Porto Montenegro Hosts Hackathon in Port 2019 from May 22 to 24

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Porto Montenegro Hosts Hackathon in Port 2019 from May 22 to 24 Copyrights: Official Hakaton Website

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20 May 2019 - The software company Logate and the digital community of Montenegro Digitalizuj.me are organizing the seventh in a row Hackathon, called Hackathon in the Port 2019, from May 22 to 24, in Porto Montenegro in Tivat.

Hackathon in the Port 2019 is a regional tech event that brings together developers, project managers, graphic designers, and all those enthusiastic about technology, the development of tech solutions and their application. The event consists of a full-day conference called "Interact", which is followed by a two-day Hackathon - a programming marathon where eight teams from all over the region compete in the creation of computer applications.

Porto Montenegro Hosts Hackaton in the Port 2019 from May 22 to 24 3

This year's event is focused on gaming, so the main theme of the Hackathon 2019 is creating computer games. All contestants are already exploring interesting gaming concepts and already booking a ticket for Tivat. Additional details of the topic will be known at the event itself, but the organizers highlighted that this year’s participants would, besides the competition, have the opportunity to listen to the whole day's lectures in the field of development of video games. Lectures will be held on the first day of the event, in the form of a conference called "Interact".

The conference is conceived as a gathering place for gaming enthusiasts who will exchange knowledge and experience, and learn about the concepts of designing, developing and programming computer games. Speakers at the conference are experts from some of the largest gaming companies in the region, so the organizers are confident that the lectures will provide enough inspiration for the challenges the competitors will be facing. The lecturers from the conference will also be team mentors during the competition.

Porto Montenegro Hosts Hackaton in the Port 2019 from May 22 to 24

The winning team that comes up with the best solution is expected to receive a cash prize of 3.000,00 EUR, provided by Hackathon’s partner, Societe Generale Montenegro. Also, the supporter of Hackathon, the Spark.me conference provided the winners with a presentation within the Spark.me Start-Up Competition, which will be held after Hackathon on May 25 and 26, also in the Porto Montenegro Marina.

The team that gets second place within the competition will also receive a cash award in the amount of 1.000,00 €. The sponsor of this prize is the company SAGA CG.

The Hackathon 2019 conference is an ideal place to learn about the latest tools, methodologies, and practices of the gaming industry, but also to gather useful tips, ideas and inspiration to do business in this very popular branch. With a creative and entertaining theme, inspiring tech lectures, attractive location, and even more attractive awards, the organizers promise the best Hackathon experience for all participants!

Data acquired from the Official Hackathon Website.

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