05 May 2018, 23:25 PM

The Municipality of Pljevlja will buy the land and facilities of the Sumarsko company which has been bankrupt since August 2008, for 35.500 euro.

05 May 2018, 23:21 PM

There are 4.119 registered guests in Herceg Novi which is 31 percent more concerning the same period last year. TO Herceg Novi states that more qualitative and persistent marketing of the entire destination is the result for having more visits than the previous year.

04 May 2018, 13:28 PM

The Secretary for planning and area arrangement and the protection of environment issued a calculation sheet to the company “Zain Property Development” from Oman of 404,438 euro as compensation for the conventional equipment of the site, i.e. the building permit for the construction of villas in Zagoric.

04 May 2018, 13:23 PM

The municipality Tivat has distanced itself from more frequent ecological incidents and activities that lead to the devastation of nature on the land and in the sea.

03 May 2018, 15:48 PM

Most young people do not want to do agriculture, but fortunately, in Montenegro, there are those who prove the opposite. One of them is Radoslav Bele Zecevic from Pljevlja, who is the youngest professional beekeeper in Montenegro.

02 May 2018, 15:35 PM

The Greek businessman Petros Statis bought the hotel last year for 650.000 euro which is ten times less than the starting price when its sale was announced for the first time.

01 May 2018, 23:15 PM

Tivat has become a more attractive destination for citizens from the United Arab Emirates, said representatives from the Tourism Organization and Tivat Municipality at the most significant international fair of the Middle East in Dubai.

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