Must-See Attractions in Nikšić

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Must-See Attractions in Nikšić Copyrights for all images: City of Nikšić official website

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May 24, 2018 - Nikšić is the second biggest city in Montenegro, known for its industrial orientation, due to the ironworks plant, its bauxite mine, and the brewery, which dominates the Montenegrin market and is famous not only in Montenegro but the nearby countries as well.

The city is located at the foot of the Trebjesa Mount, in the Central Montenegro Region. Nikšić is known in Montenegro by many interesting „firsts“, for example: the first beer in Montenegro was created in Nikšić, the first ironworks was founded here, as well as the first bank, the first circular traffic flow, the first theatre establishment, the first local radio, the first local newspaper that came out of the press, Nikšić citizens' were mountaineers who first climbed to the highest point of the world on Mount Everest, etc. If you are planning to visit Nikšić, and you haven’t got much time to explore the city, here are some must-visit attractions to help you plan your trip!

1. Bedem Fortress

Bedem is a fortress from which you can see all of Nikšić. The fortress was once known as Onogošt, and it was built on the ridge of a rocky, steep head that rises above the fields about 20 to 25 meters. The fort was 214 meters long and about 30 meters wide. The western wall of the fortress is 1,6 meters thick, while the eastern, on which the lower part of the fortified city rests, is 1,1 meters thick. In the southern part of the fortress a five-legged, three-story tower was built, and in the north, there was an impressive octagonal tower. In the middle of Bedem the oldest building of the fortress can be found and its called Kastel. Kastel consisted of two tops, as well as a fortress commander and guard accommodations, and a deep basement built on a vault, which served as ammunition storage. The most prestigious part of the fortress was an artillery platform. Bedem was recently renovated and it still draws attention with its imposing appearance. 

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2. Carev most (The Emperor’s Bridge)

One of the most beautiful bridges in all of Montenegro is the Emperor’s bridge. The bridge was built on the river Zeta in 1894. The Emperor’s bridge is 269 meters long, and it holds a unique value to all Montenegrins since the idea of its construction came from Montenegrin King Nikola I Petrović Njegoš. This stone bridge was built by numerous builders and stonecutters from Boka and all of Montenegro. Some historic data says that Montenegrin soldiers participated in the bridge construction, while not demanding to be compensated in any way. The bridge was named by King Nikola, who suggested that since the relationship between Montenegro and Russia was exquisite, the bridge should be named after the Russian Emperor Aleksandar III. The bridge was very valuable to Montenegro at the time, since it contributed to the development of the Central Region by improving trade ties with the south of Montenegro.

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3. The Castle of King Nikola I Petrović

The castle of King Nikola in Niksic, located next to the city park and the Cathedral Church, was built in 1900. In the Castle, which was renovated in 1984, there are two galleries and libraries, the Homeland Museum and a part of the state archives. The Museum has an archeological, ethnographic and cultural-historical collection. Of particular value is an archaeological collection from the prehistoric site of Red Rock. There are about 60,000 books in the libraries of the Castle, as well as an impressive collection of paintings and drawings.

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4. Hram Svetog Vasilija Ostroškog (The Cathedral of St. Vasily Ostroski)

The Cathedral of St. Vasily Ostroski is a church and Orthodox monastery built in 1900. The Cathedral is the work of Russian architect Mihail Timofeevich Preobrazensky. This building was constructed in the glory of the dead Montenegrin and Herzegovinian heroes in the wars from 1875-1880. The Cathedral is one of the most impressive symbols of the city of Nikšić. The Cathedral of St. Vasily Ostroski is the starting point of the movement of the largest Orthodox Lithium of Montenegro on May 12, when St. Vasily of Ostrog is celebrated. During the construction, which lasted for several years because of the poverty at the time, a helping hand came from the Russian Emperor and the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. About two hundred workers worked on the construction site, and an interesting fact is that no worker was injured during the construction period, even though it was known that they were exposed to danger, especially during mining. The church is 34 meters long, 23 meters wide and 34 meters high, while the dome of the church rises 11 meters, and on its top, on a golden apple, a cross is placed. The interior walls of the temple hold 35 memorial metal plaques which have the names of the dead heroes of Montenegro and Herzegovina in the battles with the Turks from 1875-1880.

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Copyrights for all images: City of Nikšić official website 

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