04 Jan 2019, 15:13 PM
January 4, 2019 - Morsko Dobro, the public company from Budva, confirmed that the leaseholder of the coast at Đuraševići, the company FAB Petrol from Podgorica, did not obtain all the necessary papers and approvals and therefore did not receive any resolution approving that a new small marina could be built on this part of Tivat's coast.
"The leaseholder of the sites in question was still in the process of obtaining the necessary approval from the competent authorities, which they notified by letter, and we did not issue the Decision on setting up and organizing the docks and berths. In the meantime, the public company Morsko Dobro has determined the performance of the pontoon setting and filed a report with the Port of Kotor to take measures and actions out of its jurisdiction," said Ivana Lazovic, the PR of the public company “Morsko Dobro.”
Even though there are no papers and permits from the state to do so, FAB petrol set up two of the floating gates on the shore below a former old brickyard two months ago. And they've done that during the procedure for adopting the Environmental Impact Assessment of the facility's environmental impact in Krtole - now the Movida Beach, which guns the same company. Two new floating concrete gates total a length of 104 meters in the form of a Latin letter "L", and are equipped with a yacht connection to the water and electricity grid, and lays to the distance of up to 60 meters from the existing coastline and thus form the new small "Marina Solila". Even though its formation for the state is still completely illegal, FAB petrol is already launching its new Marina Solila on the site of Tre Canne (a residential business complex in Budva, whose investor is also the FAB company). They are calling all parties interested in the berths in this marina now because they will "soon be available." Unlike what EPA and Municipality Tivat's documentation says, the investor company reports customers that the new marina will have berths of up to 40 meters (twice the size of the ones they reported to the state).
Morsko Dobro reminded that last year they carried out the procedures for leasing the location on Obala Đuraševića in Tivat, marked in the Plan of Temporary Facilities such as 10.9 Pier and 10.35 Mobile Floating Pontoons, with the purpose of fitting and commercial boat mooring. Morsko Dobro concluded the contract with FAB Petrol on 8 June 2018 "which stipulated that it was the object of using the marine area in front of the existing concrete pier at Đuraševići in a length of 150m, 3,900m2 on the site of Stara Račica-Solila, with two floating pontoons measuring 50 x 4 m. For their construction, it is necessary to assess the impact on the natural environment."
"As an integral part of the contract, urban technical conditions are stipulated (protection measures, making estimates, materialization, necessary approval of competent bodies, etc.) for obtaining a decision on setting up a temporary facility. The same conditions specify which approvals and documents of the competent authorities are required to enable Morsko Dobro to issue a Decision on the Establishment of the Temporary Pontoon Depot (approval of the Port of Kotor, Maritime Safety Directorate, Port Authority of Kotor, Agency for Environmental Protection, main project, and revision of the project). As the tenant of the sites in question is still in the process of obtaining the necessary approval from the competent authorities, we did not issue the Decision on setting up and organizing the docks and berths," said Morsko Dobro’s PR Ivana Lazović.
She pointed out that they were, therefore, seeking a response from the Port of Kotor to which they had filed a complaint about the illegal placement of floating facilities in the waters of the Bay. Lazovic did not answer the question of when we can expect the removal of unlawful facilities, or when Morsko Dobro will terminate the lease of this part of the coast with FAB Petrol due to the illegal handling of the company and the usurpation of the sea property.
This part of the coast of Krtole has been operated on illegally by the "Marina Solila" for the years it was used by the company Yacht Voyage from Tivat of the Russian citizen Sergey Voronkov, who leases this part of the coast from Fab Petrol. At that marina with a capacity of twenty yacht berths, which functioned without the required papers and permits, there were serious incidents on two occasions in 2016. The 40-meter mega yacht "Mona Lisa" rammed its berths during a storm and hit the shore and the surrounding vessels. In April 2017 a 12-meter yacht "Yulia" was lit on fire and sunk, flooding hundreds of liters of oil into the sea.
Due to the events at this location and the FAB's intention to expand the marina capacities that do not have any permits, the Krtole villagers who have property near this location have been bothered, and believe that such activities of the subject company could be dangerous. Despite this, the fact that an illegal marina where serious incidents occurred is on the verge of the internationally protected nature park - the Solila reservoir, none of the authorities in the state until today stopped the construction and use of "Marina Solila."
Text by Sinisa Lukovic, Vijesti
04 Jan 2019, 13:45 PM
January 4, 2019 - “Light Under The Black Mountain”, the Bokelian blues-rock band, promoted their second single 'Wake up the flame'. After the breakthrough of 'Breakin' the blues', as promised by the Boka Bay musicians, they presented another great song to announce their first album.
“There are nine songs on the album, and we will drop one single every 20 days," said the drummer of the regional blues attraction “Light under the Black Mountain” Željko Samardžić who is also the author of the new single 'Wake up the flame.'
Music and arrangements for 'Wake up the flame' were the work of the famous songwriter and “Light under the black mountain” guitarist, Kristijan Đuranović. The single recorded Miha Radonjić in the studio M Sound, while Predrag Pejić from Novi Sad's DoReMi production did the song mastering.
With the song 'Wake Up the Flame', Light under the Black Mountain once again demonstrated its luxurious music range, as, unlike 'Breakin' the Blues', which they did in the best fashion of modern blues, the new song follows the spirit of contemporary rock with a nostalgic appeal to the classic rock from the 70s of the past century.
Kristijan Đuranović is the leading composer and guitarist in the band, which includes: Danijel Petkovski-vocals and lip harmonics, Romeo Lukšić-guitar, Branko Marković- bass, Željko Samardžić-drums, and Goran Milojevic-percussion and accompanying vocal.
light under the black mountain 1photo by Radio Bruškin
Our style is blues-rock, and this box will keep us from various influences from the Balkans. We avoid any contact with Balkan sound or any other domestic musical direction. So our sound is American, and we will produce only such a sound with our band. Because of this sound, we loved music and guitar, and it is a good idea that what we love and produce,” said founder of the band “Light under the Black Mountain,” Kristijan Đuranović.
The musicians of Boka Bay have had live performances in the whole region, performing at a more blues festivals, as well as an excellent concert at the New Year's Eve in Herceg Novi, where they also played the songs that will be on their first album. The audience in Kotor had the opportunity to hear the new songs of Light under the black mountain and enjoy their performance the day before, on 30 December within the performance of Kotor's musicians at the Arms Square.
02 Jan 2019, 21:06 PM

02 January 2019 - The restoration of the Cemetery of the Petrović dynasty, which is located near the entrance of the Cetinje Monastery, has been completed. The Directorate for Protection of Cultural Property of Montenegro approved the reconstruction works and they cost about 12.000,00 EUR.

For the first time in more than half a century, the Cemetery of the Petrović dynasty was restored and returned to its original appearance.

Conservators and technicians of the Centre for Conservation and Archaeology renewed the vaults, pilasters, and walls on the inside of the cemetery and repaired all nine graves within the cemetery.

The conservation of the inscriptions on the tombstones was made during the reconstruction, which was done following the original inscriptions. Also, the restoration of heraldic and religious symbols on the graves was done. Two licensed conservators and three conservator technicians worked on this project. Besides the reconstruction of the grave sites and the conservation of the inscriptions, the works included the restoration of the staircase, wrought iron fence, as well as levelling the terrain between the grave sites where the ground stone was added.

Duchess Stana Mirkova Martinović, mother of King Nikola, daughters of King Nikola - Marija, Vjera and Ksenija, his grandson Prince Mihailo and the sons of Prince Mirko Petrović - Stefan and Stanislav, rest at the Petrović Cemetery at the Cetinje Monastery. The tombs of Princess Zorka Karađorđević and her son Andrija, whose remains were transferred to Oplenac in 1912, are empty ever since.

Source: RTCG

02 Jan 2019, 00:53 AM

01 January 2019 - Further movements of interest rates on loans will mostly depend on effects of the normalization of monetary policy in the EU. If interest rates remain unchanged, as the monetary authorities in the EU are announcing, I expect that they will remain at the same level in Montenegro too, said the Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro, Radoje Žugić.

He said that interest rates could go up if the European Central bank drastically changed the course of its policy and increased reference rates. However, trends at the European market do not indicate drastic changes in the policy in 2019, and, therefore, the CB does not expect an impact on domestic money price.

“A strong trend of reduction in interest rates in Montenegro has been obvious for quite some time. Although they are recording historically minimum levels, interest rates are still very high, that is, they do not contribute to minimizing the weaknesses of the real sector – non-liquidity and insufficient competitiveness,” said Žugić.

According to him, interest rates on savings are at an extremely low level.

Žugić pointed out that the Central Bank had prepared and delivered to the Government recommendations for the economic policy for 2019.

“By analyzing the overall macroeconomic situation, we have identified the domains where it is necessary to undertake specific measures, to increase competitiveness and improve the business environment and thus open the growth potentials necessary for more intense economic growth and reduction of risks involved. The Budget plan for the next year was projected on real bases and by the recommendations of the Central Bank. The key factor of maintaining fiscal sustainability is the consistent implementation of the measures of fiscal consolidation,” said Žugić.

After analyzing business environment, it has been stated that improvement of competitiveness is one of the key components for conducting appropriate economic policy.

“In that context, we made a recommendation that should entail changes rates of contribution on the salaries. We have also suggested considering the possibility of increasing minimum wage, as well as continuous work on suppressing grey economy to create an effective measure for increasing competitiveness and reducing the informal economy. According to the assessment of the potential negative impact on fiscal indicators, the Government’s opinion is that there is no space for an increase of minimum wage next year. However, it is necessary to consider this implementation,” says Žugić.

Asked whether the request of the opposition regarding the reduction of excise on fuel due to high growth rates is founded, Žugić says that chances for that are slim, due to the process of the rehabilitation of debt and deficit.

He also said that the temporary management in Atlas and IBM was introduced with the aim of considering possibilities for the continuation of their business.

“If the reports show that their business is sustainable, recapitalization will be called. The existing owners will have the advantage. In case of a negative report, the outcome would be taking away the work permit and instigation of bankruptcy proceedings,” said the Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro.

01 Jan 2019, 14:59 PM

January 1, 2019 - The Ministry of Health has begun to think about building a new hospital in Kotor, said the Director of the General Hospital of Kotor, Dr Ivan Ilic.

According to the 2011 census, Boka Kotorska has over 80,000 inhabitants. The Kotor General Hospital is a medical centre also for patients from Budva, and more than 1200 foreign patients were treated last summer in this facility.
Asked if the hospital has the capacity for medical care of so many patients, Dr Ilic explained: "One is hospital accommodation, and the other is a contemporary treatment, a treatment that does not require long-term hospital accommodation but is, therefore, looking for an extremely organised emergency, the so-called daily operation. It implies active treatment, quality diagnosis, and recovery of patients. Regarding our capacity, we have about 165 beds that meet the needs of the region, but we are not satisfied with the space we have, and I constantly repeat it to all those in charge.”
Dr Ilic reminded that Kotor never got the main hospital building rebuilt after its destruction in the earthquake in 1979. Instead of new construction, there were montage buildings completely dismantled through decades. Over the past three years, the management has, through donations and own resources, adapted 850 square meters of montage facilities for the needs of polyclinics, laboratories, and technical services. In the same way, they intend to provide the facilities for dialysis, transfusion, and apothecary.
"We have a brilliantly equipped operating block that, unfortunately, is in an improvised space. This space is not built to be an operational block and cannot meet standards. It's the same with emergency service. For good functioning of this medical centre, it is necessary to invest funds for its expansion," says director Ivan Ilić.
"If there is a need to build a new medical centre somewhere then this is in this area. We have strong demographic growth, especially in Budva, Tivat and Kotor. The space between Jaz and the airport of Tivat will turn for few years in a large settlement. It would be ideal to build a new modern facility in the so-called Industrial zone and to bring together all three hospitals: the General Hospital of Kotor, the Psychiatric Hospital in Dobrota and the Special Hospital for Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Neurology in Risan," according to Dr Ilić.
"I sent the Minister of Health a letter explaining why we needed a new hospital. I know that the Ministry is looking for ways to fund the construction. The plot of land of the Kotor and Dobrota hospitals is well worth the value of 15 million euros, which would serve as compensation. I predict that the construction of a new hospital would cost 40 million euros and that it would be quite achievable for our country. I constantly repeat that by developing tourism, we get guests who are thinking about where they go and what kind of health care they are on this destination. We have to take this into account because we have declared tourism as a strategic business branch," stressed for Boka News, the director of the General Hospital of Kotor, Dr Ivan Ilic.
Source: Boka News
31 Dec 2018, 16:53 PM
December 31, 2018 - The craftsmanship of wooden boats in Montenegro will soon gain the status of an immaterial cultural asset. The beautiful news came that the Cultural Heritage Management Board of the Ministry of Culture finally accepted the initiative of the Caliphate Workshop Bokovac and its dedicated masters, Pero and Nenad Bokovac, to protect the art of crafting wooden boats. Establishing the protection of craftsmanship should open the door to the preservation of numerous examples of traditional wooden boats, some of them more than a hundred years old, but also to ensure that craftsmanship of old craftsmen is preserved for future generations.
The official acceptance of the protection initiative by the competent cultural institution is only a first step in the process, which implies the application of regulations for the protection and the determination of the cultural and historical value of the craftsmanship of wooden boats.
"This act is of great significance to us and our ten-year-long work and effort, which is, for the first time, in the right way valued. In our caliphate workshop, we persist, with love and many resignations, preserving and maintaining the ancient knowledge and skills of the old craftsmen, caliphates, and boaters. We are one of the few in Bar, Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi as well as out of the borders of Montenegro. Accepting the Initiative gives us a strong wind in the back to us and to all who deal with traditional shipbuilding. Official protection is not only a question of preserving beautiful traditions but also worthy of knowledge," commented the news portal PR manager of the Caliphate Workshop Bokovac, Miroslavka Lala Bokovac.
wooden boats 2photo by Zoran Nikolic,
The long and hard work of Pero Bokovac and his son Nenad has recently been nationally recognised in economic terms, and the products of the Caliphate Workshop Bokovac have been awarded the status of a protected, Montenegrin product. Also, family Bokovac succeed in placing their products on the international market. In shipbuilding, they cooperate with domestic companies, Navar Shipyard, and Avel Yachting & North Sails from Tivat.
The Caliphate Workshop Bokovac is responsible for the popularisation of the "Arsenalka", the only authentic Montenegrin wooden boat built in the former Tivat’s Arsenal, which they have saved from oblivion, devoting themselves to the creation of new wooden boats of this type. They also added a Latin sail, which contributed to both function and admiration.
In popularising the importance of preserving the knowledge required for the construction of traditional wooden boats, Caliphate Workshop Bokovac has the support of photographer Zoran Nikolic from Stoliv, who has been blogging on wooden vessels for many years and has been helping Bokelians to rebuild old boats for a long time. Help also comes from NGO Kamelija Stoliv, which has been organising a rowing wooden boats race called Camellia Trophy for six years now.
30 Dec 2018, 13:17 PM

December 30, 2018 - New Year's program in Bokelian cities is very diverse, so it's hard not to find a party for your taste. Whether you are a fan of good rock, love pop or enjoy the sounds of folk music, Kotor, Tivat, Budva or Herceg Novi will satisfy your preferences. Here's a review of the New Year's programs that will make it easy for you to make a decision.


new year program Kotor Rock New Year 1Kotor enters the New Year with the sounds of good rock. After the Children’s New Year and performances of Kotor’s musicians planned for today, tomorrow a two-day Rock New Year's program begins, where the most popular regional rock names of today will perform.
The spectacle at the Kotor’s Arms Square will open with Sarajevo’s band Bombaj Press, and the New Year will be brought in by the great music of Darko Rundek & Ekipa. The following is the performance of Damir Urban, and the band M.O.R.T. is responsible for the fun until the morning hours.
For the first night of the New Year 2019, the Kotor Tourist Organization also organized performances of four rock bands. The program begins with the performance of Four Blues Driver, followed by Galija, Psihomodo Pop and Autogeni Trening.


new year program Tivat 2019jpgThe main New Year program in Tivat is closer to the preferences of fans of folk music, but the organizers made sure to offer a diverse accompanying program.
Tonight from 9.30 pm, the Split Disco Inferno band starts the program called Magic Night.
Tivat will enter in 2019 with the songs of Željko Joksimović. Before the regional folk music star performs the tribute band "Abba."
The first night in 2019 the citizens and guests of "Montenegrin Monte Carlo" will entertain the Balkan folk star, Lepa Brena. Montenegrin musician Bojan Delić and his band play as a pre-group.
The program at Tivat will continue on 2 January, when Ana Kokic and the Tivat band Toć will perform.


new year program hnHerceg Novi and its guests will enter the New Year 2019 with the hits of the Belgrade rock band "Riblja čorba" and their frontman Bora Djordjevic. They will perform at Igalo on 31 December from 23:00. At the same stage at 21:00, as a pre-band, Kotor’s band "Light under the black mountain" performs.
The biggest Montenegrin pop star, Sergej Ćetković, plays in Igalo on 1 January. The concert will follow after the performance of the Tivat band "Toć."
Alternative festive entertainment is available in Herceg Novi. Favorite DJs will perform at Skver on 31 December and 1 January. There are daily groans as well as a New Year's Eve Party.


new year program budvaThis year, Budva organizes a jubilee New Year celebration on the square in front of the Old Town.
Tonight there is an electronic music program in Budva with local DJs, Burak Yeter (Turkey) and Darren Emerson (UK).
The New Year's Eve program begins with Jack Lupino and Leftovers and the Aerodrome group. In the first minutes of 2019, the gathering will introduce the pop-folk star, Dino Merlin.
Budva traditionally organizes a concert of classical music in front of the Old Town on 1 January at 2 pm. This year the Revival Orchestra performs with Sara Vujošević, Emilija Minić, Marijan Šovran, and Lana Asija Dabović.
In the evening part of the program perform Akademija, Partibrejkersi, and the program ends with the Van Gogh group concert.
30 Dec 2018, 12:16 PM

December 30, 2018 - Within the celebration of the Children's New Year at the Arms Square in Kotor, the central event “Waiting for Santa Claus“ starts today at 4 pm. Activists of NGO Karampana and Kotor's artist Goran Moškov Gonzo have prepared an interactive program with a message – Let's Love, This is the Year of Love! As part of the event From Christmas to Christmas, follow the performances of the Kotor musicians in the program named "Kotor-City of Good Music." General sponsor of the event From Christmas to Christmas is Luštica Development company.

For the fourth consecutive year, Luštica Development supports the organization of the program "From Christmas to Christmas," which is taking place from December 23 to January 8, 2019. The company's particular emphasis is placed each year on the celebration of the Children's New Year on 30 December. 
The program lasts all day, with a traditional Santa Claus visit to the maternity and nursery department at the General Hospital in Kotor at noon. A joyful parade will give gifts to the children who will not spend the New Year holidays in the warmth of their homes, or at the central event "Waiting for Santa Claus," which will take place at the Arms Square from 4 pm.
During the central celebration, the children will be able to watch the interactive children's play "Let's Love - This is the Year of Love." The organizer provides new year gifts to all the children who come to Kotor today. 
In the continuation of the program from 8 pm begins the music program "Kotor, a City of Good Music," which will feature the Kotor's Who See Klapa, Niggor, and Jelena Kaženegra.
"Cooperation with NGO Karampana, one of the organizers of the program, is a special honor and the representatives of Luštica development company are always pleased to attend and support the rich New Year program of Kotor. We give the special attention to the Children's New Year, bringing the loudest joy, mumbling the most sincere smile the most credible way is to enter the upcoming calendar year with those who are our future," said Slavica Milić from Luštica Bay marketing team.
childerns new year and kotor musiciansOver the last year, Kotor had a record number of concerts that featured some of the greatest names of the world, regional and local classical, jazz, pop and rock music, orchestras and smaller instrumental ensembles, choruses, and soloists. Thus Balkan recognizes Kotor as a city of good music, and proportional to the number of inhabitants and concerts is also the most prominent concert stage in the region.
Therefore, at the end of the year, the stage is reserved to the Kotor musicians whose work the regional audience has been watching for more than a decade. The public at the Arms Square will have a chance to hear a rich repertoire. The musicians have announced premier performances and numerous surprises.
29 Dec 2018, 16:52 PM
December 29, 2018 - At the famous olive grove Dzidzarin in Old Bar a reconstruction of the cultural asset - an old stone bridge over the Suva or Perin stream, which the Olive Society Bar renewed with the help of the Tourist Organization (TO), was presented.
This bridge probably dates from the end of the 17th or early 18th century, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, and the name of the scapegoat is unknown. One of the five ancient bridges built in the diameter circle of 800 meters in Podgrada, its original length was 20, and its width was about 2.8 meters.
For the promotion of the project supported by the public call of the TO Bar for the valorization of cultural heritage and the valorization of cultural goods in the territory of Municipality Bar, president of Olive Society Bar Cazim Alkovic announced that the whole project is worth 4,000 euros.
"Patient and persistent action, the Society has created preconditions for establishing the first olive road in Montenegro, which leads from the Old Bar, down the slopes of Kascel, through two old bridges, through the olive grove Dzidzarin, through Bartul to Donji and Gornji Podi, through Dobre Vode to Mrkojevic and further to Albania. To protect the natural and cultural heritage, and to add interesting tourist content to this road, we were pleased to accept the suggestion of archaeologist Omer Peročević that we jointly renovate and preserve the old bridge on the Suva or Perina stream. In Omer's words, this bridge is the gateway to the natural museum of olive growing, culture, and religion," Alkovic pointed out.
He reminded that the bridge covered the high shrubs for a long time; there were damages on the stone fences, the cobble was mostly damaged, fell short and threatened to collapse.
Members of the Olive Society Bar were therefore enthusiastically cleansed all the harvest from the bridge and the environment and saved the bridge for revitalization works.
"After the public call, Suvad Osmanovic was elected as the most successful bidder, already recognized as a real person for the affairs of this kind in Bar. We worked with patience and love, taking care of every stone, the color of cement and mortar, about every detail that the bridge will be safe with the maximum preservation of the original shape of the bridge. This bridge is the only in the environment with the original form preserved in all details. The representatives of the Cultural Heritage Management Board visited the bridge several times and followed the works, and we thank them for understanding and correct cooperation. All this contributed to the bridge is so beautiful and functional, and that is the fruit of the joint work of Dino Bećović, Petar Pukić and our secretary Dino Mujić, who was most engaged," added Alkovic.
Alkovic pointed out that the reconstruction and earlier actions such as the construction of the Olive grove Dzidzarin, reconstruction and presentation of the foundations of the Catholic Church of St. Urban, and the cleaning and restoration of pedestrian walk Kašćel, Olive Society Bar showed that far exceeds the corners of the agricultural organization. In Old Bar, there is an organization whose doors are open, which views olive growing as part of the integral development of this region, which has immense potential.
"After these projects, we can expect tourists to visit our cultural goods and our municipality and out of the main tourist season. This year, Bar announced a public call for projects for the valorization of cultural heritage, and in the future, we will support such activities to better present the great cultural-historical and natural potentials of Bar," said Director of TO Bar, Mr. Emil Kukalj.
Text by Radomir Petrić, Vijesti
29 Dec 2018, 10:02 AM

29 December 2018 - In Montenegro, Christmas Eve is celebrated on the 6th January and Christmas Day falls on the 7th January because the main Orthodox Churches still use the old 'Julian' Calendar. In the Orthodox Church, Advent starts on 28th November and last for six weeks. During Advent, some people fast, and they don't eat food that comes from animals (meat, milk, eggs, etc.).

Christmas Eve is called 'Badnji dan' during the day and 'Badnje veče' after sunset. It's a time where families prepare for Christmas. Many don't eat food that comes from animals on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve morning, it was traditional for men to go out into the woods and cut a type of Yule Log called a 'Badnjak' (Christmas Eve tree), generally from an oak tree. Now more people live in towns and cities, and they can buy a Badnjak from the market! The Badnjak is brought into the house on Christmas Eve evening and is meant to burn through the evening and night.

Christmas Traditions and Customs in Montenegro

Outside of churches, there are often large bonfires where people gather in the early evening on Christmas Eve. There are sometimes nativity and Christmas plays put on either outside or inside the churches. People can bring special Badnjak to put on the bonfires.

There are two Orthodox Churches in Montenegro, The Serbian Orthodox Church, and the Montenegrin Orthodox Church. They have different main Cathedrals and have two large bonfires outside them on Christmas Eve.

'Česnica' is a special kind of bread made at Christmas and it's made in a round shape. The bread is passed around, and each member of the family gets a piece. There is a coin hidden in it and whoever gets the coin will be particularly fortunate in the next year! At the main Christmas meal you might also eat 'pečenica' (roast pork), 'sarma' (cabbage stuffed with rice and ground meat) and different kinds of cakes!

Under the dinner table, there should be some straw as a symbol of the stable/cave where Jesus was born. When the straw is spread out, some people make the noise of a chicken! Clucking like a chicken symbolises that Jesus wanted people to follow him like one big family (like chickens gather together!). It's also common for a handful of walnuts to be spread on the straw.

In Montenegrin, you wish a Happy/Merry Christmas with “Hristos se rodi” - Christ is born and “Vaistinu se rodi” - truly born (reply).

Source: Why Christmas – Christmas around the world

28 Dec 2018, 14:59 PM

December 28, 2018 - President Milo Djukanovic presented the humanitarian medal to Konstantina Maraš from Niksic, who donated her kidney to his fellow citizen Ilija Bulajic.

As announced from Djukanovic's office, he said that he was extremely pleased to give her more than a meritorious acknowledgment for a brave, human and humanitarian act, once again affirming the humankind in Montenegro and a solid attitude towards people who need help.

"Such examples confirm that the notion of humanity has not only remained in history but has been living in Montenegro today," Djukanovic pointed out. He emphasized that he is particularly happy that, in the time of alienation and fast life, there are noble people who understand the needs of others and, unselfishly, help solve their problems or reduce them.

By recognizing Konstantina Maras, the state gives recognition and respect for a brave act and sends a message to everyone that we do not have the right to selfishness, but that we have to help people overcome their injuries," the president said. 

The distinguished citizen from Nikšić thanked the President, saying that this recognition would be an incentive for further humanitarian work.

"Maras pointed out that such gestures are recognized even worldwide as a special value of Montenegro, a small country with a big heart," the statement said.

Today's award is another example of the human and humanitarian act, after a recent recognition, also to the citizen from Niksic Tatjana Vukićević, who donated a kidney to his young neighbor Nikola Mijuskovic.

Text by CdM, on December 27th, 2018, read more at CdM

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