Slavica Trifunović

Slavica Trifunović

Profile: Slavica Trifunović

“Journalism is a way of thinking”. She is coming from Novi Sad, Serbia, where she finished Special Study of Journalism and has more than ten years experience working as a journalist, an editor, a radio host and more. She moved to Montenegro 13 years ago, to work on a project CG-RU, which was one of the first Tourist Guides in Russian. Montenegro took her heart at first sight, but there was always something missing. Coming from a big town where activities and events were a part of everyday life, she finds Montenegro very quiet. But in fact, it was only a lack of information flow. “If you want to know something, you go to the town and have a coffee. There you will hear if anything mentionable happened in the world or to someone from our little village. That’s all you have to know after all”. But that was not enough as, proper information is something that we must have in any developed Tourist Destinations.  So, “once a journalist always a journalist” besides her other work, she was participating in projects that improve communication such as Russian Radio Station, English Radio Project, and Montenegro Live (as an advanced video presentation of Montenegro, still on hold). However, now she recognized an opportunity to join the team of Total Montenegro News, to contribute her experiences and knowledge and together with all of us make TMN a recognizable online platform with TOTAL information about Montenegro. 

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