, can continue," said Jelušić.
The sticker package was downloaded 6,688 times in the first five days, and more than 3,000 downloads were recorded on the first day. Stickers were exchanged in messages 22,645 times. The graphic solutions of the first package of Viber stickers in Tivat are the result of a public competition, won by the graduate graphic designer Marija Popović from Tivat.
24 Aug 2020, 22:06 PM

 August 24, 2020 - In Berane, so-called "green islands" have been set up in eight different locations; these are the first eco-points for selective waste collection of this type in Montenegro, stated project manager Maja Pešić, who announced that soon, as part of the project, the city will boast 42 new containers.

The "Green Islands" project is a cross-border cooperation project funded by the European Union, and implemented by the Municipality of Berane as leading applicant, working in cooperation with partners Caritas, VIS and the municipality of Malësi e Madhe, the local government reports.

"The goal of the project is to improve the state of the environment, by promoting better waste management in Berane. Waste management problems are highly visible in less developed countries such as Montenegro. While on the path towards the EU, we are achieving our goal of improving the environment through projects, media campaigns, and learning from best practices," said Maja Pešić, project manager and assistant within the Secretariat for Projects and Investments of the Municipality of Berane. She explained that municipal waste collection and management is a very specialized activity that depends on many factors, a variety of different actors (competent institutions, the public) and the adoption and implementation of strategies and laws.

“The "Green Islands" project envisages the setting up of eco-points at eight locations in Berane as one of its activities. In a way, green islands are a novelty not only for our city, but also for the whole of Montenegro. The design and conceptual plan of the green islands was prepared by a company that deals with architecture and construction. After that, the locations were determined in line with the detailed urban plan of the municipality and then a solution for the creation of the island itself was provided. The green islands consist of a closed frame that contains four types of containers and a hot waste bin. In addition, their locations have been chosen and the landscaping carried out by a professional company, working with a horticultural engineer and his team to deliver and implement the project on the ground," said Pešić, adding:

"I would like to mention that separate to this project, work is being carried out on a recycling yard and sorting plant project in Rudeš, and this will be used by our municipality (the contract has already been signed with the contractor and supervisory team). With this system of green islands as well as the two-bin system (dry and wet waste) which again through this project was implemented in 1000 households, to which we distributed two thousand bins, we will "close the circle" of waste management in our city. In addition to green islands and the two-bin household waste system, the project envisages the installation of 42 two-colour containers in Berane during the month of September, for the public to dispose of two types of waste separately (wet and dry)," said the head of the project implementation team.

“The project began in April 2018, and the project is planned and contracted for completion at the end of October this year. Before then we still have to complete several activities, but also to present a lot of what has already been implemented,” concluded Marija Pešić.



24 Aug 2020, 22:08 PM

August 24, 2020 - Since the opening of borders with the countries of the region on August 14, at three land border crossings to Montenegro in Herceg Novi - Debeli Brijeg, Sitnica, and Kobila, traffic has been about 20% of that for the comparable period last year.

Contrary to expectations, most traffic was at the Sitnica border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially during the weekend. There were no significant traffic oscillations at the busiest crossing with Croatia, Debeli Brijeg, and the smaller Kobila crossing - with more than 22,500 passengers and almost 8,000 vehicles last weekend.

Since the opening of the borders, 33,626 passengers and 11,634 vehicles have crossed the Sitnica border crossing, 40% of traffic figures compared to last year. This border crossing is predominantly used by the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the verification of documents and tests, depending on the number of vehicles, passengers, and time of day, takes between ten minutes to an hour or more.

As of August 15, 33,090 persons and 12,633 vehicles were registered at the Debeli Brijeg border crossing, which generated 20% of the turnover compared to the same period last year.

The least used was the Kobila border crossing, where 1,465 people and 671 vehicles entered/exited Montenegro, 90% lower than the same period last year.

According to the Border Police Department, passengers generally have the correct tests for COVID-19, so an unknown number of people have been turned back from the border crossings, not having been allowed to enter.

It is not pleasant to wait in a line of traffic in the heat, but if it is comforting, on many borders in the region and Europe, there is a wait of several hours. There are long queues at the Karavanke tunnel on the Slovenian border with Austria. Waiting to cross the border is from 6 am to 1 pm in vehicles, without food and water. This wait has been caused by the new regulation related to Covid-19, according to which every car entering Austria must be inspected.

Spource: Radio Jadran

23 Aug 2020, 23:46 PM
The State Election Commission (SEC) has fulfilled its legal and other obligations, and everything is ready for the elections on August 30, stated its president, Aleksa Ivanović.
He said that the SEC has carried out all activities prescribed by the Law on the Election of Councilors and Deputies and the Calendar of Election Activities.
"We will continue to work in this way until the end of the election process. Based on this, it can be concluded that everything is ready for the elections," Ivanovic told the MINA agency.
Answering the question of what he expects from the election day, and how everything will work considering the coronavirus epidemic, he recalled that the SEC has adopted the Technical Recommendations for epidemiological protection during elections.
"This essentially means that if all persons participating in the election process adhere to the measures, wear masks, gloves, and use disinfectant, the election day will take place according to measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus," stated Ivanović.
Ivanovic said that the recording and editing of educational material for the polling board members had been completed.
"The broadcasting phase of the information will follow. It is also planned that the material will be available on the website," Ivanovic said.
When asked whether all dilemmas regarding postal voting had been resolved, Ivanovic said the Constitutional Court is deciding on that issue.
Six coalitions and five political parties are running in the parliamentary elections in Montenegro.
Five hundred and forty thousand and twenty-six (540,026) citizens have the right to vote. There are 1,217 polling stations in Montenegro, the same number as for the previous elections.
The upcoming parliamentary elections will be the eleventh since the introduction of the multi-party system in Montenegro, and the fifth since independence.

CCE on the number of citizens with voting right announced by SEC: The numbers are interesting, aren't they?

The Center for Civic Education (CCE) has compared several official data sets from the competent institutions ahead of the parliamentary elections scheduled for August 30.
The CCE recalled that according to the last census, Montenegro has 620,029 inhabitants, and according to Monstat's projection for 2019, that number is currently 622,028 inhabitants.
Of that number, 68,025 are students in primary schools, 27,447 in secondary schools, and 23,080 children are included in the preschool system.
"The numbers are interesting, aren't they?" The CCE put the issue to the public for consideration.
Source: Vijesti
23 Aug 2020, 23:23 PM

August 23, 2020 - The Institute of Public Health has registered 68 new cases of COVID-19 infection in Montenegro over the weekend. Yesterday, 427 samples for the new coronavirus were analyzed, of which 36 were positive. Today, 32 new cases of COVID-19 were detected by a PCR analysis of 267 samples.

Today, there were no deaths related to COVID-19. Yesterday, two patients died, both born in 1942, treated at the General Hospital in Kotor, and the Clinical Center of Montenegro. The total number of deaths related to COVID-19 since the beginning of June is 75. Since the beginning of the first wave of the epidemic, 84.

Yesterday, the recovery of 52 patients was reported, and today another 23 recovered. The total number of active cases of COVID-19 in Montenegro is currently 903, the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro announced.

The Clinical Center of Montenegro is currently treating 15 patients with confirmed COVID-19 infection, four of whom are in a life-threatening condition.

Mugoša: COVID-19 epidemic under control, compliance with measures still necessary

The Director of the Institute of Public Health, Boban Mugoša, assessed that the epidemic in Montenegro is under control and that it has been stabilizing for ten days. However, he warns that some members of the public are not adhering to the measures, which means that the epidemic is still a threat.

"We have seen concerts, weddings, religious gatherings. I'm afraid that the consequences of these will be felt 15 to 20 days after those events," said Mugoša.
He added that all this affects life across the whole of Montenegro.

"Fortunately, the number of recoveries is constantly growing, and we are now below 1,000 active COVID-19 cases. Of course, we will insist on even greater respect for the measures because only they can curb the epidemic and reduce further the number of daily infections," said Mugoša for TVCG.

He recalled that a certain number of people are allowed to gather at political rallies but under specific prescribed conditions.
The RTCG portal reports that Mugoša stated that there could be two or three thousand people at the events if the rules are followed.

Action plan for guests with COVID-19 infection

The Director of the Institute of Public Health pointed out that Montenegro was cautious about how it would open its borders.

"You see what is happening in Croatia, they opened up completely, and now they have big problems. We took care of how to open the borders and assessed the risk in our country, and in the countries where we expected the most guests to come from. We took care not to endanger guests, but also made sure that the guests did not cause problems for us. We have provided all the possible conditions for the guests. The action plan related to this area foresaw this. We are doing well. We had only seven infected guests from abroad. They were all treated in the correct way following this action plan. Some were treated in Montenegro; some immediately asked to return to their countries, for which they were provided assistance. In any case, we have shown that we are kind hosts, that we can provide guests with a safe environment to which they can come, but that also means that we set some conditions that ensure this situation," said Mugoša.

Mugoša: Postponing the beginning of the school year due to the COVID-19 epidemic is the right decision

Mugoša assessed that postponing the beginning of the school year for October 1 is a very responsible decision.

"I think that the decision is the correct one. We assessed all aspects and all risks, and everything indicated that it was the smartest thing to postpone the beginning of the school year until October," said Mugoša.
He added that the Institute does not only analyze the situation in Montenegro.

"We look at what's going on outside as well. The latest example is from North Carolina, where classes started in schools, but they stopped after seven days. There's a lot of experimentation in all countries. There are always a few directions and working models to consider. We also looked at several models and had meetings with the Ministry of Education and all other relevant partners from the governmental and non-governmental sectors. I hope that tomorrow the Institute will be able to present concrete recommendations when it comes to teaching at the beginning of the 2020/21 school year," said Mugoša.

23 Aug 2020, 15:00 PM
August 23, 2020 - Podgorica and Tivat airports will soon be refurbished and modernized to provide greater comfort for passengers, stated the Executive Director of Airports of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandić, adding that close to one million euros will be invested in the business.
The goal of modernizing airports is also to provide more funds from non-aviation revenues over time.
"Our priority was always the safety of passengers and aircraft. So our investments were focused on the modernization of equipment and technology. Now is the time to improve passenger comfort. The airports provide the first impression for every passenger who comes to Montenegro, and the fight for every guest has already begun," said Orlandić.
He recalled that no investments had been mae in the business lounges of either airport for a long time and that these must meet the expectations of the upmarket clientele for which they are intended.
Therefore, as announced by the company, approximately 400 thousand euros will be invested in the renovation of the VIP lounge at Podgorica Airport.
"According to the preliminary design, the business lounge is designed to use the height of the building itself, so it will take up space on the roof of the existing service block located in the central part of the departures area in the Terminal. The lounge will occupy a space of 135 square meters with about 50 seats," Orlandić explained.
Last year, the Airport's non-aviation revenues, including tax-free shops, restaurants, business premises, and advertising space, accounted for 8% of total revenue, or 4.7m euros out of of 35 million euros.
"Certain prerequisites are necessary to increase non-aviation revenues. The first is the size of the airports themselves. We cannot build a restaurant when there is no space in the passenger terminal, so we are pleased with the existing solution that will place it above the service bars," said Orlandić.
In time, as he announced, space will be made for some further additions to increase the diversity of what is offered to passengers.
The business lounge space will be accessed by staircase and elevator, and it will also be accessible for people with disabilities. The existing business lounge area will be turned into an additional useful space for the departures area of the Terminal.
At the Airport in Tivat, the refurbishment concerns the VIP lounge, the modernization of Terminal 1, the arrivals and departures hall, and the complete rebuilding of all toilets.
"Montenegro's focus on higher calibre tourists means comfort, convenience, and exclusivity. We cannot compete with the most modern European airports, but we can create a pleasant space with a decent range in terms of what products, advertisements, and interior space we offer passengers. Our customer service has followed European trends," said Orlandić.
He announced that the start of works could start in October this year.
The investment at Tivat Airport amounts to around 600 thousand euros. Reconstruction in Tivat includes the complete renovation of the VIP lounge and its expansion by 40 percent to make the seating area capacity 50.
The interior of Terminal 1 will be changed - electrical installations, 12 counter positions, lighting, air conditioning system, ceramics and retiling.
The ceilings, air conditioning, floors, passport control desks, and passenger waiting areas will be changed in the departure hall.
A complete reconstruction of all toilets at Tivat Airport is planned.
Orlandić recalled that the second terminal built in Tivat, being the most significant investment in the last 15 years, relieved the Airport of huge crowds in the summer months, and paid off half of the money invested in just a few months of operation.
He said that the night landing project in Tivat would be completed soon.
"Our advantage is that this company was among the best-performing in the country in terms of income until the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Some of that money will be "eaten up" by the biggest crisis in the history of aviation. Still, we certainly want to invest in the further development of the Airport and be ready to welcome the years of prosperity that will be ahead of us again," concluded Orlandić.
Source: MINA business 
22 Aug 2020, 22:01 PM
August 22, 2020 - Some of the most famous Montenegrin art festivals - KotorArt, Bar Chronicle, Budva City Theater, Fiat, Nikšić Street Music Festival, and Korifej, after ten days without a response from the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT), are again sending an appeal to increase the number of people gathered for cultural events, a joint address has announced.
"We demand that the measures approved for political entities also apply to cultural entities, in terms of the delivery of the cultural content, preserving the health of the audience, artists and organizers, and above all confirming that culture is important at least as much as politics," said festival representatives.
KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days is one of the few summer festivals that has been held successfully since July, despite restrictive measures.  "That is a clear indication that culture is significant in this extraordinary time, that people want it, but also that people can gather and enjoy quality art content, respecting all measures, such as distance, disinfection, and protective masks."
"We believe that up to 100 people can gather in the open space of a large area to listen to the concert and that no one is endangered," said the festival's PR service.
They explain that the NKT decided on August 10 that up to 100 people would be allowed to convene for political gatherings in the open air and 50 indoors, on the day of the conference "Festivals in times of crisis" within the KotorArt Don Branko Music Days program. The directors of several festivals from different cities of Montenegro and the region - Ratimir Martinović (KotorArt), Ksenija Popović (Bar Chronicle, Bar), Ana Vukotić (Fiat, Podgorica), and Ivan Radojičić (Festival of Street Musicians, Nikšić) - spoke, alongside Zoran Rakočević (Korifej, Kolašin), as well as Dora Ruždjak Podolski (Dubrovnik Summer Festival).
"The conference ended with a common position expressed by participants. An official, a public appeal was sent through all media, that the number of people permitted to gather at cultural events (40 people outdoors, 20 indoors) should be equal to the number allowed for political gatherings. "Ten days later, without a response from the NKT, these festivals were joined by colleagues from the Budva City Theater in a renewed appeal for this measure to be considered and adjusted," the statement concluded.
"The KotorArt International Festival, declared an event of special importance for the culture of Montenegro, has been significantly enriching what we offer in terms of culture and tourism for almost two decades. It is organized together with a large network of local, national and international partners in the field of culture and tourism. UNESCO's sponsorship confirms the quality and importance of the festival, as do the Wild Beauty Award for best event, the EFFE title awarded by the European Festival Association, European Union support for the project and the #synergy project with KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days. We also have long-term cooperation with prestigious companies and organizations. The XIX KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days are held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Kotor, with the support of Luštica Bay, Tonino Lamborgini, the embassies of Germany and Croatia, and many others."
22 Aug 2020, 21:51 PM
August 22, 2020 - The European Sailing Championship in Vilamoura, Portugal, has come to an end. Nikola Golubović took 45th place in the gold group after six days of competition and 11 sailing regattas in the Laser 4.7 class.
The current champion of the Balkans and Montenegro, a member of the Sailing Club Delfin from Tivat, managed to achieve his primary goal during the three qualifying days and reach the gold group in the competition of the 107th best sailors in Europe.
Nikola had his ups and downs, for which this 16-year-old boy, who made his debut at the European Championship, cannot be blamed. Golubović also invested his last ounce of strength to achieve his best possible placing in Vilamoura, and rightly deserves congratulations for his achievement, alongside coach and selector of Montenegro, Ilko Klakor.
"Taking into account the conditions in which we work, I think we achieved an excellent result at the European Championship. Nikola achieved his primary goal, reached the gold group amongst powerful competition, and confirmed that he has huge potential. In the coming period, we will turn to what we know best: work and training. Only in that way can we remain competitive with the sailing superpowers, which have far, far better conditions for work and support than we do," highlighted the selector of Montenegro, coach for Sailing Club Delfin Tivat and Nikola Golubović, Ilko Klakor, speaking to Sport Club.
As far as sailors from the region are concerned, the best result was achieved by the Slovenes, who joined Nikola Golubović in the gold group. Luka Zakubovec took 36th place, Ivan Vankrušev 51st place, and Benjamin Agnović 54th place. Sailors from Serbia finished the competition in the silver group, Stefan Juil taking 76th place, and Viktor Batizić 83rd place. Of the other sailors from the region, Croatia's Max Gjidera took 56th place, and his club mates from Sailing club Mornar Split Niko Jakelić and Antonio Marendić took 67th and 68th place respectively.
Anastasios Garipis from Greece won the gold medal, the silver medal went to Premislav Mahovski from Poland, while the bronze went to Italy thanks to Domenico Lamante.
21 Aug 2020, 18:36 PM
August 21, 2020 - The Institute for Public Health has reported that another 95 persons have recovered from the coronavirus. It has also confirmed 48 new infections and one death. The patient who regrettably passed away was born in 1949, from Andrijevica and under treatment in hospital in Berane. The number of active COVID-19 cases in MNE stands at 914.
“The new cases are from Podgorica – 23, Nikšić-12, Bar-3, Berane -2, Pljevlja -2, Plav-1, Cetinje-1, Kotor-1, Andrijevica -1 and Petnjica -1”, The Institute reported.
The COVID-19 death toll in Montenegro since the beginning of June is 73.
Since the beginning of this year, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Montenegro is 4277.

Rates of active COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants by municipality:

Bijelo Polje 280, Rožaje 253, Budva 245, Bar 186, Nikšić 171, Berane 168, Ulcinj 160, Podgorica 155, Andrijevica 138, Petnjica 109, Plav 107, Mojkovac 93, Plužine 92, Pljevlja 81, Kolašin 72, Cetinje 66, Kotor 62, Gusinje 24, Tivat 21, Danilovgrad 16. The municipalities of  Herceg Novi, Tuzi, Šavnik and Žabljak are coronavirus-free.

Urgent medical assistance to be provided to every foreigner staying in Montenegro

Foreigners temporarily staying in Montenegro, including tourists from Serbia, have no cause for concern as they will be provided with urgent medical assistance regardless of whether they have a form from the Healthcare Fund of their country or not, said the Director of the Fund for Healthcare Insurance, Mr Sead Čirgić.
 “A foreigner temporarily staying in Montenegro has the right to emergency healthcare protection in accordance with the Law on Healthcare Protection. Healthcare institutions are obliged to give emergency assistance to foreigners, provided that the individual bears the costs of said assistance if he/she does not come from a country with which Montenegro has concluded an interstate agreement on social insurance,” Mr Čirgić said.
A foreign guest visiting Montenegro from a country that has concluded an interstate agreement with MNE shall carry the appropriate form, certified by the holder of health insurance of a foreign state.
“On the basis of that form, a branch of the responsible fund will issue the foreign guest a health list on the basis of which he/she can exercise his/her right to health protection. If a person comes from a country with which MNE has agreement, but has forgotten to submit the form, the form can be submitted later,” Mr Čirgić explained.


Although there are fears regarding the number of foreigners requesting emergency medical assistance due to coronavirus epidemic, the measures of the Fund have not been tightened.
In ordinary situations, tourists who need emergency medical assistance shall visit a healthcare center or emergency unit which shall provide them with medical assistance and assess the potential need for referral to another healthcare institution.
“If a foreign tourist has reason to believe he/she has COVID-19 and is staying in a hotel, the tourist shall address the person in charge who will then refer them to the healthcare center or competent epidemiologist. If a tourist has a more severe clinical picture, he/she will be transferred to hospital,” stated Mr Čirgić, adding that there was “no need for concern”.
Source: CDM English
21 Aug 2020, 17:01 PM

August 21, 2020 - Montenegro has resolved to restart the Bar-Bari route, on which it ceased operating in 2016. The procurement of a roll-on/roll-off passenger ship to run from Bar to Bari is on the unique list of priority infrastructure projects in the area of maritime transport and would allow Montenegro to restart its operations on the service, which is currently run by Croatian company Jadrolinija, Dnevne Novine writes.

Bar-Bari Service

The ferry connection with Italy started operating on 18th June 1965, and has run regularly ever since, except during sanctions. However, four years ago, Montenegro was left without the ship Sveti Stefan II, which had its classification removed by inspection company Bureau Veritas. The line was taken over by Croatia, whose Jadrolinija transports passengers on the route Bar-Dubrovnik-Bari.

However, as the Strategy for the Development of the Maritime Economy for the period from 2020 to 2030 states, Montenegro is planning to procure a new passenger ship in 2022.

"The Strategy for the Development of the Maritime Economy envisages support for the procurement of a "ro-ro" passenger ship for international maritime traffic and direct regular transport of goods and passengers between Montenegro and other countries in the region. The activity is part of the Action Plan and is foreseen for delivery in 2022," the strategy explains.




20 Aug 2020, 05:45 AM

August 20, 2020 - The laboratories of the Institute of Public Health have completed PCR analysis of 393 samples for the new coronavirus in the last 24 hours, among which 55 new cases of COVID-19 infection have been detected. The number of currently active cases in Montenegro is 962.

The number of new COVID-19 cases per municipality:

Podgorica 18
Bijelo Polje 13
Niksic 5
Ulcinj 3
Berane 3
Bar 3
Plav 2
Plužine 2
Rozaje 1
Budva 1
Cetinje 1
Pljevlja 1
Mojkovac 1
Herceg Novi 1
Since the last section, one death has been reported to the Institute in a patient born in 1939, treated at the General Hospital in Nikšić. Since the beginning of June, the total number of deaths related to COVID-19 is 72. Since the beginning of the year, 81.
Fifty-nine patients recovered yesterday.
Since the beginning of the year, the number of registered cases of infection with the new coronavirus is 4229.

The number of COVID-19 cases is growing in the region

The number of new COVID-19 cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia is growing day by day. According to the latest data, BiH has seen the most significant increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the entire region where 340 new cases were registered in the last 24 hours, while eight COVID-19 patients died.
Two hundred and fifty-five new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Croatia, and the number of currently active COVID-19 cases is 1689.
In the last 24 hours, 1,159 people were tested for coronavirus in Slovenia, among which 34 new cases of infection were confirmed, the Slovenian government announced. This is twice as many as the previous day when 17 new COVID-19 cases were discovered. There are currently 16 patients hospitalized in the country.
During the epidemic, testing has revealed a total of 1,827 cases of infection in Slovenia, and today, according to official estimates, there are 256 active cases.
According to the latest cross-section of Albania's situation, 158 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the previous 24 hours, and two people have died.
In North Macedonia, 1,902 samples were tested for coronavirus in the same period, of which 108 were positive, and two have died.
According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, in the last 14 days Croatia has seen a total of 33.4 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, which ranks it among the ten countries with the highest number of coronavirus patients in Europe.
Spain has seen the highest numbers in the given period, where 132.2 infections have been recorded per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Luxembourg and Malta, with just above 98 per 100,000 infected.
Austria, which has put Croatia on the "red list," has 26.8 infections per 100,000, neighboring Slovenia 12.4, Italy 10, and Hungary has the lowest number, with only 4.4 infections per 100,000 recorded in the last two weeks, according to Croatian media.
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