Đukanović Donated 500 Euro to Campaigns, Vukovic and Stijepovic Zero

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Marković, Vuković and Đukanović Marković, Vuković and Đukanović Filip Roganovic

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The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) has raised more than 53,000 euro in donations for the election campaign in Podgorica and another 10 towns in Montenegro, among which the party’s president Milo Djukanovic also assisted. 

June 1, 2018 - The Montenegrin President has given 500 euro for the election campaign among other donations.

In the report published on the website of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption (ASK) it is stated that half of the DPS deputies in the Assembly of Montenegro paid 500 euro, therefore the money was paid into the party’s account by Ana Nikolic, Branko Tanasijević, Branko Čavor, Danijel Živković, Dragutin Papovic, Halil Dukovic, Jovanka Laličić, Marija Ćatović, Miloš Nikolić, Miodrag Vuković, Momčilo Martinović, Nada Drobnjak, Obrad Stanišić, Predrag Sekulić, Radule Novović, Sanja Pavićević, Suad Numanović and Zvonko Vuković.

The report also states that the donation by Nada Drobnjak was annulled the day later but was transferred to the electoral election bill in Plužine on the same day, which took place Sunday, May 20th. Among those assisted by the DPS were also the chairman of the sub-committee, Vladan Vučelić, and deputy mayor of the capital, Časlav Vešović, who paid 500 euro, while Ana Krivokapić, Jovan Rabrenović, and Nenad Vujošević, nominated for delegates, paid 100 euro each.

The elections were held in Podgorica, Bar, Bijelo Polje, Danilovgrad, Golubovci, Kolasin, Plav, Pljevlj, Rožaj, Žabljak and Savnik on Sunday. DPS won the absolute power in Podgorica, but also the highest number of mandates in all municipalities except in Rožaje. The ASK report also states that the Albanian alternative registered donations of €4.000, and among those who paid the money on the party’s account is also the holder of the election list in Podgorica, Nik Đeljošaj, who has paid 500 euro.

Democratic Montenegro has announced that it has received up to 2.200 euro for donations. Out of them, the election campaign was best assisted by the director of the party Vladimir Vujovic and the president of Kotor municipality, Vladimir Jokić, who paid 200 euro. The delegate Danilo Saranovic paid 120 euro, and Mijomir Pejović 10 euro less. 100 euro was given by the president of the party, Aleksa Bečić, the deputies Boris Bogdanović and Zdenka Popović, and the president of the Herceg Novi municipality, Stevan Katić.

United Montenegro registered an immaterial 100-euro donation, sent by Dušan Slijepčević, while the coalition of the Democratic Front and the Socialist People's Party registered donations of 1,800 euro for the campaign in Podgorica.

All donations were sent by DF deputies - Andrija Mandić, Branka Radovic, Marina Jidic, Nebojsa Medojevic, Slaven Radunovic, Strahinja Bulajic and Veljko Vasiljevic.

The Coalition of the Movement for Pljevlja, the Democratic People's Party and the Peoples of Montenegro collected a 5.500 euro donation for the campaign in this town. According to the Act on the Financing of Political Entities and Electoral Campaigns, an individual may donate a maximum of 2,000 and a company up to 10,000 euros to a participant in the elections.

SNP in Pluzine collected 1.500 euro from donations

The Democratic Party of Socialists, for the elections in Pluzine, held on May 20th, received 7.500 euro for donations.

The biggest donation was sent by Marta Šćepanović - a total of 1,000 euro.

Among those who donated was also the president of DPS Youth Nikola Pešić, who gave 500 euro.

Svetlane Vukovic is on the list. She paid 550 euro.

Donations for the elections in Pluzine were also announced by the Socialist People's Party, who won the absolute power in these elections.

President of the Municipality, Mijoško Bajagic, donated 500 euro, as did his wife, Nataša Bajagic.

Radenko Živković donated half a thousand euro.

Text by Milos Rudovic, on ay 31st 2018, read more at Vijesti

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