07 Dec 2020, 14:38 PM

Do you know the feeling when you want to watch a movie but spend too much of your precious time not knowing which to choose? Do you? Excellent! Then, you are at the right place!

For you, through the edition of the Seventh art, we search movies and TV shows. This time we present 'Tenet' (2020) by Christopher Nolan. Starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Kenneth Branagh.

This newest Christopher's mind game movie follows a secret agent (we do not know his name initially; played by John David Washington) who embarks on a personal mission to prevent World War III. He got caught in an unsuccessful SWAT mission, after which he tries to commit suicide (so he can show his loyalty) by swallowing the fake suicide pill. The protagonist wakes up on the boat, and an unknown superior enlists him for a battle to save the world.  It's one that will be fought with reverse shooting, time-traveling, and many more.

Time is a luxury that can be easily spent. Nolan shows us how someone can benefit from bending the rules. That traditionally leads to a battle between good and evil, but it is shown in an untraditional way. This fantastic sci-fi action doesn't forgive if you blink for too long. You have to be focused, or you may lose the plot.

Easily one of the best films of 2020 but it can kind of leave you with a headache for attempting to understand the storyline. Personally, that makes the film even better. Pressing pause and saying, 'Whaaaat?' doesn't happen that often. As it is displayed in the movie - '...Just feel it!'.  For some time, we can only 'feel' the movie because we won't understand what's happening until the near end. That's not the problem because acting is on point - especially the main antagonist Sator (Kenneth), a stylish but brutal Russian millionaire willing to do anything to get what he wants. He's that villain who will end the world with his family as casualties.

Oh, yeah! Did I mention that the film lasts two and a half hours? It will keep you busy in your thoughts. The only problem is the fact that you need to prepare yourself for this movie. You must be present; it's not something that you watch to relax. It will get you angry and happy at the same time. Well, it is Christopher Nolan's movie. Feel intrigued?

A film to watch! Prepare your popcorn and a nice drink and enjoy for almost three hours. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon, to keep your mind in training for the coming week.

07 Dec 2020, 13:58 PM

Podgorica: On Friday 4th December, the Montenegrin Parliament elected the new Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic. New Government is the 42nd in the country's history and the first after three decades in which President Milo Djukanovic's Democratic Party of Socialists will not be present.

Forty-one deputies voted for the new Government, 28 were against, and one abstained in the 81-seat parliament.

In the new Government, the vice president's function will be performed by the Civic Movement 'Ura' leader Dritan Abazovic. The Minister of Defense is Olivera Injac, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs is Djordje Radulovic. The Minister of the Interior is Sergej Sekulović, the Minister of Finance and Social Welfare is Milojko Spajić, the Minister of Capital Investments is Mladen Bojanić, and the Minister of Economic Development is Jakov Milatović. The Minister of Justice, Minority and Human Rights is Vladimir Leposavic, the Minister of Health is Jelena Borovinic Bojovic. The Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports is Vesna Bratic, while the Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning, and Urbanism is Ratko Mitrovic. Tamara Srzentić is the Head of the Department of Public Administration, Digital Society, and Media, while Aleksandar Stijović is the Head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management.

Krivokapic, a 62-year-old university professor close to the Serbian Orthodox Church, announced that the priorities in the Government's program would be an economic recovery, the rule of law, the fight against corruption and crime, a new antiCovid 19 strategy, and good relations with neighbors.

'We want zero corruption, it is not easy to achieve, but Zdravko Krivokapic cannot do it, this Government cannot do it, we can all do it together. If we want it, we will do it. You have already made that this Government, due to political calculations, should last 100, 200 or I don't know how many days. Believe me; it will last four years because for four years 41 (a majority in Parliament) will always be higher than 40, and why not 71 if we think good to Montenegro.'

After the end of the Assembly session, the new Prime minister said at a press conference that 'Montenegro will not become another Serbian state' and that the Government 'did not want to make concrete promises because they assume that the data they have 'is not correct.'

'The exact data is only what was found. Everything else is an assumption. We have strange statistics, which differs from certain ministries' data,' Krivokapic said, referring to the data they received from the previous Government's representatives, stating that data 'Very often do not correspond to reality.'

29 Nov 2020, 22:10 PM

November 29, 2020 - Is the development of Montenegro as a maritime and coastal country spontaneously or strategically planned? What is the maritime traffic pressure on the sensitive ecosystem of the Bay of Kotor? The year 2020 allows us to take a break. And to look at the relationship with the sea as the most crucial development resource of our country.

Boka is known as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, but due to its fjord-like shape that slows down the exchange of water masses it is one of the most sensitive ecosystems of the generally endangered Mediterranean Sea. In recent years, it has been under significant pressure, as it is known as one of the most popular cruising and yachting destinations, which has led to accelerated but completely uncontrolled development.

The most impressive users of the waters of the Bay of Kotor are certainly cruise ships, of which an increasing number have been coming in recent years. But there is also a vast number of yachts, sailboats, speedboats, motorboats, and jetskis. The construction of a seaplane port in Petrovići near Krašić has also been announced. Of course, sailors, rowers, divers, fishers- all of them count on Boka as well.

maritime boka surfing 3

Illustration, Source: Boka Surf FB

Is there room for everyone? How to respond to the wishes and needs of all stakeholders while preserving the sea and life in it? Integral planning, I guess. But we still do not have such plans on the horizon.

The year we will soon see off has brought vast changes in all fields. The negative economic impact of the crisis the COVID pandemic has brought us has affected almost all crucial spheres of the Montenegrin economy. But the absence of the tourist season, or maritime traffic reduced by more than 80 percent, delighted fish and crabs. Dr. Mirko Đurović, an expert on marine mammals from the Institute of Marine Biology, explains:

"Until 2020, we can freely say that there was a lot of pressure when it comes to maritime traffic, a large number of cruise ships, motorboats, yachts, speedboats, jetskis, everything we see during the summer. This year we did not have a tourist season. This was unfortunate, as a large part of the population survives on tourism, but in terms of the natural environment, this was a nice break, as far as the Bay of Kotor is concerned. I am sure that people have also noticed that the seawater is much more transparent, that the water is cleaner, visually, and we will see how things will go further. It will probably go back to normal when this whole corona situation is resolved."

maritime fos media

Cruise Ships in Kotor, Source: FOS Media

We must find a balance between economic interests and the need to protect the environment, is the message of a journalist specializing in reporting on the sea and maritime affairs, Siniša Luković:

"If we could see anything positive from this situation with COVID, it is that we had the opportunity to compare this year when there was almost no maritime traffic, during the summer months in the Bay of Kotor compared to what we had in previous years. And we saw how chaotic the situation was. It is obvious it a million ways, but we may see the best answer through the recovery of the marine biosphere and life in the sea in general. You have seen that much larger quantities of fish have returned, more marine mammals, that the sea is much cleaner, that the whole environment is healthier. Last year we had chaos in some respects, this year the complete opposite has been the case. We have to find some balance in between to work with each other."

There are a large number of problems when it comes to maritime traffic in Boka, says the captain of the long voyage and naval pilot, Rajko Čavor:

"We do not have defined waterways, we are deprived of many other solutions that are implied in regulated maritime countries. I've been a pilot for twenty-something years. All this time, I have been trying to help us sit down and define rules that will apply once and for all. WIth the way we do it now, we currently have an unsettled situation at sea and general savagery."

maritime navigajemo 7

Firefighting intervention, Porto Montenegro, 2018, Photo by Antonela Stjepčević

Let us ignore the incomprehensible fact that the Environmental Protection Agency does not have a sector, not even a single expert, that specifically deals with the sea as an environment. Žarko Lukšić from the Maritime Safety Administration explains which institutions are responsible and included in the system for the protection of the Boka waters:

"The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Interior formed a joint operational team, which united funds related to marine pollution and search and rescue at sea. A national emergency response plan has been developed. Its revision is in progress, and we expect that plan to be changed by the end of the year, to include the oil plants that are planned for next year.“

Regarding the legal regulations, besides national legislation, our country is a signatory to 15 international directives, conventions, and resolutions, among which the most important is the MARPOL Convention for the Protection of the Sea against Pollution from Ships.

In addition to the Maritime Safety Administration, the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs also has the Port Authority, the Port Authorities of Kotor and Bar, and the Maritime Safety Inspectorate. As Luksic stated, the border police and the Ministry of Defense are included in the control system. However, only one navigation safety inspector is responsible for the entire area from Kotor to Jaz. Inspector Željko Lompar:

"When you look at the safety of navigation through the Bay of Kotor, which is our joint task, not only of the safety inspection but of all citizens, we can freely say that it is exceptional, although I am the only inspector involved. The situation is difficult. It is legally almost impossible to find a colleague. The competition remains open to any engine manager or naval captain who has a Faculty of Maritime sciences. The Safety and Navigation Inspectorate would be so happy to send such a person to carry out inspection work."

boka news

Ferry line Lepetane- Kamenari, Source: Boka News

Siniša Luković doesn't agree with Inspector Lompar when it comes to the functionality of the maritime safety system. When asked whether the problem is in the legislation or the coordination of the competent institutions, Luković says:

"The problem lies in the legislation and the coordination of the competent institutions. I think that 25% is in the laws, and 75% is in poor coordination, or the unwillingness of the competent state bodies to do their job in the right way. For me, it is a startling fact that we do not have a networked information system between the Maritime Security Administration, the Maritime Border Police, the Harbor Master's Office, and the Naval Inspection of the Navy (Montenegrin Army). All these institutions are wondering about everything that happens at sea. It is incomprehensible that there is no one information network where any of these bodies will, at any moment, know the situation in our coastal waters.

We are not talking about the waters of the Pacific. We are talking about some 100 kilometers of the Montenegrin coast and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It is incomprehensible from that position that there is no single coordinated supervision over what is happening in our sea.

On the other hand, there is an unwillingness of certain state bodies to do their job the way they should. Why does the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Traffic allow itself to systematize new positions in the Navigation Safety Inspectorate where the required education is structured so that it does not even necessitate a boat masters exam? Imagine a situation where you are at sea, controlled by someone who does not even have a boat masters exam, which you are obliged to have at any time you wish to go to sea with your boat? What are we talking about here? Is that a serious situation?"

Kotor, Source:

One of the particular challenges in Boka is the control of the movement of vessels, for which not all the necessary infrastructure is yet in place. 

"The Maritime Safety Administration has already taken measures to expand the monitoring of the Bay of Kotor through the IPA 2017 pre-accession assistance program. It is planned to procure and install the missing sensors that will cover the entire bay. These are funds that are not easy to provide; it is not easy to build a system. However, we have enough experience, the project is already underway, and we hope that at the beginning of 2022, the sensors will be in place," emphasize Lukšić.

In Boka currently, not counting the marina Luštica Bay, there are four maritime border crossings. It means that yachts and boats do not have to seek free traffic just entering our territorial waters, which Žarko Lukšić explains as a requirement for the development of nautical tourism.

"As safety managers, we have to adapt to that. Three large marinas have been built, one is on the open sea (Luštica Bay), two are in the bay (Porto Montenegro and Porto Novi), and we certainly cannot influence that."

Captain Čavor claims that we should set up the system better:

"We need to dedicate more time and do it professionally. To know when the ship sails into the Bay of Kotor, what are its duties. We must introduce a reporting point, a moment when everyone, absolutely everyone who sails into the Bay of Kotor, must contact anyone, the Port Authority, or Bar Radio, anyone. So, we know that certain vessels have sailed into the Bay of Kotor, and we know what the overall situation is in the bay."

In neighboring Croatia, the system works differently. For example, yachts are not allowed to sail from Boka near Ponta Oštro and head to Dubrovnik. They must register at the entrance port of Cavtat and get free traffic. Why we do not regulate the situation similarly remains an open question.

29 Nov 2020, 21:14 PM

November 29, 2020 - The winter tourist season is under question due to the epidemiological situation, but experts claim the problem would not be skiing, but gatherings that usually follow this sporting activity.

Measures against the spread of coronavirus, which are prescribed by the National Coordinating Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT), such as a distance of two meters, wearing masks, and regular disinfection, are not easy to follow on ski resorts. However, according to the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro (IJZ), skiing as an individual sport is not a risk, but gatherings that usually follow, are.

"As an individual sport, skiing does not pose an epidemiological risk. Also, the equipment that is worn during skiing helps to a very great extent to prevent the transmission of the infection. What poses an epidemiological risk are gatherings after skiing in cafes and bars along the trail. Activities of this type carry significant epidemiological risk, "said the IJZ.

As for this winter tourist season, which many believe may not happen, the Institute says that this depends solely on compliance with the prescribed epidemiological measures that are currently in force throughout Montenegro.

"When it comes to the winter tourist season, IJZCG wants to believe that we all understand that the improvement of the epidemiological situation depends exclusively on respect for the adopted measures. "We have the opportunity to create conditions in which we will be able to have a good winter season by respecting the measures, but we will strictly respect all official recommendations," they said.

The director of the Ski Center "Kolašin 1600", Sasa Jeknić, says that, despite the current situation with the coronavirus, this Ski Center is ready to welcome guests.

"The opening of the winter tourist season is planned for mid-December, which depends on the snow cover and measures adopted by NKT to suppress and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic," Jeknić said in an interview with the PCNEN portal.

He adds that they operate with the belief that "the situation will significantly improve by the opening of the winter tourist season."

Source: T. Djurnic, PCNEN

29 Nov 2020, 20:54 PM

November 29, 2020 - Safe travels in Montenegro has 29 companies, mostly hotels, several travel agencies, as well as the national airline Montenegro Airlines (MA) listed, while procedures for another number of entities are underway, the National Tourism Organization (NTO) announced.

The NTO told Pobjeda that the tourist industry is very interested in using the label.

The World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), which represents the global private travel and tourism sector, has awarded Montenegro the international Safe Travel label.

It is a specially designed label, due to the health crisis Covid-19, which allows passengers to recognize destinations and companies around the world that have adopted global standards of health and hygiene as a crucial prerequisite for safe travel.

The NTO said that, in the given circumstances, it is a necessary step for gaining the trust of tourists and the recovery and sustainable development of the sector, which is of strategic importance for the Montenegrin economy.

"It is essential for the safety protocols and measures adopted by the Institute of Public Health (IPH) in the field of tourism to be implemented, to make the stay of tourists in our country as pleasant as possible and to protect the health of all tourists," said the NTO.

NTO is the holder of the label in Montenegro. All interested participants in the tourism sector can apply for use, such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, tour operators, transport providers, airports, and others, with the obligatory condition to meet and implement the standards defined by health protocols.

"Using the Safe travels label is free. Among the current carriers are many other European countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, some provinces of Austria, Russia, Spain, and Great Britain. And tourist destinations on the American, African and Asian continents, ” said NTO representatives.

"Having in mind the current health situation facing the whole world, this label can be a powerful marketing tool. For both the foreign tourism industry and tourists, safety is more important than ever, and this label indicates that the tourist entity applies hygiene and health recommendations, measures and protocols ”, explained the NTO.

The participants of the tourist economy from the coastal municipalities, Podgorica, Nikšić, Kolašin, Mojkovac, and Žabljak have shown significant interest so far.

"We hope that the number of users will grow day by day, which will show that we are responsible as a destination and that the safety of tourists and all citizens is our primary concern," said the NTO.

Source: MINA

28 Nov 2020, 19:40 PM

November 28, 2020 - How did Montenegro get from the only corona-free country in Europe to the second place in the world for the number of patients per million inhabitants? Speaking to Deutsche Welle (DW), the future Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić announced a new strategy to restore citizens' trust in institutions and establish control over the COVID epidemic in Montenegro.

In five months, from the only European corona-free country, Montenegro has gone to the top of the statistics map in terms of the number of COVID-19 patients per million inhabitants. In mid-June, Montenegro did not have a single case of the virus for a full 40 days, and at the end of November, it recorded more than 500 new ones every day. In a country of 620,000, nearly 500 people have died from COVID-19.

The opening of the borders brought the virus into the country again. Then the epidemic was ignited by almost everyone with irresponsible behavior - citizens, believers, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the government, and the opposition, which in the meantime became the new government. No smaller country had more mass rallies at a worse time for an epidemiological time bomb, writes DW.

"Non-compliance with measures and unique examples of a large number of mass public gatherings - are key reasons. All of these were severe risks that were not correctly understood," Boban Mugoša, director of the Montenegrin Institute of Public Health, told DW.

However, he adds that Montenegro is a country with a small population, so one newly infected significantly raises the incidence rate per million in comparison with other countries. Montenegro does not have the highest mortality, nor are all its covid beds filled. "It leads to a more accurate picture, which is by no means the second-worst in the world," claims Mugoša.

Opposition supporters began a series of rallies in the days leading up to the August 30th parliamentary elections. The elections themselves brought huge crowds, followed by the celebration of opposition supporters after the triumph. The government responded with a series of patriotic rallies, one of which gathered tens of thousands of people in Podgorica, all in the presence of representatives of official bodies, who had previously banned such behavior themselves. The final epidemiological time bomb followed the farewell and burial of Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral in early November.

The media war between the Montenegrin Prosecutor's office and the police, two bodies that should cooperate in the protection of the people and the state, best shows how much the system washed its hands of everything. And while in the first wave they arrested teenagers if three people were sitting on a bench (because only two could), now practically no one is responsible for such drastic violation of measures.

Mugoša says that they appealed in vain every day for citizens to not gather.

"There is also a cultural context, our tradition, emotions, expression of political attitude, desire to see friends- all of that included in the whole story. Then, it is easy to forget the recommendations. The psychological defense mechanisms start according to the principle "it won't affect me." Unfortunately, it will. It is often difficult and painful to get rid of these delusions, and it usually happens when a person becomes infected on their own," explains Mugoša.

In the first wave, Montenegro achieved a good result by severely punishing citizens for violating measures. Now there are not so many penalties, and a large number of people do not listen to epidemiologists, so as not to wear masks or crowd in cafes.

However, while at the beginning of the COVID epidemic, they enjoyed entire public trust, Mugoša also admits that it is changing.

"We went through all the stages, me, and my team - from when everyone loves you and when you are "heroes," to when you are certainly not anyone's favorite. It teaches you that praise should not distract you, and criticism and attacks should not discourage you. I think that the Institute enjoys trust because people see that we will not give up, but we also need respect for our recommendations," says Mugoša.

He points out that he never claimed that everything they did was perfect. He adds that mistakes and omissions happen because they had to act immediately, but he is sure that the significant majority of moves were correct.

Source: Deutche Welle (DW)

28 Nov 2020, 18:40 PM
Novemebr 28, 2020 - Mandator for the composition of the new Government of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapic, has presented the final proposal for the Parliament of Montenegro to decide upon at the session scheduled for December 2.
He nominated Olivera Injac, a professor of security, for the Minister of Defense, Sergej Sekulović for the Minister of the Interior, and Djordje Radulovic for the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Krivokapic nominated Milojko Spaic for Minister of Finance and Social Welfare. He decided to merge four departments- education, science, culture, and sports- into one, to be headed by Vesna Bratic.
According to Krivokapic's proposal, the Minister of Health should be Jelena Borovinic Bojovic, the Minister of Economic Development Jakov Milatovic, the Minister of Capital Investments Mladen Bojanic, the Minister of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media Tamara Srzentic.
The Minister of Ecology, Urbanism and Spatial Planning should be Ratko Mitrovic, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Aleksandar Stijovic, and the Minister of Justice and Minority Rights Vladimir Leposavic.
Krivokapic said that the main negotiator with the EU would be appointed around December 15.
MPs will decide on the proposal for the 42nd convocation of the Government of Montenegro at the session scheduled for December 2.
26 Nov 2020, 22:51 PM
November 26, 2020 - The originator of the gardening cooperative, Dr. Nebojsa Crnogorac, says that we do not own land but only serve it for a while as guardians.
Dr. Nebojsa Crnogorac became the owner of a plow of land in Lazine near Danilovgrad in 2007, thanks to a gift from a friend. He recently sampled part of that field (2,000 square meters) and offered his friends garden plots. Thus began the story of the gardening cooperative ‘’.
"We have gathered a team of eight interested people who will get 50m2 of terrain each. We have planned to invite two more, but it is important to us that they are suitable people for work, socializing and constitute a stable team. There is still a lot of time until the beginning of the field works in spring. Any agreement is possible, and only goodwill and positive energy are necessary. A year is enough for all of us to see how this works and whether it makes sense to continue everything. I hope that those who are interested will continue to be enchanted by the opportunity to work together to grow plenty of vegetables and create a good mood," says Dr. Crnogorac, a specialist in thoracic surgery and oncology.
So far, the land has not been used for vegetables. It is necessary to carry out an analysis first, on which the choice of seedlings will depend. The issues of watering, the fight against weeds and plant parasites, protection, and improvement of the soil also remain to be resolved. Each user will plant crops of their choice, and Dr. Crnogorac has an affinity for cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and Hokkaido pumpkins, squash, and Halloween pumpkins.
Crnogorac and his friend
Crnogorac and Radunovic, Source: PCNEN
Slobodan Radunović, the first to support the idea of ​​, is engaged in agriculture as a hobby. For several years he has been independently producing as much as 80% of food for the needs of his family. When Crnogorac mentioned the project to him, he felt the need to support it and participate directly.
" is important because it came from a doctor. If top doctors are determined to take off their white coats, wear work overalls and work diligently, then that is a sufficient indicator for all of us. There are also engineers, actors, journalists in the group. These are all people who have achieved professionally, who use their free time for making friends, exchanging experiences, and mutual support. Being in the sun and clean air, and at the same time hanging out and producing quality food, is a real blessing for the cooperative members," says Radunović.
Although he was born and raised on the outskirts of a big city (Belgrade), Dr. Crnogorac has always been attracted by the open green-brown horizon of the plain. He says that we do not own the land but only serve it for a while as its guardians. "Planting a useful plant, helping it to grow, ripen, and fruit is a special pleasure, and that is exactly the goal of vegetable growing, for which we indulge in this activity," he says.
26 Nov 2020, 22:04 PM
November 26, 2020 - Tomorrow, November 27, Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapić will present the final proposal for the composition of the new Government of Montenegro, the Civic Movement URA announced. The statement reads that Krivokapić will hold a press conference at noon in the hotel "Center Vile" in Podgorica.
Krivokapic previously announced that he would submit the program and proposal for the new government to the Parliament of Montenegro by Friday, November 27.
The parliament will decide on the new government during the session scheduled for December 2, with the possibility for the deputies who cannot attend due to the coronavirus to vote electronically.
Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapic will change the current practice if he submits the program and proposal of the new government to the Assembly by Friday because his predecessors from the Democratic Party of Socialists did so before the election, the daily Vijesti writes.
Krivokapic is not obliged to do so by the Constitution, nor by the legislation. By the Parliament of Montenegro Roles of Procedure, the PM-designate submits the exposition and the new government's proposal before the beginning of the session.
At the request of the parliamentary groups during the meeting with the prime minister it was agreed that it would be three days earlier so that the parties would know when to vote, given that the executive power is conceived as expert.
The party bodies of the Democrats (DCG), NOVA, the Democratic People's Party (DNP), the Socialist People's Party (SNP), and the Movement for Changes (PzP) should formally decide over the weekend whether to support the prime minister-designate. All of them declaratively announced to do so.
Krivokapic has already announced the list of ministers he counts on to take specific roles. The leading positions in the Ministries of Defense and Interior remain vacant.
One of them, as confirmed to "Vijesti" yesterday, will probably belong to the leader of GP URA, Dritan Abazović, who will also be the Deputy Prime Minister.
After lawyer Nikola Terzić withdrew his candidacy for a position at the top of the Ministry of the Interior, the selection of his successor is difficult because few are not politically compromised, have knowledge and readiness for that position, confirmed "Vijesti" from several sources.
Earlier, Abazovic insisted on several occasions that his Black and White platform controls the security sector and that this is the expectation of "Western partners" - influential embassies, and NATO member countries.
24 Nov 2020, 15:31 PM

November 24, 2020 - Montenegro is close to declaring the first marine protected area. A public debate is underway on the Draft Decision on the Proclamation of the Platamuni Protected Area, as well as the related Protection Study, which was announced by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism for December 17.

The area of ​​the future Nature Park "Platamuni" is a part of the coastal sea with its coast between the bay of Trašte - Cape Žabica in the northwest and Cape Platamuni near the beach Ploče in the southeast, which protects protected and ecologically significant marine and coastal species and habitats.

The story of declaring protected zones from the perspective of marine biodiversity has been going on for years. This is why Montenegro has been waiting for such a long time for the proclamation of protected sea areas , explains one of the experts from the Institute of Marine Biology who worked on the protection study, Dr. Slavica Kašćelan Petović.

"Platamuni has long been the subject of our interest. We have carried out some studies on the assessment of the state of ecosystems in that area previously. We have also carried out studies for the island of Katiči and the location of ​​Stari Ulcinj. Finally, the segments are coming together. The work on perceiving biological potentials was intensified, and I hope that we will soon have the first marine zone under protection, "says Dr. Kašćelan Petović.

Platamuni Nature Park will be an Integrated Coastal and Marine Protected Area, classified in the IV category of protected areas, including locations in which there are protected wild species of plants and animals and established systems for their habitat protection. Dr. Slavica Kašćelan Petović explains why Platamuni is a significant area from the perspective of biodiversity:

"Platamuni is significant because of its great biological potential. In this area, some habitats are a priority according to European directives. Here we have benthic species on the protected and endangered lists, and Platamuni is also significant as a rich fishing resource. All this has contributed to the recognition of this area as valuable for protection," explains Dr. Slavica Kašćelan Petović.

Platamuni topografska karta1

Topographic map of Platamuni, Donji Grbalj, Kotor

The total area of ​​the future Nature Park "Platamuni" will be 1,091.73 ha, of which in the sea part 285.08 ha in the II protection zone and 775.87 ha in the III protection zone. In the land - coastal part in the III protection zone 3.08 ha. The total length of the border of the future Nature Park "Platamuni" is 28,589 km.

Dr. Kašćelan Petović expects that the establishment of protection for Platamuni will be completed soon, but also that shortly after the first is established, we will get two more protected areas in the sea - the island of Katiči and the area in front of Stari Ulcinj. However, she emphasizes that any protection is insufficient if the awareness of each individual about the need for environmental protection and limited resources that oblige us all to account is not raised.

24 Nov 2020, 15:11 PM

November 24, 2020 - Montenegro's income from foreign tourists from the beginning of the year to the end of September amounted to EUR 100 million, while in the same period last year it was EUR 978 million, according to new data from the Central Bank (CBCG) on the balance of payments with foreign countries.

Foreign income from tourism is the most relevant item in the calculation of exports of goods and services, which, according to the Monstat methodology, makes up one-third of the value of the gross domestic product (GDP), Vijesti writes.

With the drastic reduction in income from tourism, the overall decline in the economy could be close to 20 percent.

That would push the state's public debt to about 100 percent of GDP.

Exports of services for the nine months were EUR 491 million, while last year they were worth EUR 1.5 billion for the same period.

Due to vast imports of goods, Montenegro only in the third quarter - July, August, September, has positive figures in the balance of goods and services precisely because of higher income from foreign tourists.

Last year, for these three months, Montenegro exported goods in the value of EUR 120 million, and services of EUR 927 million, while at the same time the import of goods was worth EUR 690 million and services for EUR 178 million.

As a result, the total balance was positive by EUR 179 million.

In the third quarter, which carries the Montenegrin economy, exports of goods were worth 97m euros and services 201m, while imports of goods were worth 510m and services 111m euros. As a result, the total balance is now negative by EUR 323 million.

Source: Boka News

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