Primavera Feast Begins with Wild Herbs of Herceg Novi Hinterland

By , 11 May 2019, 17:17 PM Travel
Primavera Feast Begins with Wild Herbs of Herceg Novi Hinterland Primavera 2019 started by collecting wild edible herb in the Herceg Novi hinterland, Copyright: NGO Hands

May 11, 2019 - The fourth Primavera festival, organized by NGO "Hands" started today with an educational walk in Nature Park Orjen, and for Sunday, May 12th, rich content is planned, with some new activities and events for all ages and tastes.

Collecting self-healing spicy and medicinal herbs is an integral part of all the summer festivals organized by NGO Hands. Organization President Milina Kovacevic explains that by celebrating the seasons, they want to enhance the natural wealth of Boka Kotorska, whose inextricable segment is a local gastro-culture that is equally based on cultivated crops, as well as the herbaceous herbage, which Orjen has abundant.
An experienced guide and expert led the participants of the walk through the natural and cultural heritage of Orjen, archaeologist Željko Starčević from the Agency for the Protection and Development of Orjen. After an open-air class in nature, with a demonstration of the collection wild, edible herbs in the Dola Rujša and Žukovica resorts, a tasting of tea and dishes from the herbs of Orjen in the Konak restaurant was organized.
Walking in the Herceg Novi hinterland, and the gastronomic atmosphere in the authentic Vrbanj ambience is just an introduction to the main program of the Primavera festival, which is scheduled for tomorrow in the City Cafe and the Boka Park.
Primavera celebrates spring in the sunniest city in Montenegro, promoting public green surfaces as a meeting and place for outdoor recreative sports activities. Fit Woman Montenegro will join the spring recreation program this year, whose instructors will hold training in the park of Boka. In the same place, the International Community "Pachamama" from Kotor, which promotes alternative lifestyles, has announced a demonstration of yoga. There will be workshops in the park for the production of jewelry by Olga Hedotova and healing by Nada Gavrilovic.
In addition to the promotion of creative recycling, NGO Hands is using the occasion to promote abandoning plastic bags from use in Montenegro.
"Ecology and environmental protection are one of the topics that are very important to our association. Without exaggeration, we can say that we were one of the first to have started the story about the plastic in the campaign that we conducted during the Day of Creativity 2009. In 2019, ten years later the problem is even more significant, and this topic is becoming more and more popular and supported by the media and the public, We hope that the results will follow.
This year the Primavera Festival will be even greener. To begin with, we asked our exhibitors not to use plastic containers and bags, and the donor table will not be used for disposable packaging," said NGO Hands.
They have teamed up with an informal group of citizens of who, with their cleaning campaigns in Montenegro, as well as information and eco campaigns on social networks, have an increasing impact on the awareness of citizens, especially young people and children.

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