“Port Kotor" Submits Application to Ministry of Traffic and Maritime for 12 Years of Priority Concession

By , 03 Oct 2018, 22:14 PM Business
Submission of the request for Concession - S.Jonica Submission of the request for Concession - S.Jonica Boka news

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October 3, 2018 -  “Port Kotor" submitted a request to the Ministry of Transportation and Maritime for the Priority Concession of 12 years to the harbor area of Port Kotor.

"We are proud to say that the new management, after a year of tremendous work and great dedication to eliminating all interferences and meeting a number of recommendations by the competent state authorities, managed to provide a series of documents and approvals, which were a precondition for re-opening the story of the Priority Concession. It is known that for a number of years this right of the port has existed in law, but it has not been realized. Today when we have submitted the documentation that is comprehensive, detailed, precise, prepared in a legitimate and responsible manner, we are sure that it has made an enormous step forward not only for Port Kotor, but for the State and Municipality which owns 80.35% of our company's shares," said Snežana Jonica, the head of the administrative sector of Port Kotor. 

The business plan for a period of 12 years has been carried out with respect to all recommendations of the competent Ministry and the authorities in its composition, with investments worth €5,053,440. One of the key infrastructural projects - the construction of the pylons will enable all ships to reach the port of Kotor without limitation due to their size or draught, and we already have the interest of the shipyards to find out when the completion of this project is expected due to the arrival of the latest generation of ships as soon as it is finished, she said. 

"Luka Kotor" A.D. Kotor is grateful to the Ministry of Traffic and Maritime Ministry for extremely constructive cooperation when preparing this request and business plan. We are particularly grateful to the President of the Kotor Municipality, Vladimir Jokić, who, by passing the Decision on the using the parking on the promenade to our company, has eliminated the key obstacle which was an impediment to submitting the concession request and allowed us to finally meet all the preconditions. We are sure that the Government of Montenegro, aware of the importance of further development and enhancement of the capacity of Port Kotor, has now received the relevant documentation and a law-based request to decide on the Priority Concession in the shortest possible time, it was stated from Port Kotor.


Port Kotor – photo Boka News

 The fact that "Port Kotor" A.D. Kotor is located on the whitelist of taxpayers because of the timely, accurate and detailed fulfillment of tax obligations and has recently been listed on the "B" list of Montenegro stock market due to its transparency and business success, and that only in 2017 for tax purposes on various grounds paid into the Montenegrin Budget the amount of EUR 593,612 and when the dividend was paid to the State and the Municipality of EUR 321,598, the total amount of EUR 915,210 speaks for itself about the importance of our business.


Port Kotor – photo Ivka Janković

The accelerated development and improvement of the work by Port Kotor represents the direct interest of Montenegro, Kotor and Boka Bay, because it is an economic entity that is the hearth of the economy of Kotor and Montenegro.

Montenegro has become a cruising destination thanks to Kotor as a cultural-historical treasure and the unique beauty of Montenegro, Jonica said.

Text by Boka news, on October 2nd, 2018, read more at Boka news

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