Elections in Podgorica on 27th May?

By , 13 Mar 2018, 09:09 AM Politics

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Elections in Podgorica will be held on the 27th of May, as CdM unofficially found out.

The elections will be held in 12 municipalities, but the ones in Podgorica are the most important of them because these will show the strong points of all political participants.

The parties started with preparations for these elections. The Government and Opposition are aware of the significance; therefore, they have both already raised the levels of their combat readiness. They are both confident they would win the elections.

There are rumors regarding the name of the new capital’s Mayor. From the Democratic Party of Socialists, the potential candidates are the actual mayor Slavoljub Stijepovic and one of his associates Caslav Vesovic, as well as Minister of Agriculture Petar Ivanovic and present director of Revenue direction Miomir M. Mugosa.

As candidates of the Democratic front, names mentioned for this position are Branka Bosnjak and Slaven Radulovic.

But this is not the end of it. There are also names mentioned who are not part of the political life. On this list is one of the most successful businessmen in the country, Dragan Bokan, but also the football legend Dejan Savicevic.

This will be a turbulent political spring, and elections in Podgorica, for sure, go far beyond a local level.

Text by M. Dušević,  read more at CdM

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