ODUPRISE Representatives Satisfied With Visit to Brussels

By , 18 May 2019, 22:06 PM Politics
ODUPRISE Representatives Satisfied With Visit to Brussels ODUPRISE Leader, Dzemal Perovic, Photo by Boris Pejovic, Vijesti

May 18, 2019 - Delegates of the civic movement ODUPRISE returned from Brussels, where they stayed for several days. Movement representatives are satisfied with the messages they received there and expect support in their future activities, one of the ODUPRISE leaders, Dzemal Perovic, told TV Vijesti.

He said that the three-member delegation of the movement in Brussels had meetings with representatives from ten EU countries, including France and Germany, and received positive comments on the fact that in Montenegro they organized ten peaceful protests and managed to unite the opposition.
Perovic said that this was their first visit to Brussels. In the coming period, more intensive communication will be established, as representatives of the movement with interlocutors at the EU headquarters agreed to inform them of all examples of corruption in Montenegro intensively, violations of laws by powerful and captured institutions, allegations similar to the Envelope, as well as about their activities.
A few days ago, one of the leaders of the Democratic Front, Nebojsa Medojevic, said that it was not a good move that only representatives of the ODUPRISE movement should go to Brussels, as this move violates the plan on a joint delegation that would present the Agreement on the future to Brussels.
"DF strongly supported citizens' protests and joint action. One of the critical things is communication with the international community towards Brussels and the European Union. At a meeting with organizers of demonstrations, Goran Danilovic from United Montenegro suggested that a joint delegation for Brussels should go and that it should be composed by Dzemal Perovic and representatives of the two most influential opposition political groups DF and Democrats. Everyone accepted this initiative; we agreed. However, when Džemal Perović went to the EU Delegation meeting with Aivo Orav, they changed their minds, so they did not ask for a joint delegation meeting, but only the delegation of the ODUPRISE movement is going to Brussels," Medojević said in a statement for Novi TV from Herceg Novi.
After returning from Brussels, Perovic said to TV Vijesti that this visit was not the one planned with representatives of the opposition, explaining that a negative response from Brussels arrived, and they informed the opposition leaders about this.
Perovic told TV Vijesti that the protest of the ODUPRISE movement, scheduled for May 21 - Independence Day, will be modified, but did not specify what it would mean.

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