COVID-19 in Montenegro: Six Deaths, 319 cases, Update April 24, 2020

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COVID-19 in Montenegro: Six Deaths, 319 cases, Update April 24, 2020 Illustration, Source: Radio Tivat
April 24, 2020 - Head of Crisis Medical Staff Ranko Lazovic announced that another person had died at the Clinical Center since COVID-19, so the total number of victims in Montenegro increased to six. The Institute of Public Health completed the analysis of 406 samples today, with coronavirus infection confirmed in three new patients. The total number of patients in Montenegro since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic is 319, of which 123 have recovered.
New COVID-19 cases have been registered in Gusinje and the accounts of a previously known patient.

The number of COVID-19 cases by municipalities:

Podgorica: 161
Sad: 37
Niksic: 34
Bar: 23
Ulcinj: 22
Budva: 7
Blue: 7
Andrijevica: 7
Bijelo Polje: 6
Herceg Novi: 6
Danilovgrad: 3
Caterpillars: 3
Tivat: 3
The patient who lost his battle with COVID-19 today was 81 years old, had malignant lymphatic gland disease, and has been on a ventilator for the past few days, said Crisis Medical Staff Chief Ranko Lazovic. He added that 21 patients are currently on hospital care, and two are on ventilators.
Lazovic says he is proud that Montenegro has been able to protect the elderly.
"We have no infected people in nursing homes, and that is very important," Lazovic said.
The health of children and their families is an absolute priority. Therefore, this school year should be completed without a comeback of pupils into schools, said Damir Sehovic, Minister of Education.
Asked by doctors what they agreed with the education minister that students should not return to school by the end of the school year, Assistant Director of the Institute of Public Health Senad Begic said it was observed that children were not spared at all from the new coronavirus.
"So, children get sick too. The fact is that in most children who are registered as diseased, the amount of symptoms is very small or asymptomatic. This is epidemiologically the most unfortunate fact, because they are transmitters. There are fears that schools may be incubation sites, so the decision to open schools will be made in consultation with the National Infectious Diseases Coordination Body," Begic said.
Asked when construction of the Infectious Clinic could begin, Dr. Ranko Lazovic said construction was planned this year.
"The administrative procedure is ongoing, I have no dilemma that we will soon start building the Infectious Disease Clinic and the Clinic for Skin Diseases," Lazovic said.
Returning to the regular operation of the health care system will happen gradually, counting with priorities, Begic said.

The second package of economic support measures for citizens and businesses

Prime Minister Dusko Markovic presented to the public the second government package of economic support measures for citizens and businesses that the Government adopted today, whose fiscal impact is EUR 71.4 million gross, or EUR 40 million net in three months.
The Prime Minister said the package includes:
- Supporting the economy and employees of thousands of entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises employing more than 100,000 employees;
- Exemption from the fixed part of the electricity bill for April, May, and June - which will not be charged to users in closed activities;
- In addition, the strengthening of financial support instruments with the Investment and Development Fund, and the suspension of certain compulsory payments in favor of the budget;
- A particular program for supporting agriculture and fisheries, which creates the conditions for production and growth through the engagement of all creative-production and processing resources;
- In the area of ​​taxes and customs - shortening of VAT refund deadlines, an extension of the customs guarantee exposure limit for payment of customs debt;
- New measures in the field of social benefits, on the basis of which financial assistance will be paid to the unemployed and to the category of pensioners who were not covered by the first package of assistance measures. In the section of the most vulnerable groups, the Electricity Company will give additional subsidies to users already recognized as the poorest, where the support will double.
Markovic said that the proposed package of measures shows that the Government has worked hard to find the best solutions and provide the additional financial potential to support our citizens and the economy.
"There are neither equal and similar states, nor the same economies and economic formulas. As I said earlier - the state budget belongs to every citizen, and the Government is ready to bear both the burden and the responsibility of this complex and demanding moment. But this cannot be the only instrument and individual address for action! That is why I will repeat today - this economic challenge cannot be overcome without burden sharing, without state and economic patriotism, without contribution from every company and individual, "said Markovic.
The Prime Minister reiterated his call on entrepreneurs, companies, and especially the banking sector - to engage acquired capital and profit and return it to economic flows where it is most needed.
"In this way, we will preserve man as the most valuable resource, preserving businesses, and be ready for new development momentum when the time comes. 
Success requires the alliance of the state and the economy, collectives, and individuals, and global risks have shown us that without solidarity, we can easily stumble and be stronger and more powerful," the Prime Minister said.

Rinot: It is my privilege to be able to help Montenegro, my second home

Montenegro has received a charitable donation - 4000 coronavirus testing kits- from the honorary consul of Montenegro in Israel, Nimrod Rinot, and Elbit Systems.
The honorary consul said that relations between Montenegro and Israel were more reliable than ever and especially in those difficult times.
"I have an enormous privilege and commitment to everything I can and help my second home - Montenegro," consul Rinot pointed out.
It is a precious donation and arrives amid Montenegro's fight with coronavirus.
Competent authorities have been stressing how much they appreciate generosity for this human gesture of honorary consul.
Source: Vijesti Online

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