'Boka - Area of Mysterious Beauty' Presented by Film, Poetry, Music and Taste

By , 18 Nov 2019, 15:08 PM Lifestyle
'Boka - Area of Mysterious Beauty' Presented by Film, Poetry, Music and Taste Boka- Area of Mysterious Beauty- Multimedia Program Held in Gornja Lastva, Photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
November 18, 2019 -The typical and unrelenting atmosphere of heavy rain and southern wind of the Boka region was not an obstacle for the numerous audiences who traveled to Gornja Lastva to enjoy a multimedia program entitled "Boka - Area of Mysterious Beauty."  Cultural Heritage Organization Napredak Gornja Lastva organized the event to join in celebrating the November Days of the Municipality of Tivat.
Last night's heavy rain was an adequate overture to the screening of a short film by Kotor author Dušan Vuleković, entitled "Južina." By skillful combinations of scenes and sounds, with three protagonists, Vuleković was able to fully evoke the atmosphere of nature and the state of man faced with her relentlessness - characteristic melancholy of southern weather in the bay, from which neither the hills of Boka nor the man, is compelled to escape.
The melancholic poetics of Frano Alfirevic, a poet who, in the first half of the 20th century, sang nostalgically with his verses and prose about Boka southerners and the details of his life, was spoken about by professor of literature, Neven Stanicic:
"For Frano Alfirević, Boka is a place where nature speaks with primal power and primordial purity. The post-storm Boka is a place that brings us back to the first days of the world. The sea with him evokes respect and fear, the fear that man has just in confronting himself. And, as much as it is a commonplace - I never had any idea that we would experience the same sentence in the film - that it is challenging and inconvenient to encounter ourselves during the heavy rain, which here lasts for days."
Actress Dubravka Drakić presented Alfirević's prose and poems, followed by carefully selected tunes performed by our exceptional cellist, Maja Antić.
The smell of rain on Bokelian night was joined by the scent of Priganice prepared by housewives at the Ilija Marković Cultural Center in Gornja Lastva. With Rakijas enriched with Vrmac herbs and fruits, both locals and guests, last night, felt once again all the senses of Boka, the area of the mysterious beauty.

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