First Website for Purchasing Domestic Animals and Agricultural Products in Montenegro Established

By , 14 Jul 2018, 00:20 AM Made in Montenegro
First Website for Purchasing Domestic Animals and Agricultural Products in Montenegro Established Pixabay

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July 13, 2018 - Portal “” is the first specialized website intended for the sale and purchase of domestic animals and agricultural products in Montenegro, which contains all information about activities and news in agriculture and cattle breeding, as well as useful advice to improve the production and sale and thus save money and time, according to the portal’s founder, Marko Maraš.

This portal’s main slogan is "The First Montenegrin Digital Village", and its owner defines the website as a friend of all Montenegrin farmers: "It is designed as a networking portal for providing assistance in placement of agricultural goods, machinery and all items related to agriculture. Our mission is to help each manufacturer sell the products. It is important to note that in addition to sales, we are providing information to farmers about activities and news in agriculture," it is stated in the reports of the Montenegrin Chamber of Economy. According to the portal's founder, the mission of the site is that every manufacturer can sell their products. Information and modernization are, as Maraš explained, the most important tools in agriculture: “Basically, information is the most important tool in agriculture and the faster information flows, the sooner agriculture will record development. It is important that as a nation we use modern technologies in agriculture, since we have problems with the lack of workforce in this field. The modernization of agriculture reduces requirements for labour force and thereby facilitates the functioning of all households.”


The portal’s management hopes that the government, as well as private institutions, will support this movement and contribute to the improvement of the production and sale of agricultural products and cattle. They have ambitious ideas that require additional support and fundings. They also announced that in the upcoming period they are launching a platform for the sale of domestic products and that look forward to the support of the Montenegrin Chamber of Economy as a project partner.

The portal “” can be classified as a unique location for all people who want to buy or sell the desired agricultural goods. At this stage of development, the site is free for all users to send and post their ads, with the idea to gather as many agricultural workers, farmers, livestock farmers and all people who want to buy domestic products with the help of modern technology.

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