Nikola Ivanović Makes Eurocup Second Team!

By , 04 Apr 2018, 23:31 PM Sport
Nikola Ivanović Makes Eurocup Second Team! foto: Mornar/Media pro

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Nikola Ivanović received confirmation for a great season in Eurocup. 

The Montenegrin national team player was among the five best players to make the second team of the European competition, reports CdM on April 4, 2018.

"The playmaker Nikola Ivanović had a vital role in the complete return of Montenegro on the way to the quarterfinals. As the sixth player, Ivanović led the team by the number of points (13.4), and was the second in assists (3.3)," said Eurocup. 

"His team-high average performance index rating of 15.8 ranked 15th in the competition. The 24-year-old playmaker had 31 three-pointers in his fifth appearance at Eurocup, with the best percentage of shooting for three-pointers (39.2%). His figures combined with the crucial role in the impressive return of Budućnost make Ivanović a deserved member of the second team of Eurocup."

Nikola could be decisive for Budućnost in the ABA League final. Budućnost will play against Red Star in the final where a lot is expected from the Montenegro national team player.

This article was translated from an article on Great recognition for Nikola Ivanović from Eurocup

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