Armed Forces of Montenegro Getting 67 Armored Vehicles

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Armed Forces of Montenegro Getting 67 Armored Vehicles Copyrights: Armed Forces of Montenegro

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15 December 2018 - The Ministry of Defense of Montenegro and Armed Forces of Montenegro is planning to go into a credit debt of 30 million EUR for the purchase of 67 armored vehicles.

The Government’s documents state that finds for defense will make 2,98% of GDP in 2019, more than predicted by NATO standards and caused by the provision of armored vehicles and payment of installments for helicopters.

“Profit that the Ministry of Defense makes by selling armament, selling and renting former military property (immovable) and provision of services, as well as the funds on the basis of refunding costs by NATO will amount up to 5.000.000 EUR and will be used for the achievement of partnership objectives and equipment of the Army, inclusive of uniforms”.

The budget of the Army will amount 36,8 million EUR. Most of that money (20,86 million EUR) will be spent on earnings.

As far as the missions in which Montenegrin soldiers take part, the budget predicted 2.294.456 EUR for the fees in the missions and for the payments fort he field work, accommodation in camps and barracks as well as for the engagement of soldiers in recovering consequences caused by natural disasters.

In 2019, it is planned that soldiers of the Armed Forces of Montenegro be engaged in five peacekeeping missions: in Afghanistan (20 soldiers), Somalia (7 soldiers), Mali (1 soldier), West Sahara (2 soldiers) and in KFOR mission in Kosovo (2 soldiers).

For the lease of premises in NATO headquarters, Ministry will provide 680.000 EUR, and for the Council, they will provide 20.000 EUR.

During the September 2018, Armed Forces of Montenegro bought two new Bell 412 EPI multi-purpose helicopters. Bell 412 EP/EPI multi-purpose four-wheeled helicopters are designed for the transport of passengers, injured and sick people, search and rescue, cargo transfer, fire extinguishing, and border control. The capacity of the delivered version is 13 seats.

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