05 Dec 2018, 15:37 PM

December 5, 2018 - Great names of the local and regional rock scene - Damir Urban, Darko Rundek & Ekipa, Bombaj Stampa, Psihomodo Pop, Galija, Four Blues Drivers, Autogeni trening and M.O.R.T. will perform in Kotor during the New Year's holidays.

Kotor was the first town in Montenegro to organize an outdoor New Year’s concert in 1997, and for the second year in a row, the celebration takes place as the event called Rock New Year.

The festive rock spectacle at the Main Square in Kotor will open with a rock band from Sarajevo, founded in 1982, Bombaj stampa, led by Branko Djuric-Djuro, with the recognizable hits „Bolje letim sam“, „Uzalud me podsjećaš“, „Mrak i ja“ and many others.

From Zagreb and remembered on the Yugoslav scene as one of the founders of the band "Haustor" from the late seventies, Darko Rundek and his Ekipa band will perform a multi-instrumental spectacle with a repertoire four decades long, reminding the audience of the hits Šal od svile“, „Šejn“, „Ena“, „Bi’ mog’o da mogu“, "Makedo”, „Apokalipso“ and many others that are remembered by all generations.

From Rijeka, Damir Urban will perform in the first hours of 2019. His specific vocals have permeated into the regional music scene for three decades, from the first published album in 1993, through cooperation with the great names of alternative rock, to independent and especially appreciated recordings of concert performances.

Rock band M.O.R.T. whose performances are characterized by fierce sounds and melodicism, was founded 15 years ago in Sinj, and since then has published three studio albums. They began to gain popularity among regional audiences, thanks to numerous festivals, thanks to songs „Meni se skače“, „Tango“, „Olovni vojnici“, „Nina“, and „Buka u glavi“.


New Year’s Kotor – photo Boka News

The second musical evening will also have four concerts, the first of which will be the performance of the blues group Four Blues Drivers, bringing powerful performances that are the synthesis of the best and can be extracted from classic rock by the best music and standards.

For more than four decades, the band Galija, characterized by a specific progressive rock sound, has made their songs known to all generations in this region. With 14 studio albums and a series of compilations and major studio and concert performances, they are known by hits „Stare trube“, „Još uvek sanjam“, „Da me nisi“, „Skadarska“, „Uzalud se trudiš“, and tone dedicated to the town where they perform this time - "Kotor". 

The 35-year-long existence of the Croatian rock band Psihomodo Pop, one of the most recognizable ex-Yu pop punk bands, is accompanied by an uncompromising sound and specific stage performances. The audience always sings the unforgettable "Frida", "Ramona", „Ja volim samo sebe“, led by Davor Gobac, a painter who is also remembered by numerous television and film roles.

The ending of the concert performances belongs to the Montenegrin band Autogeni trening, which has been resisting the challenges of the domestic scene for 18 years, uncompromisingly maintaining the sound quality and sharpness of texts with powerful messages through "Mulj", “Raskrsnica“, „Ljubav i izgaranje and many others that describe problems and challenges of the people today. The organizer of the program is the Tourist Organization of Kotor.

Text by Boka news, on December 5th, 2018, read more at Boka news

05 Dec 2018, 14:53 PM
December 5, 2018 - Ivo Vizin - Captain of Dreams, the children's theatre play about the most famous captain from Boka Bay and the first Slaven who sailed around the world will premiere this evening at the grand hall of the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" in Kotor.
The play is the co-production of the Podgorica City Theater, the Kotor Festival of Children's Theater and the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković" from Kotor. For the performance text, Jelena Lela Milošević got the award in the ASSITEJ 2017 competition. Zoran Rakočević signs the direction. The story of what Captain Ivo had to survive so that in 1852 he was ready to go on a nine-year journey around the world and to sail over 100,000,000 nautical miles, will show the actors: Vule Markovic, Jelena Simić, Sanja Popovic, Pavle Popovic, Goran Slavić, Miloš Pejović, Branka Femić and Pavle Ilić.
"Ivo Vizin has created for himself an eternal journey with his companionship with the people who have gone through his difficult childhood. He had reached the Cape of Good Hopes before getting at the sea because good hope is inside, in each of us. The question is whether the monsters of our fast-paced life where we are losing empathy are forgetting the foremost - the family and the best friends in which we run for the empty career success and the accomplishments in which we are lonely, to succeed in perpetuating us forever defeats people. Let's get in the sailing life, "says the announcement of the show.
According to the actor, Goran Slavić, acting the figure of Federico Bellavista, explains that due to the weight of the actions and situations in which the characters are, this theatre show is suitable for children older than 12 years.
The play follows Ivo Vizin's life since the earliest childhood through various life events in the birthplace of Boka Bay, until he became one of the best-known captains and the first South Slavens who sailed the world on his ship Splendido.
The theater show starts at 8 pm. You can buy tickets at the Cultural Centre ticket desk, from 6 pm to 8 pm for the price of 4 euros.
05 Dec 2018, 07:39 AM

04 December 2018 - A protocol on cooperation between Tourist Organization Herceg Novi and Tourist Organization Saint Petersburg was officially signed by the TOs directors Pavle Obradović and Nadezhda Petrovna Vitalevna. This protocol is based on tourist promotion, exchange of cultural and artistic groups and societies.

The conference was opened by the Saint Petersburg Regional Commissioner for Culture Konstantin Zuardovich Suchenko, who appointed Svetlana Lavrecova to be an ambassador of cultural and artistic cooperation between Saint Petersburg and Herceg Novi. She is also an artistic director of the Days of Russian Culture in Herceg Novi.

"They appointed the budget for daily allowances and air tickets for artists who will come to Herceg Novi, and we have provided accommodation, trips, and stages for those. If this pilot project turned out to be successful, it is planned to upgrade it to even higher levels of cooperation. We hope that it is because we plan for Herceg Novi to become capital of culture in a region such as Saint Petersburg is in Russia," said Pavle Obradović, director of Tourist Organization Herceg Novi.

At the conference in Saint Petersburg was also the Vice President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Miloš Konjević, representatives of Herceg Novi's hotels Lazura, Perla, Simo Milošević Institute, Trend Travel Agency, Montenegrin Holiday DMC Agency, as well as the representatives of Tourist Organization Budva and Tourist Organization Kotor, Montenegro Airlines and the Ambassador of Montenegro to Russia, Ramiz Bašić.

"We had an extremely successful conference with 32 tour operators from the Saint Petersburg region and 17 media companies," Obradović pointed out.

He added that the Days of Saint Petersburg and Russia would be held in Herceg Novi in June during the next summer season.

"They are interested in coming here in September, so there is great potential for this cooperation to work, since in that period, when the city is not filled and when there are plenty of free capacities, we can bring many different cultural art societies, theater, and dance groups. We try, by doing this, to attract the Russians and the local population from the region," concluded Pavle Obradović.

05 Dec 2018, 07:20 AM

04 December 2018 - The first New Year's decoration in the old town of Kotor announcing the upcoming holidays appeared all around town on December 4. The town started preparing decorations and the job was much more relaxed this year since many decorations have already been bought, preserved and neatly organized during the last year.

Traditionally, first of all, the streets will be decorated above which is a green wreath from the branches.

"Firefighters of Kotor, who are always there to help in any situation in order to make the city more beautiful in the holiday's spirit, are doing a great job and this part of the work will be finished in no time," said Milana Andric, architect at the Directorate for the Construction and Development of Kotor.

She added that the city would be decorated in the same style as it was during last New Year, with a few minor changes, due to the satisfaction of citizens who had positive comments for the 2018 New Year's Eve.

As for the bright lights decoration, this programme will be even more vibrant. There will be more light curtains all around the city, and all the arches will be illuminated with lamps as well. The space in front of the old town will also be revived with a new figure.

KotorHolidays0412 1

In this spirit, on the behalf of the organization of "Vida Matjan" Music School and KotorArt "Don Branko's Days of Music" on Thursday, December 6, 2018, starting at 8PM in the Concert Hall - Saint Spirit Church, the Concert of the opening ceremony of the Kotor concert season 2018/19 will be held.

On this occasion, performers such as Dimitrij Prokofiev, playing the cello and Ratimir Martinović, playing the piano will present their performances to the audience.

02 Dec 2018, 23:11 PM

01 December 2018 - The 10th international, diplomatic Christmas charity fair took place on the December 1 in the shopping mall ‘Delta City’, Podgorica, from 10 AM to 6 PM, and public administration minister of Montenegro, Suzana Pribilović opened it. This year’s charity fair will gather 21 embassies, while the main organizer of this beautiful event is the International Women’s Club of Montenegro.

“There will be plenty of locally made food, scarfs, and souvenirs from Cappadocia, dolls, and, of course, Baklava,” announced Aylin Galip, the president of the International Women’s Club of Montenegro, who has been performing this function for 2 years already.

The Fair will gather the representatives of Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Slovakia, South Korea, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine (participates for the first time), and France as well.

The aim of the event is to collect money for humanitarian purposes by selling locally made crafts, while the participants will also be able to present the countries they come from. ,

Collected funds will go to the Children’s Home “Mladost” in Bijela, the Day Care Center for children with developmental difficulties in Stari Aerodrom (Podgorica), while part of the money will be used for buying didactic necessities for primary schools “Radojica Perović” and ”Oktoih”, as well as the kindergarten ”Sunce”.


For more information and photographs, read at Cafe del Montenegro.

01 Dec 2018, 02:04 AM

30 November 2018 - The Protocol on Cooperation of Tourist Organizations of Herceg Novi and Saint Petersburg, signed in September, will be officially announced on December 1 in this Russian city. Representatives of the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi, a delegation of the Municipality, as well as a dozen businessmen from Herceg Novi, representatives of local Tourist Organizations from the coast, the Ministry of Transport, the National Tourism Organization and Montenegro Airlines traveled to Saint Petersburg. Representatives of the Embassy of Montenegro in Russia will also be present.

According to the director of the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi Pavle Obradović, a press conference is planned for December 1, where the main tour operators, travel agencies and the media will be present.

"I think that it is very important to establish cooperation with a popular tourist destination, from where a large number of tourists can come from us. Our city is a very attractive destination for tourists from Russia, and Saint Petersburg, a city of over five million inhabitants is a very emitting market and based on these facts the cooperation of tourist organizations of two cities will be affirmed," said Obradović, adding that they received support from the Ministry of Tourism and National Tourism Organization .

Herceg Novi and Saint Petersburg will cooperate in the field of culture and tourism. According to the Agreement, business cooperation includes cooperation in various fields such as tourist traffic, establishing and implementing the tourism development policy and its promotion, coordinating and organizing cultural, artistic, sports and other events, with the aim of mutual promotion and promotion of tradition, customs and ethnological treasures of tourist areas of two cities.

In May next year, Herceg Novi will host guests from Saint Petersburg for many cultural and entertainment programmes.

01 Dec 2018, 02:01 AM

30 November 2018 - As stated in the official UNESCO’s report, Singing to the Accompaniment of the Gusle was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2018.

During the thirteenth session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage that took place at Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius, from Monday 26 November to Saturday 1 December 2018 at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre (SVICC), it was decided that Singing to the Accompaniment of the Gusle will enter UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Over the six days, the twenty-four States Members of the Committee, elected by the General Assembly of the 2003 Convention, have discussed a number of issues that are important for the safeguarding of living heritage around the world. On this occasion, the agenda of the meeting included the issue “Inscriptions on the Lists”, which led to the expansion of the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Singing to the Accompaniment of the Gusle was nominated for inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2017, along 39 other nominated proposals, and during the examination of nominations process, the Committee representatives have made the decision for this performing practice to enter the aforementioned UNESCO’s List.

The proposal for the nomination process included the following short description of the element: “Singing to the accompaniment of the gusle is a performing practice that includes solo singing of folk epic decasyllabic poems, performed by a singer to the accompaniment of the gusle, a one-stringed (exceptionally two-stringed) bowed string instrument. In the past, both the poetic texts and the musical component of guslar songs were transmitted orally, whereas today, the presented texts mostly include the well-known, written ones, while the musical component is shaped through improvisation. This archaic form of folk art promotes the highest ethical values, the importance of kinship and the homogeneity of the community, and it is also a blend of the community's historical memory and traditional music skills. The communities that practice it considers it the most representative element of their identity.”

UNESCO’s Official Website has recently created a page that describes the Singing to the accompaniment of the Gusle as a performing practice.

“Singing to the accompaniment of the Gusle – a simple string instrument – is an ancient art of performing primarily heroic epics practiced for centuries as a form of historical memory and an expression of cultural identity. Performances involve a complex form of interaction between the audience and performer and are based on the skills and creativity of soloist artists (guslars): the guslars’ ability to dramatize poetic content, body language and charisma are key for successful performances. The repertoire includes songs predominantly about mythical and historical heroes, events from the legendary past, ancient or recent history and, less commonly, ballads and humorous songs. Stage performances take place locally, at festivals, and as part of commemoration practices. Covering a wide range of topics, the songs reflect the value system of the community and their interactive character fosters community feeling. Most modern guslars acquire the basic singing and playing skills from more experienced players in their family, local community or a guslar association, but the skills are also transmitted in public music schools,” it is stated on the page.

30 Nov 2018, 20:11 PM

November 30, 2018 - The Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor and the Boka Navy Kotor promulgated the capital work-History of Montenegrin Maritime in the Context of Adriatic, Mediterranean and World Maritime Affairs by Dr. Antun Sbutega.

The promotion of the book, which was organized at the Palace Grgurina Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor, was addressed by the director of this institution, Andro Radolović, one of the most important scientists of today dealing with the history of Boka Bay – archaeologist M.Sc. Jovan J. Martinović, and the author, Doctor of Economics and Admiral of the Boka Navy Antun Sbutega. The lecture, by Ms. Jovica Martinović, was submitted by Slavko Dabinovic, a retired librarian.

"Composed chapters in the manuscript are assembled in a very well-organized chronological order, from the earliest to the recent phases of maritime development. Within each chapter, the author paid his attention to focusing on a wide area in the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea, and across the Montenegrin coast to Boka Bay as one of the priorities in studying the total matter," emphasized Mr. Martinović.

"The show of 2.5 million years of maritime development, with the abundance of data and well-used literature, was a demanding task whose successful solution was only capable of being personally connected to the sea through a long family and local tradition, but at the same time a person armed with erudite and encyclopedic knowledge in more scientific areas... This book represents the most significant scientific contribution to the study and popularization of our rich maritime past," wrote Mr. Jovan Martinović on the promotion of the book, which was held on Thursday in the Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor.

Numerous visitors and acquaintances were welcomed on behalf of host Andro Radulović, director of the Montenegrin Maritime Museum of Montenegro, who pointed out that the publication of the book History of Montenegrin Maritime once again confirmed the fact that Boka Bay and Montenegro are an inexhaustible source for history and culture of the people who created it.

"I hope the book will serve as a great motive and a sign for more intensive and more dedicated engagement with the aim of studying our past," Radulovic said.

"I do not know how much I wrote; it was not short, I will tell you that the bibliography has 750 units and about 1140 footnotes... This book has been the fruit of my entire life since I entered the world of seafaring in the earliest childhood, surrounded by seafarers, historians, technical works and objects that testify to maritime history," said Admiral Sbutega visibly satisfied. "This book is not an encyclopedia, nor I have the pretense to elaborate all the aspects through the time fully, it is only the first comprehensive review that should inspire other authors to write on this subject," the author said.

"The history of our navy is very long and rich in events and interesting personalities, which was very difficult and demanding to critical in a book, so I had to miss much. The main, intimate motive to write this book is the sense of debt towards my family members who have been involved in maritime affairs for more than 400 years. I dedicated this book to them. But not only to them but also to all seafarers in the history of this area and to numerous naval historians of the previous generations, which I owe my life orientation, the culture of knowledge and identity. It is written from the feeling of debt to the present and future generations, as an attempt to bring them at least part of that knowledge and values. It was a complicated and long job, but also an exciting intellectual adventure," said Sbutega.

Sbutega emphasized that the coast is still today the most developed part of Montenegro, where the most important foreign investments are being developed. "And now Montenegro is breathing through its shore, although it is not always aware of it. There are at least 6,000 active seamen in Montenegro, but is an impressive number compared to the number of inhabitants. More than 95 percent of our seamen are sailing with foreign companies, and their revenue is estimated at over 200 million euros. It is the highest income Montenegro achieves. In Montenegro, tourism revenues of about one billion euros are expected, but this is total revenue, of which pure profit is between 100 and 150 million. The 200 million of the seafarers' income has no expense. In spite of schools and more seafaring training centers, Montenegro has no clear and long-term maritime policy."

"The most important goal of this book is not to increase awareness of the significance of maritime history, but to encourage state and social institutions and seafarers to create a development policy without which country cannot effectively develop maritime affairs and valorize the coastal state's position. Marine affairs are, once again, Montenegrin most important business branches," said Boka Navy Admiral Antun Sbutega.

The release of this capital work was realized thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, and the publishers are the Maritime Museum of Montenegro Kotor and the Boka Navy Kotor.

30 Nov 2018, 01:47 AM

29 November 2018 - The 14th Annual Awards Ceremony "Wild Beauty Award 2018", organized by the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, was recently held at the "Government House" in Cetinje. This Ceremony’s primary purpose is to grant awards for individuals and organizations for their excellent work and outstanding contribution to improving the quality of the tourist offer of Montenegro.

Bearing in mind the proposals of the Awards Commission whose members include representatives of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, the media and the tourism industry, as well as the suggestions of local tourist organizations and the interested public gathered through the online questionnaire, the decision on the categories and the winners was brought by the Official Jury for Wild Beauty Award 2018.

On this occasion, a total of 5 awards and four official acknowledgment letters were granted to individuals and organizations for their outstanding contribution to the improvement of the quality of tourist offer in 2018.

At the 2018 Awards, the “Hotel of the Year Award” went to Chedi Hotel Luštica Bay, while the “Destination of the Year Award” was given to Porto Montenegro. The “Restaurant of the Year Award” was given to the representatives of "Murano Restaurant" Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, while "KotorArt festival" claimed the “Event of the Year Award.” The WBA 2018 also awarded the “Tiny Sand Budva” with the “Best Beach of the 2018 Season”.

The WBA organizers also gave official acknowledgment letters to Porto Montenegro as an Event Destination, "Household Kljajić" Berane for their contribution to the development of agriculture, “HG Budva Riviera” for implementation of standards in hotel industry and "HG Casa del Mare" Herceg Novi as a positive example of domestic hotel management brand.

As announced by the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, the Award Ceremony was attended by Montenegrin President Milo Đukanović, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović, Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović, Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro Radoje Žugić, Mayor of the Old Royal Capital Aleksandar Kašćelan and numerous officials from the tourism sector, cultural and public life.

The National Award "Wild Beauty Award" was established in 2005 to show recognition to tourism organizations and individuals for their work and contribution to the development of tourism in Montenegro, as well as to improve the quality, promotion and the creation of new values for tourists.

29 Nov 2018, 19:54 PM
November 29, 2018 - Tivat received a monument to Tito. On 29 November - the Day of the Republic the NGO General Consulate of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia of Tivat, a memorial to the founder and lifelong president of the SFRY, Marshal Josip Broz Tito has been set up on the main town promenade, with his name.
"In addition to the 75th birthday of the most beautiful country in the world, our homeland of Yugoslavia, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the successful and impressive work of the SFRY Consulate General in Tivat. On this occasion, ceremoniously on Pine and the Promenade of Marshal Tito, we have revealed a monument to Tito, the greatest son of our nations and nationalities. The monument is the work of the well-known Yugoslavian academician Augusto Augustinčić," General Consul of SFRY, Marko Perkovic said.
In this way, Tivat symbolically overwhelmed Podgorica, to be the first town in Montenegro after the fall of the SFRY to reveal a monument to the late marshal, giving 'homework' to Podgorica Mayor Ivan Vukovic (DPS), who promised to set up a Tito monument in former Titograd
Symbolically, the monument of the SFRY and the Yugoslav Communist Party leader was set up on Pine so that Tito "turned his back" on the luxury yachts and expensive apartments in Porto Montenegro. As pointed out by the SFRY Consul General, "this bourgeois complex has sat on the temporarily occupied territory of the former Arsenal of Tivat's workers and shipbuilders, and represents everything that is contrary to the ideas of social equality and the postulates of socialist morality." 
By this act, we have interrupted the uncertainty surrounding raising the monument to Tito in Titograd, or the restoration of his sculpture, which they have been shaming for 30 years. Fortunately, they did not get to cut into old iron and sold it to Konik," said Consul Perkovic. He added that the ceremony of AVNOJ was held today in Tivat, chaired by another Ivan Ribar (by profession), as well as 75 years ago in Jajce (Ribar was the last name of AVNOJ chairman, and in Serbo-Croatian means fisherman).
"The session confirmed the re-established historic decisions of the Second Assembly of AVNOJ in 1943, which have an invaluable value today in Montenegro, which are hardly reachable European values," Perkovic underlined, congratulating the holiday of Yugoslavia "to all its former misguided sons and former Tito's pioneers, and now leading Montenegrin, Serb, Croat, Albanian and other nationalists in this region. "
On 29 November, the Day of the Republic of SFRY, an Ex-YU party was held at the elite Tivat hotel "Regent."
28 Nov 2018, 23:04 PM

November 28, 2018 - International Multidisciplinary Scientific Symposium "Ancient Budva" and the accompanying documentary exhibition "The First Discovery of Antique Necropolises in Budva" organized by the Public Institution "Budva Museums and Galleries" started today in the Modern Gallery in the Old Town. The events took place on the occasion of two significant jubilees - 80 years after the discovery of the ancient necropolis and 15 years since the foundation of the Budva Museum.

What About Ancient Budva?

When digging the foundation for building the hotel "Avala" from 1936-1938, several graves from the Hellenistic and Roman period were discovered. Graves carried valuable goods - especially gold and silver jewelry, various vessels, glass, ceramics, and weapons. The research continued twenty years later, and most intensively after the earthquake in 1979. The necropolis has two parts, the older belonging to the Hellenistic period from the 4th to the 1st century BC, and the newer belonging to the Roman period, the 1st and 2nd century AD. With a total of 450 graves discovered, all the traces lead to the conclusion that the necropolis has been in use for more than a millennium.

Apart from the Museum of Budva, objects from the Budva necropolis, especially those found from 1936-1938 belong today to many other museums (Cetinje, Belgrade, Zagreb, Split) but also to private collections.

ancient budva necropola

Ancient Budva brings together scientists from 8 countries

The organization of the international scientific symposium on the occasion of the anniversary of the great discovery was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and the Municipality of Budva, and the partner of "Budva Museums and Galleries" in this project is the Budva Tourist Organization.

Aleksandar Bogdanović, Minister of Culture of Montenegro, opened the Symposium "Ancient Budva" and the exhibition "The First Discovery of the Necropolis in Budva." Academi Aleksandar Čilikov, in front of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, addressed the participants at the beginning of the gathering. Mayor of Budva Dragan Krapović and Lucija Đurašković, director of "Museums and galleries of Budva" welcomed the guests thanking them for being a part of this important scientific meeting with the aim to support further activities to preserve and present the oldest parts of the town's cultural heritage. 

"Ancient Budva" is the first scientific meeting organized by the "Budva Museums and Galleries" in the European Year of Cultural Heritage. In Budva, reference lecturers coming from Australia, Italy, Austria, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro will offer answers to numerous and diverse issues from the ancient past of Budva and the East Adriatic coast.

Ancient Budva Heritage to Read the Context of Hellenic and Roman Times on the Eastern Adriatic

The first day of the conference lasted for three sessions, where participants were able to learn about the antique Budva from the most renowned art historians, architects, and archeologists. Prof. Dr. Adnan Kaljanac spoke on the theme of "The legendary founding of Butua (Budva) and its influence on the appearance of Illyrian ethnos in the Mediterranean." Pprof. Dr. Lucijana Šešelj from the University of Zagreb spoke about Budva and Hellenism on the Adriatic. There were also opportunities for insights into Budva's material culture from the ancient period thanks to lectures by Dr. Milijana Dimitrijević on "Material Culture and Group Identities of Hellenistic Buddhist People" and Stefan Novakovic, who talked about the fortifying construction of Hellenistic Budva and other guild-like settlements on the Montenegrin coast.

The second session of the symposium was devoted to the methodology of research and presentation of the ancient Budva heritage as a cultural heritage. Katarina Jović spoke on the subject of "Ancient Budva Heritage as a Cultural Heritage: the Memory and the Forgiveness of the Ancient Budva Past." The period of antiquity in Budva also left traces of the nautical heritage, spoken by Mr. Gordana Karović, while Mr. Maja Franskovic, Dušan Maksimović, and Dunja Davidović spoke on the topic "Mosaic in a museum setting - the methodology of conservation on the example of an ancient mosaic from Budva." Dobrila Vlahović gave a lecture "Approach to the protection and preservation of cultural and historical values of antique Budva."

ancient budva pillar

(Photo: Foto Bjelica)

The third session of the international symposium was reserved exclusively for the theme of ancient necropolises, discovered 80 years ago. The presentation by Dr. Miroslav Luketic was devoted to memories and records of the first discovery of 1938. Dušan Medin discussed the necropolis interpretations in the period after the invention, from 1938 to 1940, while Doc. Dr. Zorica Kuzmanović, Dr. Jelena Lj. Cvijetić and Mr. Lucija Đurašković talked about the social aspects of the rituals of the dead, the magic power of the graves with bronze bells, and the ways of burial of the deceased in the antique on the example of the Budva necropolis.

Three scientific sessions are planned for tomorrow, as well as a visit to the remains of ancient Budva and the Museum of Budva. The first session will focus on topics of importance for the interpretation of the findings of Hellenistic ceramics in Budva, and the second session deals with the artifacts of glassware and warfare equipment.

The last part of the scientific symposium stands for topics of importance for the evaluation and treatment of the archeological heritage of the broader area of the Montenegrin coast, as well as models of action aimed at better treatment of the oldest layers of cultural heritage.

The conference will end on Friday, 30 November, when participants will be able to meet the cultural heritage of the Old Town of Budva in the company of local guides.

This important project, which promotes the rich cultural and historical past of Budva as an ancient city, has been supported by numerous socially responsible companies and public companies from Budva (Dukley, Adriatic Fair, Zeta Film, Budva Water Supply and Sewerage, Mediterranean Advertising, Lovcen Film, Splendid Hotel, Budva Hotel , the hotel Grbalj, the Adriatic restaurant Kod Krsta and the Porto restaurant). On the occasion of the organization of the exhibition "The first discovery of the ancient necropolises in Budva", Budva's Museum established cooperation with the museums where archaeological artifacts discovered in Budva necropolises are preserved, including the National Museum (Serbia), Archaeological Museum in Zagreb (Croatia), Archaeological Museum in Split (Croatia) and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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