Fractal Drawing, Art Therapy Workshop in Herceg Novi

By , 04 Oct 2019, 15:40 PM Lifestyle
Fractal Drawing, Art Therapy Workshop in Herceg Novi Fractal Drawing Method- Drawing Example, Copyright: Kristina Panić

October 4, 2019 - The Fractal Drawing Workshop will be held on October 5 from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Art Quarter premises at the Igalo Institute.

A fractal drawing method is a new form of art therapy. The therapeutic method creator is Tanzilia Poluyachtova, a clinical psychologist and family psychologist from Russia. Since 1991, Tanzilia Poluyachtova has done numerous clinical tests and studies that show that fractal drawing people have recovered faster from their illnesses.
The fractal drawing technique allows people to become healthy and solve their problems in life. The method helps people with experience of trauma, who are in stress, anxiety, depression, and other harmful psychological conditions.
The fractal drawing technique does not only positively affect the recovery from disease and various harmful conditions. It also answers questions about how to get to know yourself; how to access information hidden in the depths of our subconscious; how to recognize life goals and achieve accomplishments, and how to rise to a new level in development.
A fractal drawing is an energy drawing. Its vibration penetrates our body, thoughts, and feelings. By drawing fractals, we open ourselves to higher consciousness and release creative energy. We connect with the being that is the source of happiness, joy, contentment, and all spiritual values. In a world of abstract colors and lines, we get a place where thoughts disappear. All that remains is a spirit coupled with higher vibrations. By drawing fractals, we immerse ourselves in a meditative state in which there is only harmony and balance. As we create, we change. We are opening up new opportunities. By drawing, we create a creative approach to life and its problems.
 "Learn to help yourself and please yourself! You will get a simple, enjoyable, alluring, and many useful ways to raise your quality of life to a higher level," say the organizers of the Saturday workshop in Herceg Novi.
The fractal drawing method, which is increasingly popular in the world, can be implemented in any profession and any field of life. To do this method does not require any prior knowledge, experience in the field of art, and the like.
"It's enough to have the will and the desire to move forward and open yourself to new opportunities," they say Art Quartet, founded by Hands NGO.
The workshop will be led by Gordana Raznatovic, a Bachelor of Architecture with five years of experience in working with this method and fifteen years of experience in various self-development techniques.
Registration for the workshop is required, and the phone number is 069 026 139.

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