Konatar: We Will Not Participate in DPS Show

By , 30 Sep 2018, 21:34 PM Politics
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September 30, 2018 - The Civic Movement URA and Democratic Montenegro offered a plan for comprehensive electoral reforms, supported by EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn. If the Democratic Party of Socialists plays tricks on this plan, we will not participate in the working group, Milos Konatar, vice president of the Citizens Movement URA, announced.

He pointed out that the URA and Democrat's plan is the only way to conduct an electoral reform and that there is no negotiation about it.

"The DPS cannot deceive us because we simply do not trust them. I want to remind the citizens that a few years ago the electoral reform was negotiated by DPS and DF. Now we see how they did it regarding "quality". That's why we insist on the plan of the URA and Democrats, which very precisely and exhaustively contains all the elements necessary for a comprehensive electoral reform," Konatar said. 

As he added, things are very clear because the plan, together with the proposal for the decision on the formation of an ad hoc parliamentary working body, was submitted to the Parliament of Montenegro at the beginning of July, after the return of their representatives from Brussels. "Since then, DPS has been trying to delay and denigrate the process in every way because they do not really want a genuine electoral reform. Civil Movement URA and Democrats will not participate in this deceptive and cosmetic game. So, either we will work according to the plan we proposed, or we will not be part of the working group. Maybe somebody from the opposition will play in the directed game of DPS, but we will not because there is something called the principle and obligation towards the citizens," Konatar said.

According to him, if someone thinks that the DPS, that has forged all the elections that have been organized so far in Montenegro, should propose solutions that will tie their hands on electoral abuse themselves, then someone is either politically naive or working for the benefit of the regime.

"Simply said, it's like leaving a goat to keep the cabbage and you do not believe the goat will eat it. Well, we do not believe the goat, that is DPS. It was expected that DPS would do everything to avoid comprehensive electoral reforms, but I did not expect that some opposition parties would help them either. The paradox is that a part of the opposition has been trying for weeks to disintegrate along with the DPS, while the other part of the opposition through some new national alliances is seeking a way to regain power again," Konatar said.

Asked if there could be serious conversations in the opposition and whether disagreements and quarrels can be overcome, he said that he hopes it will happen because the opposition has a duty to talk and cooperate.

"However, in order to have serious discussions in the opposition, we must have serious and well-founded interlocutors. We are witnessing that individuals in the opposition exist only to bring about a breakdown and attack opposition colleagues. Also, it is very important that everyone in the opposition is absolutely committed to the changes and shift of DPS. Unfortunately, I am afraid that one part is slowly "getting tired" of opposition activity, while others, with their nationalistic messages and divisions, consciously or unconsciously work for the benefit of the regime," Konatar pointed out.

Text by Dan, on September 30th 2018, read more at CdM

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