Sinergija Organizes Exhibition on Spanjola Fortress Activation Program

By , 14 Jan 2019, 15:45 PM Lifestyle
Sinergija Organizes Exhibition on Spanjola Fortress Activation Program

January 14, 2019 - A retrospective exhibition of artworks produced during the activation program of the Spanjola Fortress from 2016 to 2018, organised by NGO Sinergija, will be opened on Saturday, 19 January at 7 pm in the lobby of Park Hall in Herceg Novi.

The Activation Program of the Spanjola Fortress started in 2016 as an idea that through the cultural arts programs the Sinergija team reactivates and amines the unused space of the fortress.
"During the activities on the study of the protection of architectural heritage, organised by NGO Sinergija in cooperation with the Foundation Petrovic Njegos, the idea came to make specific functions in the magnificent space of abandoned fortresses. We have started with programs during the summer, and later throughout the year, to contribute to its better look and exploit the potentials it has," quoted the NGO.
During that start-up of the activation program, in 2016, Sinergija still asked for an answer as to what would be the future function of the fort.
"We want art programs to fill the space with art and that our option to the former military use of these buildings is art first of all, and that what used to serve as a protective grate for the fortress becomes our base for culture, defending further inheritance privatisation," emphasises the NGO Sinergija.
Last year, Sinergija organised a round table attended by experts from architecture, conservation, directors of responsible institutions in the city and people from the NGO sector who are familiar with such practices in the world.
Sinergija has brought artists from different spheres, who have refined the fortress in their works, and in some ways began the reconstruction of Spanjola.
At the opening ceremony on Saturday, members of Sinergija will give thanks to all who helped to develop the project. The Exhibition in Park Hall will be open until January 30, on working day from 9-12 am.

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