ODUPRISE Will Not Stop, Opposition to Respect Agreement on Future

By , 22 May 2019, 15:56 PM Politics
ODUPRISE Will Not Stop, Opposition to Respect Agreement on Future ODUPRISE protests last for three month, the movement logo

May 22, 2019 - The opposition must get caught up and finally begin to apply the Agreement on the future. This was announced last night from the Independence Day protest, organized by the ODUPRISE movement. It was the 11th gathering within the public campaign asking for the system and consciousness changes in Montenegrin society. 

The protest rally under the slogan 'For independence from envelopes' was held in front of the Parliament of Montenegro and there were about a thousand people.
Omer Sarkic from the ODUPRISE movement said that their delegation did not go to Brussels to pray for something. "The authorities in Montenegro will not bring down either Brussels or Washington, but we, it's citizens," said Sarkic, pointing out that at a meeting with officials from ten EU countries, one of the participants noted that the situation where the same man in power for 30 years doesn't exist anymore, not even in Africa.
He said that the government must seriously understand what is happening in the past three months.
"And the opposition must seriously understand the citizens because it has been agreed that there is no election until the election laws change. The opposition parties must get caught up and finally implement the Agreement on the future," said Sarkic.
Dejan Pejovic from the ODUPRISE movement said that it had been 109 days since the protests began. According to him, every individual of the ODUPRISE movement, according to his ability, helps organize the protest, participates in expenses for phones, fuel, and the protest equipment.
"We called the opposition members in this fight; they responded and signed the Agreement. It implies that there is no arrangement with the Democratic Party of Socialists," Pejovic said.
According to him, in Kotor, the Social Democratic Party first violated the Agreement.
"Opposition synergy was shaken, and then the avalanche was transferred to the rest of the opposition," Pejovic said, adding that the surrender of Kotor to the DPS was a blow to the protests.
Student Milovan Markovic pointed out that on yesterday's day 13 years ago, Montenegro renewed its independence.
"Everything would be nice if this was independence. One family has privately owned Montenegro for 30 years, we cannot consider this Montenegro as independent," said Student Initiative Milovan Markovic. "It is poor independence of the state, in which the only free institution remains the Street."
Omer Sarkic said that the ODRRISE campaign will not stop and that they will continue the fight with protests, performances, and tribunes.
"Authority is always campaigning against the strongest, against us, seeing that we are their biggest opponent. We are continuing the marathon, we will not have any rebellion, but we will rescind the government," concluded Sarkic.

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