Solila in Tivat: IBA Area and Protected Habitat of Plant and Animal Species

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Solila in Tivat: IBA Area and Protected Habitat of Plant and Animal Species Solila Reserve Tivat, Photo by Antonela Stjepcevic

April 5, 2019 - The area of Solila is located in the wet part of the coastal belt of the Tivat Bay in the area of Grbalj field. Activation of salt works, with built-in crystallisation basins, drainage systems and communication paths were planned 60 years ago, but it did not start working. The plants were evaporated, and the surface of each pool is about 3 hectares (150x200m). The total area of the lagoon of about 150 ha and has two rivers: Široka and Koložun.

The first data on the salty pools of Solila are found in medieval writings describing their importance for the economy of the neighbouring Kotor, which was based mainly on salt production and sales. Archives from a distant 1683, when this area was under Turkish occupation, described Solila as a significant area for salt production, representing 81% of total local population income. Salt stocks on Solila take place from April to October, involving all locally-working people and stout cattle.
Because of its importance for the survival of flora and due to the fact that it is a habitat for many endangered species of amphibians, reptiles and birds, in 2007 Solila was protected as a Special Flora and Fauna reserve, as the first protected area on the coast after 1968 when a large number of beaches were protected. Solila is also the Emerald habitat of the Bern Convention and the Area of International Importance of Birds in Montenegro - IBA.
Over the last years, Solila has attracted more and more tourists, offering unique birdwatching experiences. 

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