Montenegro NT Coach Predicted Outcome in the ABA League

By , 29 Mar 2018, 20:54 PM Sport
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The Montenegro national basketball team coach Zvezdan Mitrović said that he closely follows the finish of the regional competition.

In both semifinal matches, there will be a 3rd decisive match, with Budućnost having the advantage of the home court, reports CdM on March 29, 2018.

"I would give Budućnost a slight advantage ahead of Cedevita, although Cedevita is the favorite on paper. This is a team that was designed, before the start of the season, to win the ABA League and take place in the Euroleague, not Budućnost. The players of Aleksandar Džikić will have huge support from the fans, and if they enter the match with the aggressiveness and the energy that has adorned them this season, I think Cedevita will not be able to reach the finals, although they are now playing their best matches since the beginning of the season," Mitrović said in an interview for Sport Club.

The most pleasant surprise of this season, Mornar from Bar, goes into the duel with Red Star who is the current champion.

"The Mornar victory over Red Star has indeed been an enormous success in their entire series. The decision match follows. Red Star is a big favorite, but they will have to justify this role on the court. It's hard to play under pressure when you have to win. On the other hand, Mornarreally has nothing to lose," said Mitrović.

The Budućnost and Cedevita match will be played on Sunday (19h), while the game of Red Star and Mornar is on the program a day later.

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