Meštar o' konopa 2020-Creative Competition with Humanitarian Dimension

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Meštar o' konopa 2020-Creative Competition with Humanitarian Dimension Meštar o' konopa 2020, the auction Jelena#BudiOptimist
May 4, 2020 - After three competitive weeks, the finale of the Creative Challenge of the Meštar o' konopa 2020 began today in Boka. With over ten kilometers of rope so far, more than 100 different decorative and usable objects have been created in the workshops of ambassadors and competitors of the game. The winners of the three cycles continue competition in the finals, so in the week ahead, ten of them will do their best to show skill and creativeness. Following a given macramé technique, the second week was about knitting the rope around glass bottles- "demižana,"  and the last to make a bag from the rope. The finalists now have a different task- to make something unique with delivered material. 
prvi ciklus najava proglašenja
UNA Montenegro company from Tivat, which has been operating a rope factory for 25 years, has been implementing "Meštar o' konopa 2020" in cooperation with Radio Tivat and several local companies over the past month. During the corona distance, UNA has designed an opportunity for socializing, creativity, and competition. The craftsman has also received a humanitarian dimension in recent days, as the organizing committee of the game has launched an auction of works made of rope in the campaign Jelena # Be Optimistic for helping Tivat sailor Jelena Prekajski, who is facing a severe illness.
The artists responded to the call of the Organizing Committee and donated their works for the auction Jelena #BudiOptimist, in which the artworks of our valuable masters have already provided a sea of ​​love and almost 4,000 euros to help Jelena Prekajski. The Meštar o' konopa has decided that auctions in their organization will continue until the end of the competition. From tonight until Friday, another 50 works by the craftsmen and friends will be auctioned. After that, the action continues within the same vibe group: Jelena#BudiOptimist, where tonight's auction will be held, starting at 8 pm.
In the final week of the competition for the title and prize of the Meštar o' konopa 2020, the best of the previous three cycles will compete- Aleksandar Milivojević, Gordana Mehović, Stefani Račić, Dragana Dojkić, Ivka Čelanović, Sanja Vuković, Staša Ćeranić, Boris Radović, Anja Andrić, and Dijana Pavićević.
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Participants will be provided with packs of the material of the same content, which will include, in addition to the rope, additional accessories from the UNA Montenegro product range that sponsors the game. This time, the topic is free, and the task for the participants is to use the submitted material to the maximum by presenting their skills and creativity.
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The Meštar o' konopa 2020 will be elected on Sunday, May 10, at 8 pm. All the work done during the final week will be on the last Viber Auction of Meštar o' konopa, which will be held on Monday, May 11, from 8 pm.
Jelena#BudiOptimist action will continue. lot of partners have shown an interest in supporting the action. Instead of the traditional Fun Run charity race, which they organize each year in May, the Knightsbridge School International called on the parents of their students and corporate partners to donate funds to help Jelena.
UNA Montenegro announces that this is only the first issue of The Rope Master. They plan to turn the event into a tradition, continuing their CSR practices, and are recognized in the local community and throughout Montenegro.

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