What Famous People Have Visited Boka Bay?

By , 27 Mar 2018, 17:17 PM Lifestyle
What Famous People Have Visited Boka Bay? PIxabay

A look at the celebrities who once chose Boka Bay as their holiday on March 27, 2018. 

True story. Six or seven years ago I met my friend for our usual coffee break in the Old Town of Kotor where she was working for a Real Estate agency. “Yesterday, someone knocked on the door, and I opened and saw Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones," she said. A lovely Monday indeed, right? 

The famous couple was looking to buy a house in Montenegro, and probably somewhere around Boka Bay. If they ended up buying it, we will probably never know, but indeed, they looked like they had a great time around the Old Town of Kotor. Later on that day, we saw them enjoy some peaceful time sitting at a café, people watching and smiling at them (and at us). They didn't seem to be bothered by journalists or people asking for autographs.

The nights in Kotor, in the capital of tourism in Montenegro, are full of summer parties during the summer. Almost every night, in nearly every square, many festivals, concerts and DJ performances attract many different people from all around the world, and you never actually know who you may run into. 

The fantastic nature of Boka Bay combined with the incredible spirit of the Old Town of Kotor always represented the leading destination of many luxury yachts visiting Montenegro, which never depended on any political situation. Sometimes you could see a row of mind-blowing mega yachts, each one boasting three floors, shining in front of the town. Some of them made Porto Montenegro their home, as the most prominent marina in the Adriatic offers all the necessary services to their guests - and sailing to Kotor is an inevitable part of their journey. 

Unfortunately, not every celebrity that visited had a pleasant experience. A few years back when Brad Pitt and his wife at the time, Angelina Jolie, visited Kotor, they could not spend more than a couple of minutes in the town without being surrounded by screaming people. Journalists also followed them on their way to Perast, where Brad Pitt wanted to share sweet memories of Boka Bay with his wife, where he filmed his first movie. However, the journalists would not stop. Pitt finally got out of the car and explained everything in a single sentence. “I just want to show to my wife what a beautiful place this is, but you are ruining it for us”. 

But besides all, they said they had an incredible time around Montenegro and would love to come back again. 

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