Honey and Olive Days in Radanovići with Beekeeper Petar Cimbaljević

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Honey and Olive Days in Radanovići with Beekeeper Petar Cimbaljević Petar Cimbaljević, copyright Cimbaljević

"Honey and Olive Days in Grbalj", the promotion of home honey and olive oil will be organized by Beekeepers’ Society Grbalj, in cooperation with the Olive Society “Boka” on Saturday, 17 August. The event will take place at PC VUKSIC in Radanovici (roundabout at Kotor intersection) from 8 AM until 8 PM, bringing different exhibitors and their products.

One of the beekeepers is a great nature lover from Radanovići, Donja Sutvara, otherwise a medical technician by profession, Petar Cimbaljevic. Peter grew up in the north of Montenegro, Berane, where he discovered his love for nature, and besides beekeeping, he also practices pigeonry.

“I have been involved in beekeeping since 1995. with my father and independently from 2007, says Petar for TMN. “I have been a member of the Grbalj Beekeepers Society since its inception and have participated in many events in most cities in Montenegro. I currently have over 30 beehives. The apiary is located in 2 locations. The wintering of bees is in Grbalj-Radanovica, and from May to mid-September I move them to Mount Lovcen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              inside                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

We currently have 4 types of honey: wormwood, heather, forest and bramble and I also hope for 5 types of magina product, it blooms in the month of October so that the honey crop should be in November.

According to the number of beehives and the types of honey I have, I claim to be unique in this region, primarily because of the quality and even for the amount of product per beehive. In addition to high quality home-made honey, our property also offers: propolis drops, Honey brandy, honey in honeycomb, pure beeswax, apple cider vinegar. I am a manufacturer of both nuts and swarms, both for my own needs and for sale.”

Inviting fans of bee products to come to the event in Radanovici on Saturday, Cimbaljevic, as a real host, invites them to visit him: “I invite all goodwill people to come to my apiary to try my products and hang out”.

Surely, there is a lot to see and try at the Cimbaljević estate, but apart the busy bee's sweet side, don't forget the pigeons!

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